Champions League Group Stage Fantasy Football – 100,000 euros of guaranteed prizes

Fan Team’s Champions League Group Stage Fantasy Football competition starts on 17 September 2019. There is a limit of 20 entries per person and a total of a maximum 4,800 entries accepted (at 25 euros per entry) with 100,000 euros prize money guaranteed.

You can win a free entry to this tournament via this FISO Forum topic

Group stage Champions League 19/20 Info


For the Group stage Champions league tournament there are two free transfer allowed between each game week. If you don’t use your 2 free transfers one week, you have four free transfers the following game week. It is not possible to save more than 2 transfers, and the maximum amount of free transfers is therefore 4. If you use 1 transfer in a round, you can save the other transfer to have 3 free transfers the following game week. Additional transfers (more than the number of free transfers available) will be penalised with four minus points each. 

Price changes 

Player prices can change when the group stage is ongoing. The price changes are based on how popular a certain player is on a transfer market and can also be influenced by the form of the player. The price you see for a specific player is what it costs to buy him, and it is the amount you will receive when you sell him. There is no tax when you sell players, so the actual prize of the player when you sell him is the amount you will receive. The maximum price change for a player up or down is 0.1M per day, and 0.3M up or down between the rounds. 


There will not be any wildcards available for this tournament. 


You have to select four (4) substitutes in the Group stage Champions league tournament: three field players and a goalkeeper. Please note, that these are ordered in priority from left to right, meaning your primary substitute is the one on the farthest left. If one or more players amongst your starters did not play in the match at all, the system will automatically substitute the non-playing player with the 1st available substitute. If your first substitute did not play, the system will move to your second substitute and try to substitute him. Important! The substitutions will work only if the legal formation is kept. For example: If you’re playing in a 3-4-3 formation, and one of your defenders did not play, as well as your first substitute is a midfielder, the system will automatically prioritise to a legal formation, it will move to the second substitute and add a defender.

Team Roster

A fantasy team cannot include more than 3 players from the same team in this tournament.

Late registration

In this tournament, users can register until the start of GW3, after that the late registration will be closed. While late registrations can not earn player points for gameweeks that started before they entered, they will get a compensation equal to 70% of the average points other entries in the tournament have accumulated so far. Example: A user enters a team one hour after gameweek 2 started. His players will not earn points for gameweek 2; they will get to work in gameweek 3. Since the user is missing points from gameweek 1 and 2, we will give him a compensation, so it is possible (but not an advantage) to enter late. If the average points received in the tournament after 2 gameweeks was 150, this late entry will get a compensation of 0.70 x 150 = 105 points.


Build a squad of 15 players (2 GKs, 5 DFs, 5 MFs, 3 FWs) just like Fantasy Premier League
Tournament ends after the 6 groupstage matches
Select a maximum of 3 players from any one club
The transfer budget is a familiar 100.0M
Maximum 20 teams per user
Player prices rise and fall during the groupstage based on form and in-game transfers
Unlike the official Fantasy Premier League game, a player’s selling price is the same as their buying price 
You can make UNLIMITED transfers until the Gameweek 1 deadline
Each gameweek deadline is 10 seconds before the first match kicks off
You must select a captain and a vice-captain each week – your captain will earn double points
You have 2 free transfer each gameweek, additional transfers cost -4 points each
If you don’t use your free transfer it will be carried over to the next gameweek, up to a maximum of 4 free transfers

€100,000 GTD Group Stage Game

The guarantee for the season game 2019/20 is €100,000! Most of the money will be paid out according to the standings at the end of the season, as follows.

Total prizepool is €100,000
1st € 20 000
2nd € 12 500
3rd € 10 000
4th € 7 500
5th € 5 000
6th € 3 000
7th € 2000
8th € 1 500
9th € 1 250
10th € 1 000
Rank 11-20 € 500 each
Rank 21-30 € 300 each
Rank 31-40 € 200 each
Rank 41-50 € 125 each
Rank 51-75 € 75 each
Rank 76-100 € 50 each
Rank 101-200 € 40 each
Rank 201-500 € 30 each
Rank 501-600 € 25 each

Best gameweek manager for each of the 6 gameweeks:
1st €500
2nd €250
3rd €100

Highest round-score of the group stage:
1st €1000