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Many things are happening during the current season of the English Premier League. For example, when reviewing today’s football results of the competition, it is possible to say that Manchester City is having a great run. However, not everybody at the team seems to be having a good moment.

This is because Benjamin Mendy, the French defender who plays both for City and the France National football team has been in jail for a few weeks already, and it seems that he will not be freed anytime soon.

This has resulted from an accusation made by several English women who claimed to have been sexually attacked by the player. After the accusations, Manchester City took a number of measures, which included:

  • removing all references to Mendy from its stores;
  • automatically suspending Mendy from all the activities of the first team;
  • and many others!

Apparently, the closest date he could be freed is on the 24th of January 2022. This is because this is the date when the trial will take place. Regardless of the final outcome of this story, the future of Mendy at Manchester City is totally unclear, yet, the team seems to continue to perform quite well. This can be deduced after looking at its football results today’s and other important statistics.

All football fans can review the best La Liga scores

There have been two coaches who have been extremely important for Real Madrid during recent seasons. They are Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane. Both of them have spent two spells at the squad, and the Italian continues at the helm of the Spanish squad. Of course, he will make a huge effort in bringing positive La Liga scores and results to his squad. There are many differences that can be established between the Italian and the Frenchman, which can help fans to understand how Ancelotti is working.

First of all, Vinicius is a player that has been much more of a protagonist under Ancelotti. While he also played a lot with Zidane, there were many occasions when the Frenchman decided to choose alternatives.

Also, Ancelotti wants to take a much more dynamic approach when compared with Zidane. In general, Zidane wanted to have a solid squad who had possession of the ball as the main defense tool. However, the Italian wanted to make the team more mobile, which has resulted in scoring more goals, but also conceding more of them. Yet, it is necessary to have adequate players for this kind of role. However, Casemiro, David Alaba and Vinicius Jr have proven to have a great physical shape to work with this style.

Finally, Gareth Bale is a player that is having its fair share of problems at Real Madrid, and Ancelotti has decided to take an approach much different with him than the one followed by Zidane. For now, it is unclear how the Welsh player will contribute for the scores La Liga that the squad obtains. However, he has received a confidence boost from the current coach, who wants to have him in action once he recovers from his injuries.

Why are Fantasy Sports So Much Fun?

The sporting industry is enormous, with a worth of £23.8 billion in the UK alone. People enjoy getting actively involved in their favourite sports, which is where fantasy sports come in. A fantasy sport is a virtual game that puts you in the manager’s seat. You put together a virtual team that represents your favourite players. When you compete in fantasy sports, games are won and lost based on a player’s statistics in the real world. If you’re intrigued by fantasy sports, you can find out more below.

Soccer Ball on Grass Field during Daytime

What Is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports let people build their own team made up of actual players. Then, they play online against other teams. To win the games, you need to have the strongest team. Your team’s statistics will be based on the real-world statistics of the players within. There are two ways of playing games: either open against all other managers, or in a private league. The best way to play is in a private league.

Once you’ve won a game, you earn points. Point scoring is different depending on the fantasy sports that you’re playing. Typically, you will get points for the following:

  • Scoring Goals. When your player scores in real life, your fantasy player will score. The more they score, the more you score.
  • Matches Played. If a fantasy player in your starting line-up plays a game, in reality, you will earn points. Please note, the player must start the game and not be brought on as a sub.
  • Assists. When your player passes to someone, who then scores a goal, you will get points. This option isn’t available in all fantasy sports games.
  • Defending. Usually applicable to goalkeepers and defenders, you will get points for any attempted goals they deflect.
  • Performance. In some cases, you will be rewarded for the real-life players doing well. For example, if they gain man of the match, you will score some points.

As well as all the ways you can earn points, you can lose them if you concede goals or get booked. You will need to monitor the real statistics constantly and edit your team accordingly. If you manage to place in mid-table for the season, you’re doing well. Now, let’s look at why fantasy sports are so fun.

The Thrill of The Win

Believe it or not, winning fantasy tournaments is difficult. You will come across competitors with more knowledge and time on their hands throughout the season. So, when you win, there’s a great feeling of satisfaction. If you want to add an extra thrill to the chase, you should throw some money into the mix. You can get a bonus without a deposit up to 200% by following the link.


It goes without saying that sports fans are hot for competition. Playing in a fantasy sport allows players to try out their tactics and learn what it’s like to be bested by luck and unpredictable circumstances.

Make New Friends

If you play in a season-long fantasy league, you will start talking to like-minded people and can wind up with life-long friends. Sometimes, you will be in a league where everyone lives close to one another. If this is the case, you may be invited to a draft party. Alternatively, if you do live far away from your competition, you will still get to talk to fellow fans and build new connections.

It’s Fun

When you’re on the outside looking in, it’s difficult to explain how fun fantasy sports is. However, once you start playing and you find yourself in the middle of work wondering whether you’ve chosen the correct team, you’ll soon understand. Just like playing console sports games, fantasy sports allow people to get away from the real world and think about something else for a bit.

Flat Screen Television

You Take Charge

We’ve all shouted at the TV in anger at a loss and thought we could do a better job than the manager. If this sounds familiar, you should try fantasy sports. You are put in the hot seat and need to build up a successful team. If you get involved in a high-quality league, you will be able to transfer players, reset the line-up, and make adjustments throughout the season. The best thing about playing pretend manager is that you don’t need to carry the shame of an entire fanbase on your shoulders.

People love sports and get deeply lost in the competitive elements. Fantasy sports allow people to take the reins and build a team from scratch. While competing against other teams all over the world, you will get to meet some new friends. If you’re lucky, your competition will live close by, allowing the opportunity to attend or throw a draft party. Find a quality league now and join in on the action.

Envelopes and Podcasts. The Abridged History of Fantasy Sports

It might be a sore point for British fans of the pastime but fantasy sports is very much an American thing, at least in terms of its history. The activity has its roots in the lifetime of one Bill Winkenbach, a California man who invented fantasy golf back in the 1950s. In 1962, Bill created the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League, the first fantasy football league and a mouthful of words if there’s ever been one.

Indian Premier League

Of course, today, the concept of fantasy sports has its fingers in many different pies. Selecting a first eleven is the starting point of most sports video games, for example, though early titles like Pong (1972) were content just to get players on the virtual field. The scalability of fantasy sports, like video games, is arguably why it remains so popular. From a personal endeavour to a national contest, it’s possible to do it all.

Source: Pixabay.

With its emphasis on prediction, there are plenty of parallels with sports betting too. Cricket betting, in particular, is a growth industry in places like India, where cricket is a national sport. Modern cricket betting allows players to wager on markets such as top batsman, series winner, and top wicket-taker, among others, but the prospect of simply guessing something correctly provides its own reward.

Sports betting and fantasy sports generally focus on the same top leagues and series, including the Indian Premier League, where the Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals are the current favourites to win the latest cricket betting tips. However, in both fields, places with an emphasis on smaller competitions can be found. In the case of fantasy sports, leagues are often entirely custom.

Lord of the Rings

Football magazine FourFourTwo identifies British man Andrew Wainstein as the brainchild behind the UK version of fantasy football. Before the turn of the millennium, Wainstain latched onto the idea of a mail-based competition that blossomed into a BBC radio show with Frank Skinner and David Baddiel. Wainstein notes that his fantasy football contest began with no money at all, and just a few envelopes.

Source: Pixabay.

Cricketer Stuart Broad is one of the more famous fantasy sports players, famously beating 6 million people for overall points in 2018 – at football. However, cricket is growing as a fantasy option. Newspaper The Telegraph hosts its own fantasy cricket league, as do several small clubs, such as Tunbridge Wells CC. Websites like Fantasy Club Sports and Cricket XI are arguably the more likely destination for players, though.

Fantasy sports transcend the activity that they’re based upon, requiring zero knowledge or interest in actual sport. Creator of the fantasy podcast The Gaffer Tapes notes that its leagues are populated with Lord of the Rings fans due to an appearance on the show by Dominic Monaghan, who played Merry in Peter Jackson’s series of epic movies. It’s that accessibility that keeps the activity popular.

While the history of fantasy sports is one of isolated creation, the hobby is rapidly becoming something of a mainstream concern.

€250K Champions League Group Stage Game from FanTeam – enter by 14 Sep 2021

FanTeam’s UEFA Champions League fantasy competition gets underway on Tuesday 14th September 2021 at 4:15pm. A massive guaranteed prize fund (paid in £GBP or €euros) awaits the top 1,250 placed teams with €50k (or £42k) to the overall winner as per:

In the group stage there are 6 gameweeks and you are allowed 2 free transfers per gameweek. There are no player price changes, no wildcards and no late registration. Pick 11 players (no subs) and if any of your players does not start then the saftey net will be activated for that gameweek (i.e. the next available starting player for that club in that position at cheaper price will replace your benched or injured player).

The scoring is typical FanTeam:

It’s always helpful to get off to a great start so watch out for the Gameweek 1 fixtures:

So almost 3 months of entertainment on offer but get your entries in by 4:15pm Tuesday 14th September. Join the FISO forum discussion on FanTeam’s September 2021 Champions League game.

Top 12 Betting Tips for Beginners in 2021

You have learned the rules and basics and are now ready to place a blockbuster bet. Hold your horses.

Placing stakes has unwritten rules that will see you separated from your cash in seconds if not followed. To help you along the journey, here are the top 12 betting tips for beginners to employ in 2021.

green plant in clear glass vase

1. Start small

You’ve probably heard of stories of people winning big, so you can’t wait to get started. However, there’s a huge difference between theory and practice, so start with small bets as you learn the ropes.

Like any other skill, you will make plenty of mistakes early on before getting the hang of it. Better to dip your toes into the waters instead of diving headfirst and suffering a huge financial setback.

2. Realistic expectations

To reiterate the above point, reduce your expectations of a great payout as the winning odds are stacked against you.

That’s not to say there’s no chance of triumphing, just that you won’t win as much as you initially thought. Sure, you might catch a lucky break, but it takes skill and years of experience for the majority.

In short, set your expectations low so you don’t get discouraged from what could be a fruitful pastime.

3. Make and Stick to the plan

One of the best traits you should master is self-control–that should aid in making plans and sticking to them. Wagering taps into your emotions and ego that you will find it difficult to tear yourself from destructive moves.

Create short and long-term goals and don’t deviate from them. This could be a timeframe to hit a success target or how much you intend to spend. Whichever the case, stick to the plan.

4. Find a trusted betting site

It may seem like a given, but not all gambling websites are safe for wagering. You could lose cash to scam sites if you don’t conduct due diligence.

Ensure the website has encrypted connections using encryption. Check for the “https” or padlock in front of that casino’s web address on the website address bar. If the website is secure, it means all your online payment information is private and secure on that site.

For example, visit 22bet letöltés to check out a secure site. As you can see, the front of the address bar has a secure padlock. Hungarian sports fans will have fun betting on their computers or smartphone apps and make secure transactions, even with cryptocurrencies.

5. Clear mind

Only place wagers when you have cleared your mind, not when you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Since cash is involved, you don’t want to make regrettable decisions because of drugs.

It’s a common sight to see people staking while drunk, but that is a recipe for disaster. If you must drink, place your wagers earlier to avoid wagering blunders.

6. Wager what you can afford to forfeit

The reality of betting is that most people lose their money. Additionally, beginners are more likely to squander cash than more experienced bettors.

It would help if you decided early enough how much you are willing to ditch. Set a budget, be it daily, weekly, or monthly, and stick to that limit. Preferably, the cash should be from the budget surplus.

7. Keep records

In the same vein, document your triumphs and losses to track your bankroll. That should paint a picture of your profit and loss progress. In addition, keeping records could help:

  • Track speculating patterns
  • Track money spent and gained
  • Provide a clear roadmap for improving future betting

8. Stake on sports you know

You might see some game with enticing odds and decide to throw your lot with them. Staking on teams you don’t understand is a surefire way of losing cash.

Since you’re starting, it’s advisable to stick to what you know, including the sports you bet on. That way, you have a better chance of making informed decisions, enhancing your chances of bagging more wagers.

9. Research

If you’re still itching to play that exotic sport you’ve never heard of, then at least do some extensive research. Remember the procedure above–start small and keep testing and researching to hone your skills.

Even if it’s not a new sport, you will not harm your winning chances by conducting research. Brushing up on the latest statistics and teams’ current form should sharpen your knowledge arsenal.

person holding 100 US Dollar banknote

10. Avoid personal bias

We all like to see our teams perform well and a fierce rival lose. However, that doesn’t always happen in the real world.

You may decide to bet on your team based on emotions, yet they are the underdogs. Similarly, you may decide to bet against a rival even though they are the favorites, losing money in the process.

Think of betting as a business, so kick your personal bias out of the equation. After all, it’s nothing personal, just business.

11. Join a wagering forum

A little help never hurts, and one of the best ways to get it is through help forums. You don’t even have to contribute–reading the exchanges can be enlightening. Ask questions from the gaps in knowledge after going through the discussion threads.

12. Take regular breaks

Finally, the wagering world might overwhelm you emotionally and financially. Take time off through regular breaks to catch your breath, as it’s not a chore.

After recharging your batteries, you will be back refreshed and with a new perspective. Sports betting should be fun, so take a break when it becomes tedious.

Bottom line

Hearing stories of people winning big may entice you into trying your luck on staking. You wrongly assume that placing wagers will be a breeze since you have extensive knowledge of a sport.

The truth is most people lose their money while placing stakes, but you might improve your winning chances by managing your expectations, starting with small bets, and conducting in-depth research.

Additionally, wagering what you can afford to lose, avoiding personal bias, and making a budget and sticking to it should keep you away from sports betting snares.


Top 5 Biggest Poker Wins

Poker is a game played by many. For years, poker has seen many champions win tournaments and poker matches. Some players have walked away with an unbelievable amount of money by playing the game. The best part of it is that you can play the game online from your home and win cash. You can look for demo slots online if you want to play. 

With so many champions, there have been billions of dollars won in poker games. This article is about the biggest wins in poker in the history of the game. You can read it to know about the lucky, talented players who won the amounts.

Why Do People Love to Play Poker?

Poker has been played for centuries by people. It involves skills, strategies and gambling money. The more you play, the more skills you will have. There are several reasons why people love this game. Here are some of them:

  1. You can download poker for free on your smartphone. All you need to do is open your browser. 
  2. You can have a lot of fun by playing the game. It can be a good pass time for you. 
  3. You can play the game and compete with people, but connect with them as well. 
  4. You shall improve your mindset if you play poker. You can improve your skills and strategies and thus enjoy winning. 
  5. Playing games help in socialising. You might get to know a lot of people through the games. 

These are some of the reasons why people love the game poker, and many people play it. 

Tips on Winning in Poker

Poker is fun if you play with skills and techniques. You can try to follow a few tips if you want to make sure that you win the match. To begin with, you should never think about hands. Always think about the rangers. It would be best if you ditched the favourite hand you have. It would be best to keep in mind to know when you have to fold your aces. You do not need to play bad games. These are some of the quick poker tips which you can try to apply. 

What Are the Best Strategies for Poker?

To play poker, you need to have some skills and techniques that can make you win the game. There are some strategies that you can apply while trying to win the match. It would be best if you always played fewer hands. It would be best if you aggressively played them. You can try to avoid being the first person to limp. You might bluff a little with your draws to create pressure on your opponents. It would be best if you tried defending your big blind, always using your right hand. Never take a considerable risk, and always fold if you feel unsure about the game. These are some easy strategies you can try applying to your games. You might get skillful and lucky enough to win. In addition, having all these skills may help you win in many other games and even get the best casino offers.

The Five Biggest Poker Wins

Poker can earn you a lot of money if you know your game and have good luck with you. Here are the biggest wins in poker in the history of the game, which are as follows:

  • Sam Trickett 
  • Jamie Gold
  • Elton Tsang
  • Daniel Colman
  • Antonio Esfandiari

5. Sam Trickett

Sam Trickett won $10,112,001 in 2012. His nationality is English, and he is a professional poker player. He currently holds fifth place for the biggest wins in the history of poker. He was initially a football player, but he suffered an injury to his knee. In 2005, he decided to restart his life as a professional poker player. It seems like he took the right decision because he is the twelfth richest winner now as he owns a total of more than $20,000,000 from all his matches. He is also the most successful poker player in Great Britain.

4. Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold won about $12,000,000 in the year 2006 on the WSOP event. WSOP is a reputed event that gained players rapidly with time and even paid a gruesome amount of $82.5 million as the most significant prize. The sudden success of Jamie Gold made him famous overnight because of his poker skills. He is currently the fourth most crucial winner in the history of poker. He has excellent techniques, which made him win such a massive amount of cash. 

3. Elton Tsang

Elton Tsang won $12,248,912 in 2016 and is the third position holder in the biggest poker wins in history. He won it from Monte Carlo One Drop Extravaganza. Elton is one of the most skilled Asian poker players and got famous because of his talent and living in Hongkong. He founded the first live tournament of poker in Macau. Elton got more established in poker after this tournament and has a name in the poker game to be aggressive while betting and putting pressure on the opponent. 

2. Daniel Colman

Daniel Colman won an amount of $15,306,668 in the year 2014. He is a professional poker player who mainly plays online games. Daniel came into the spotlight and became famous internationally when he won the massive prize at the Big One for One Drop tournament. Danie has a nickname he uses when he is playing online. It is mrGR33N13. He got a healthy reputation as a poker player when he won an extraordinary amount of $1,000,000 within nine months of gameplay. He has shown extreme sensibility of the game and can read the table too. It is why he got so successful in the poker game. 

1.Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio Esfandiari holds the biggest win in the history of poker, who won an amount of $18,346,67 back in 2012 at WSOP. His massive success came from the Big One for One Drop tournament. He is a professional poker player and has earned the respect of his fellow players and colleagues with his skills and techniques. He is a high-roller poker player and has gained the nickname ‘The Magician’ in the poker industry.

These are the top five winners of the biggest poker prizes in the history of the game. They have earned a lot of money and have inspired several people with their journey. 

Final Words

Poker is a card game played by many across the world. Some play it as a hobby, while some play professionally. There have been several notable wins in poker in the history of the game. The winners were lucky and highly skilful to have attained the positions. If you love playing poker, you can read this article and get inspired by the best players. 

How to View Predicted Premier League Lineups

Some things in the world of fantasy football are difficult, yet, others are as simple as they can be. One of those straightforward options players should take is to check the predicted lineups. After all, there’s no point in making an uninformed decision about your FPL team transfers or selections. The sources are out there. You just need to know where to look.

Using Predicted Lineups in Fantasy Football

There are plenty of decisions to make on a weekly basis within fantasy football – maybe even more frequently considering midweek games too. Different players have different routines – their modus operandi, if you will. However, there is always one constant that you will find among the regular plans of the top FPL players every season – looking at the likely starting elevens. It’s almost imperative that you check out the predicted premier league lineups before each gameweek deadline.

Can Anyone Have a Go at Predicted Lineups?

The short answer is yes. Yet, why put yourself through all that time-consuming research when you have some fantastic and reliable sources out there willing to do the work for you?

At first, you may think there isn’t too much to it. But don’t forget everything that needs to be considered in order to pick a predicted starting for one Premier League club. There are fitness issues, injuries potentially suffered during training that you may not have heard about, suspended players, other stars missing due to personal issues, and much, much more. Now, imagine taking all that into consideration for all 20 teams!

No-one knows the exact starting eleven for any club until one hour before kick-off, when teams must confirm their lineups as per Premier League rules. Some sites, however, can make a very good go at it thanks to all the information they collate every day of the week. It’s their specific focus so let them take that load on for you.

All you have to do, then, is have a look at the websites you find most reliable before making your transfers and picking your starting lineup. Don’t forget to prioritise your substitutes how you want them too.

How Injuries and Fitness Can Affect Starting Lineups

As an avid football fan, you will know that players can get injured at any time throughout the season. We generally know immediately if we witness an injury occurring during a live match on TV. Normally a player will need a scan on an injury if it’s deemed serious enough. Those scans will take place in the days following the match. You would need to stay up-to-date on the club website to find out just how serious that injury was.

Players can get injured in training too. Away from the TV cameras, Premier League players undergo hours of intense training every week. Injuries can happen at the training ground, of course. These ones you may not hear about so much unless you keep tuned to the sports news channels.

You must also take into account a player’s match fitness when they are returning from an injury. If they were out of action for a prolonged period of time, there will most certainly be a readjustment period to think of. You’re likely to see such players come back in for one or two substitute appearances while they return to full fitness.

Suspensions in Fantasy Premier League

Players are suspended during the season as a result of accumulating too many yellow cards or receiving any red cards. Whoever receives five yellow cards in the Premier League will miss the next game through suspension. The same rule applies for every extra five yellow cards that player gets.

Anyone who is sent off due to a second yellow card in the same match will receive a one-match ban. The same is said for players who get a straight red card after committing a professional foul.

There are heavier bans for in-game offences such as dissent. If the dissent leads to a red card, the player gets a two-game ban. Violent conduct can be punished by a suspension of three or more matches.

Your safest bet to keep on top of all of the current bans and injuries is to check a reliable source before making changes to your FPL selection.

Utilise All the Tools Available to You

Missing a gameweek deadline without changing your team or making your transfers is so demoralising. Try to avoid this by setting reminders on your phone.

After that, you need to build your routine. This will involve finding those sites you know you can depend on for accurate predicted lineups. Get your information then make your decisions such as picking transfers, your first eleven, and the order of your substitutes.

Once all that is done, your fate will lie in the hands of the football gods! It is then time to sit back and witness the magic and the mystery of the FPL.

Ultimate Guide to Making More Successful Sports Bets

Sports betting has gained a lot of popularity over the years. There was once a time when you had to go to a physical bookmaker to bet on your favourite sport. But with the rise of the internet, you can now wager from the comfort of your couch. The internet has made sports betting more convenient and accessible to people. In this article, we will give you a few tips to make you more successful in sports betting.

1. Bet on the Sports You Know

There are tons of sports you can bet on, from football to basketball to hockey to horse racing. It’s best to go for the ones you understand, or rather, the ones you enjoy watching. If you love horse racing and understand a ton about it, you have a better chance of winning at it compared to a sport you rarely follow.

In the case of horse racing, you simply need to find a site that offers the best horse betting sign up bonus. You can find it by going to This website does the due diligence on which horse betting sites have the best offers and bonuses. has a team of specialists that scour the internet for the best horse betting sites in the UK. They look at features like bonus amounts, sign up offers, odd limitations, and turnover requirements. They also go a notch further to offer you betting tips, strategies and news. You can rely on for any information on horse racing in the UK.

2. Do Your Research on the Teams

You don’t have to spend hours and hours on research if you are betting for fun. But if you are betting to add more money to your pocket, you need to do a little bit of research to increase your chances of winning. Check the line-up, head to head statistics, odds, and form of players. Will the match be home or away? Who needs this win more? Who will not be playing? Have the teams played before? What was the outcome of previous games? Such are the kind of questions you need to ask before placing your wager.

3. Have a Budget

Setting boundaries on how much you spend in a bet is one of the most important disciplines. Regardless of the amount of money you have, you need to ensure the amount you use is within a budget. Try having a daily, weekly or monthly budget. The amount is up to you, though make sure it is something you can afford.

4. Keep a Record of Your Wagers

Very few people understand the concept of keeping records of their wagers. Some don’t believe keeping records is necessary, while others think it is too much work. Keeping records isn’t exciting, but it can help you track the amount you are spending on betting and assess whether you are making any overall profits. You can analyze your performance, see which strategies are working and which ones you need to change. This information is vital if you are looking to bet in the long term.
Consider keeping a record on information like:

  • Date of stake
  • Odds offered
  • Your bet picks
  • The amount you staked
  • The outcome of the game

5. Bet With Logic not Emotions

When your favourite team or player is in a game, it’s natural to want to back them up for a win. Your emotional attachment towards a player or team can influence your selection and cloud your judgement. Partly because you might overlook important facts and because you might feel like you are rooting for your team to lose if you bet against them. For such instances, it’s better to avoid the game entirely or be willing to bet with logic and not emotions.

6. Compare Wagers from Different Betting Sites

Whenever you are placing a bet, go to different betting sites and compare the odds. Some betting sites have better odds and lines than others. The difference might be small, but it will help you achieve more winnings. Over time, this small difference will add up to a lot of money.

Closing Remarks

If you are into sports betting, these six tips will help you make more successful wagers. There will be times when you will suffer a few losses. Everyone, even the best bettor, has a losing streak at one point in their betting career. Take heart and assess what you can change and what you cannot. Do your research on the teams and always have a budget on how much you spend.

Fantasy Cheltenham: Where and How Do You Participate?

The Cheltenham Festival is well over 160-years old at this point, and it remains one of the most prestigious hurdle racing events in Europe. Fantasy Cheltenham, on the other hand, is the official fantasy race associated with the Cheltenham Festival, in which thousands of fans from across the globe participate every year. Read on as we explain the basics of how you too can become a part of Fantasy Cheltenham.

How Should You Get Started?

Before you get started, you will first need to have a pretty good idea about the horses, jockeys, and trainers who would be participating in the festival, as well as a solid understanding of how the real-life horseracing event works.

Keep in mind that the Cheltenham Festival isn’t simply a single horse race, but an important leg of the National Hunt horseracing event as a whole. It consists of 28 races in total, each of which will be important for your own Fantasy Cheltenham success. Stay ahead of the competition with these Cheltenham tips from the experts GG. Understanding the odds and staying updated with the necessary info about the event is going to be crucial if you wish to do well in the fantasy race.

Where Can You Get Started?

To start playing, players can visit the Fantasy Cheltenham website. This is where the registration and enlisting will happen for the coming event, but as far as the latest info and relevant updates are concerned, players will need to gather them from sources such as pro bookmakers and sports news outlets.

Are There Any Requirements?

No minimum requirements are specified, so just about any individual or group willing to play Fantasy Cheltenham is welcome to do so. There is only a fee of €20/ticket, which the participants will need to pay.

Can You Sell Fantasy Cheltenham Tickets?

Yes, if you become an official Fantasy Cheltenham ticket seller for a club or a group, you will be allowed to sell as many as 199 tickets with a 50% profit on each sale. Considering that this will not require any resource expenses on the seller’s part, so it presents a lucrative opportunity to turn a good profit for ticket sellers.

How to Play Fantasy Cheltenham Online?

It remains more or less the same every year, but your ticket should have additional instructions if any new changes are introduced. Just go through the step-by-step process, as detailed next:

  • Choose your 5 winning horses (just one from each race) for the first five races and note down the unique numbers assigned to each horse.
  • Go to the Fantasy Cheltenham website linked earlier and click on Play Online.
  • A prompt will come up, asking for your ticket number and Play PIN.
  • After entering the information, you will be officially ready to play Fantasy Cheltenham online.

How to Play Fantasy Cheltenham Manually?

Alternatively, one can just take the manual route if they do not want to play online. In that case, pay a visit to the Fantasy Cheltenham website, and send a text with your selections to their registered phone number, or email them the same at their registered email ID. Whether you send a text or an email, follow this format:

  • Ticket Number: HNR1, HNR2, HNR3, HNR4, HNR5
  • For example, 1202: 11, 3, 8, 5, 14

*(HNR = Horse Number from Race)

Do note that all these steps must be completed before the clock strikes 12pm on race day, and preferably much earlier than that.

How to Get Your Play PIN?

You could get your Play PIN issued to you at any time during the last weekend before the Cheltenham Festival begins. That is usually the time when clubs and groups register their members’ tickets online, and a text is sent to each ticket holder, confirming this.

Your Play PIN will also be generated simultaneously, meaning that you should be able to retrieve it from the website soon after receiving the confirmation text. No Play PIN will be issued for you if your club does not register your ticket online in due time.

Note that a Play PIN will not be required if you don’t play Fantasy Cheltenham online. Follow the manual method of registration mentioned previously if you don’t want to wait on the Play PIN. For playing online though, then you will most certainly need a registered PIN to participate.

How improved my FPL rank

Hi, my name is Luke also known as FPLIrons on Twitter, I create social media content and write a few blogs for @FantasyFootyFix. A few years ago, I was the classic FPL player that would create a team a few hours before the GW1 deadline, and never touch the team again for the season. FPL never interested me, it simply hadn’t lured me in, that was until my manager at work said he could beat me easily… That’s when I began to care, it become competitive! This was at the beginning of the 18/19 season, and luckily for me, I began to browse YouTube videos and came across, I instantly fell in love. Football, stats, planning, projections, all in one place. It was the dream website for a lifelong football fan and lover of stats/numbers. I’ve used the site more and more each year and my ranks have improved each time, 300k, 30k, 15k, I truly believe that if you use correctly it’s almost impossible to fall outside the top 100k.

The Rotation Planner

My favourite tool on the site is the Rotation Planner, this is a fantastically useful tool to save yourself a bit of cash and find some cheaper players that will rotate nicely each gameweek. You are able to choose a length of time, how many players you would like to play/bench and then finally, which teams you would like to include and which ones you wouldn’t.

In the example below, I wanted to give myself a strong bench this season, so I used the tool to find a pair of £4.5m defenders that would give me a reliable first sub each week. I removed all teams that do not have a £4.5m defender, and then locked in Leeds as I believed that Ayling was a really strong £4.5m option this season based on his statistics last year. The algorithm informed me that the best defensive rotation pairing with Leeds was Arsenal, therefore I chose Ben White. This means my first sub for the first 8 weeks will play Brentford, Everton, Burnley, Norwich, Burnley, West Ham, Watford and Palace.

The Assistant Manager/Points projections have an incredibly advanced points projection tool that not only informs you who to captain, play and bench each week, but also which player you could potentially look to sell and who to replace them with.

For example, in my current team the projections are telling me to bench Mason Greenwood in 3 of the next 4 gameweeks. This is due to his low xMins and high likelihood of being rotated. Therefore, I used the ‘single click optimiser’ in order to find a better replacement as £7.5m is a substantial amount of money on a player with such low projections. I was informed to bring in Harvey Barnes, who is predicted to help my squad score 9 points more across the next 5 gameweeks.

Of course, these are only projections and FPL is not an exact science, but more often than not Fix is spot on! So much so, my Fiancé uses the site to improve her transfer planning as I “apparently” don’t give good advice, but does. Nightmare!

The Fixture Analyser

The official Fantasy Premier League’s ‘Fixture Difficulty Ratings’ are often criticised, teams like West Ham, Leeds and Villa who had impressive seasons were classed as a good fixtures, but games against clubs like Arsenal who were having a poor season were classed as very difficult.

On the website and app, you are able to analyse fixtures based on defensive difficulty and offensive difficulty, and these ratings change each gameweek based on how teams are performing. In the example below, I have looked at gameweeks 2-6, in terms of attacking difficulty, Manchester City have the 2nd best fixtures in the coming weeks based on their ability and their opponents capability, however, they do not find themselves in the top 5 for defensive difficulty. Therefore, I would consider moves for the likes of Mahrez. De Bruyne or Grealish, rather than looking to bring in Dias or Cancelo, as clean sheets are unlikely in comparison to attacking hauls.

Player Heatmaps

The ‘Fix Stats’ tab is where the site comes into its own in my opinion, the amount of detail you can go into analysing players is incredibly impressive. An example I have here is Jamie Vardy’s heat map for the 2020/21 season within the player heatmaps screen. It’s a heatmap that I love as a fantasy football manager, it shows me that Jamie Vardy is only interested in getting the ball in the box. When Leicester have a great run of games, based on this and knowing that he is on penalties, you can’t go wrong with Jamie Vardy.

An added bonus of this screen is the comparison you can do between two players, the example below I found when analysing Kevin De Bruyne vs Bruno Fernandes for the 21/22 season. Kevin De Bruyne’s underlying statistics per 90 far exceed Bruno Fernandes, and he could potentially be a great differential when fit, moving away from a player like Bruno Fernandes would of course be a brave move, but potentially one worth taking!

Custom Stats Builder

The Custom Stats Builder is a tool I have only just started using, and I am so frustrated that my past self didn’t give it a go!

You have the ability to create tables and graphs with over 200 different statistics and a number of different variables such as position, price, season, gameweek, home/away, team, opposition and ownership.

The example I looked into during pre-season was £7-8m strikers and how their underlying statistics looked last season. Ollie Watkins came out on top with 6 expected assists and 15 expected goals, Bamford also looks fantastic with nearly 18 expected goals.

The exciting part about this is that the possibilities are literally endless, you could look into FPL Bandwagons or FPL conspiracies, and do your own research. For example, I use this along with the Player Heatmaps tool to analyse how Bruno performed with Paul Pogba, and also to see how Leeds performed defensively in the 2nd half of the season. Whatever weird stat you’d like to find, you’ll be able to do it here! 

Elite XI and Consensus XI

The tool I am most excited to use this season is the Elite XI feature. have gathered 11 elite managers with 74 top 10k and 55 top 5k finishes, each manager has a bio so you can only follow the managers that suit your style, or you can follow them as a collective with the ‘Consensus XI’. The combined 11 managed to score a total of 111 points in gameweek 1, so if a casual had signed up to fix and taken some advice from the experts, they’d have been very close to 100 and hit the tops of their own mini-leagues!

You can set up push notifications to come through on your phone when the managers make a transfer, this will insight throughout the season on their FPL strategies. If all of the Elite XI managers get rid of Luke Shaw for example, and bring in Lucas Digne, I will look to use the Fix Stats tool to analyse whether there is a reason as to why they’ve made that move and then decide whether to follow suite.

I’ve promoted Fix for several years, before joining the team and I will continue to do so for years into the future. If you’re struggling in your mini-league or want to break into the top 10/100k for the first time, this is the website for you! You will not regret signing up for