How to Find the Best Online Casinos

Online casinos are booming due to the enormous demands in various states like the UK and can be played from anywhere, including at the comfort of your home or while on the move. As long as you have a smartphone and enough money to bet, online casinos are the way to go. But here is the catch! Not all the online casinos available in the UK can be classified as safe and best.

You need to be careful when choosing a casino to ensure your money does not go down the drain while ensuring you get the optimal experience when gambling. In this article, we will guide you in finding the best online casino in the UK.

Do a proper online research

Nowadays the online casino industry is so crowded that picking the right site to play on can be overwhelming.

There are so many platforms to pick from, but your time and your money are both limited. Rely on authoritative reviews sites and beware and prefer organic sources over paid placements on Google, to start your decision process. If you don’t know where to start from, have a look at the latest UK online casinos list.

Check if the casinos are licensed

Any reputable and genuine online casino should be licensed. There are certified governmental authorities such as the UK gambling commission who rule the usage of online gambling sites. Every legal online casino should also indicate the active licenses held and the geos where the service is available. The licensing is done to ensure the gambling sites fully follow the country rules, protect the users’ rights, and so on.

Check the casino bonuses offered

The good thing about online casinos is that they offer bonuses for beginners and experienced players. Some casinos may give new entry bonuses to get free chips to play or a specific discount on registering for the first time. Other bonuses are offered in the model of the games. So, check the available bonuses, see if they suit you, and figure out if attaining the rewards while playing the games is easy for you. Always go for a casino with easy steps to follow when acquiring game bonuses.

Loyalty programs

The best online casino should have loyalty programs to reward their players. These loyalty programs are for both occasional and religious players of various games available in the casino. They may also be offered in ranks, whereby players can unlock the loyalties when they reach a certain game level.

The available games

Some people get bored quickly when engaging in one game, and others can stick to one game forever. So, if you belong to the first category of players, make sure to check if the casino site you choose offers more types of games. These include; blackjack, roulette, table games, and poker, to name a few.

The money deposits and withdrawal options

Some people invest their time and money in these games. If you are good in these games and you can win up to thousands of pounds, why not join? But it is good to get a guarantee that the money will be deposited into your account after every win. The online casino has varying transfer options such as PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and even direct transfers.

So, ensure the casino site you choose offers the most convenient withdrawal and transfer option for you. Meaning the payment option you choose should be used to deposit money for betting and receive money after your wins too.

24/7 customer care services

An excellent online casino site should have customer care representatives working 24/7 to offer assistance and answer any queries. Keep in mind that the games may hang in the process, or you may need help to start the game at awe hours. Still, some games are open to players worldwide, which means that the time intervals will differ. So, having a person who can assist when needed would be awesome.


If you are looking for a good and reputable online casino In the UK to sign up with, use these top points to guide you in choosing the right one. A reputable online casino should assure you of your safety, offer different game options to choose from, and the players should have an easy time navigating the games.

Enough Unreasonable Dreams, You Deserve the Best Online Casino

Having fun at online casinos is an activity that millions of people around the globe enjoy every day. These online platforms offer a lot of variety, making them an endless source of fun. Whether it’s the sheer amount of slots, table games, or live casino games, many of them have all it takes to keep an avid gambler on the platform having fun. Still, in the sea of online casinos that are available online, finding good ones requires some experience. In this article, you’ll learn about the most critical indicators of a high-quality online casino. Without further ado, let’s start with welcome bonuses.

Casino Welcome Bonuses

The first thing to pay attention to is the welcome bonus. However, don’t get carried away by the size of the bonus. Remember to take a close look at the terms and conditions that come with it. Even if a casino welcomes you with $1,000, if it has wagering requirements x50, you won’t be able to make any withdrawal. Therefore, carefully read all the bonus details when you’re searching for the best casino on the net. For example, some brands might give you completely free spins but limit how much you can win. Read the fine print before deciding on using a platform. You’ll better know what to expect from the venue from the start.

Range of Available Games

What good is a casino if it only has a couple of slots to play? You can see what the games are on offer even before you register. A good indicator of good online casinos is a collaboration with multiple game providers, which means you can find hundreds of slots available on the platform. You’ll also be able to enjoy some of them on your mobile phone.

Besides exploring the available slots, see what the other platform sections are. Is there a table games section? Can you play bingo on the platform? Is a live casino available? How about the variety in each of these sections? As you analyse the platform, more details about its quality will unfold, clearly showing whether you should register. A good platform has all of the abovementioned sections available. They offer plenty of variety to players interested in different games. If you get bored of slots, you might want to visit the live casino section. On the other hand, bingo can be fun from time to time. Why not have the option to play it on the same platform. Check out all the sections at an online casino, and you’ll quickly judge if it’s up to your standards.

Online Reviews

There’s no need to click the register button before you take a look at a couple of online casino reviews. People trust online reviews for a good reason. They’re genuine descriptions of the quality of a particular service or product. If you don’t want to read reviews on random websites, you can always head over to iOS App Store or Google Play Store and see what users have had to say about a platform. Even though you’ll come across a couple of fake reviews from competitors, the overall rating will show whether the brand is a good one. Plus, you’ll see if their app works well on mobile platforms.

Online reviews are a great way to learn a lot about a brand, so make sure you leverage their power to discover more details about a brand. It’s the quickest way to know whether an operator is worth your time.

Supported Payment Methods

The more payment methods an online casino supports, the better. You have more choices when making a deposit or withdrawal. Another element to consider is whether the platform accepts popular cryptocurrencies. Some operators have started accepting bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. If you see it with an operator, they support cutting-edge technology and have secure payment methods.


Next time you’re on the lookout for the best online casino, you’ll know which things to consider. If the operator has a great welcome bonus with plenty of games and payment methods, it’s most likely worth registering with. The only thing left is to check online reviews and register. Once you make the deposit, it’s time to have some fun at your favourite casino section.

Everton’s Top 8 Richest Football Players

Everton is a proud football club with a rich history. They’ve produced some of the finest talent in recent years, including Paul Gascoigne and Wayne Rooney. These players have gone on to achieve great things in their careers, and they continue to be revered by Everton fans.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Everton’s top 10 richest players. These players have had impressive careers both for Everton and in the Premier League as a whole. Their current worth is also quite staggering, with some of them being worth millions of pounds.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Everton’s richest players!

1. Wayne Rooney – £93 million

Wayne Rooney is possibly one of Everton’s most famous players; he’s played for them since 2004, after all! His current net worth is estimated at £93 million, mostly thanks to his successful time with Manchester United for well over a decade now.

Everton signed Rooney from Liverpool for an initial fee of just £20 million in 2003, but his value skyrocketed afterwards. He was just 18 years old when he joined their side, but he showed great promise and growth to become one of the most lethal attackers in the football world.

2. Romelu Lukaku – £75 million

Romelu Lukaku is one of the wealthiest players in Everton history. He currently has a net worth of £75 million, after his mega money moves to Manchester United, Inter Milan and then back to Chelsea.

Everton signed Lukaku for £28 million from Chelsea in 2014, which as you can imagine, is out of the budget for many teams. Although, if you bet on football and other sports on Lottoland, even you could afford Lukaku! In his time at Goodison Park, he was an instant success and quickly became one of their most deadly forwards ever since. This was shown in his last season when he smashed 25 goals in 37 games in all competitions, leading them to a respectable 7th place finish.

3. Landon Donovan – £18 million

Landon Donovan is an American attacking midfielder who played for Everton from January 2010 to January 2011 on loan from LA Galaxy. His net worth is estimated at £18 million thanks to his successful career in both the United States and Europe.

Donovan was a huge success during his time at Everton, although he was not there for long, scoring some crucial goals that helped them get into the Europa League. He also became the first American player to score in three different major European competitions.

4. Phil Jagielka – £17 million

Phil Jagielka was Everton’s captain, and he’s also one of their richest players. His net worth is estimated at £17 million thanks to his time with Sheffield United and Everton.

Jagielka was ever-present in the Everton defence since 2007, and he helped them achieve some great results over the years. He was a part of their 7th place finish in the 2016 season, and was always looking to lead them into European competition for the following year.

5. Ross Barkley – £16 million

Ross Barkley is another Everton player who has made a name for himself in the Premier League. He started playing for them at the young age of 17, and since then he’s become one of their most valuable.

Barkley’s net worth is estimated at £16 million. He was instrumental in their 7th place finish, before moving on to Chelsea.

6. Sylvain Distin – £16 million

Sylvain Distin was one of Everton’s longest-serving players, having played for them from January 2009 to June 2013. His total net worth is estimated at £16 million thanks to his time with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City as well.

Distin was a key member of the Everton defence, helping them achieve such an impressive result many years in a row, despite suffering multiple injuries throughout the course of the campaign. He joined after playing nearly 10 years with Portsmouth and eventually retired from the game in 2016.

7. Gareth Barry – £15 million

Gareth Barry had been playing for Everton since 2013, but he’s also played for several other Premier League clubs in his career. His total net worth is estimated at £15 million, most of which comes from his time with Manchester City.

Barry was an important part of the Everton side that achieved a 7th place finish in 2016, and he’ll be looking to do even better this upcoming season. He was their longest-serving player and has made over 200 appearances for the Toffees.

8. Michael Keane – £14 million

Michael Keane is an English defender currently playing for Everton after transferring from Burnley a few years ago. His net worth is estimated at £14 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest defenders on their roster.

Everton paid just over £25 million for Keane’s services, making him one of their most expensive signings ever so far. He was also one of the key players who helped them achieve a 7th place finish in 2016, showing great promise as they looked to continue improving under their then manager Ronald Koeman.

Final Thoughts

The list of Everton’s richest players is a fascinating one, as it includes some of the most talented footballers from across the world. We hope you enjoyed reading about these 10 wealthiest footballers from Everton and learned something new about this club that has been around since 1878.

Place Your Bets: 3 Qualities of A Bettor That You Should Know

Sports betting

It’s no secret that betting is a game of chance, not of skill, so anyone can win or lose. However, this does not necessarily mean there’s nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning. Good bettors may not be able to snatch that big win all the time, but they can still succeed by making the most out of what they bet.

No matter which race to bet on, a good bettor knows not necessarily how to win but how to play the cards right to get the best results as far as your betting is concerned. Most of the time, since anything could happen on the racetrack, the only thing you could trust is yourself. You may want to adopt specific traits to become a successful gambler.

The following are qualities of a good horse racing bettor that you should know.

Knowledgeable With How It Works

It’s no secret that one needs to know the horse race betting industry to play the game well or even to want to place a bet in the first place. One can’t just waltz in a race track and wager their money on a horse they don’t know to a set of bets they are unfamiliar with. But if you already are a fan, you may be at an advantage.

If you are still new and want to get the hang of it, there are two things you need to study: the horses and how horse race betting works.

Betting Process

Knowing how betting works is the first thing a bettor must do. You have to familiarize yourself with the types of bets in horse racing. There are various kinds, each asking for more specific details.

You need to know your options. There may be times when you feel confident and want to bet on specific horses to win first to third (trifecta) or when you want to play safe and settle with a win, place, and show if you think your competitors can finish early but unsure which place they would end up in.

Besides the types of bets, you might wonder how much it costs to bet on a horse? Another important thing you need to learn is the odds, which indicates how much return you will get per the amount of money you bet on a horse. This will not only guide how much you can spend and receive back, but it also indicates which horse is favored.

You can quickly look up a betting and wagering guide from the internet for new gamblers who want to learn more about these.

The Competitors

Horses are undeniably the stars of the race, as they’re the ones that determine whether you won your bet or not. Getting to know who the competitors are is pretty much like knowing which one is likely to win.

For starters, you need to research the following things: who the competitors are, their trainers, their jockeys, and previous races. This is especially true for debuting competitors or those who might have transferred to another trainer. But if you’re already familiar with the lineup and the people they work with, the next thing you need to do is to keep up with updates.

Changes are still bound to happen last-minute, such as a change in the lineup or an untoward incident involving a competitor. Extra research goes a long way. Several factors could affect a horse from winning or losing the race, and observing their condition before the race can get you an idea on which one is likely to reach the finish line first.

Mindful of Bet Money

While gambling can be thrilling, there should always be a limit. One shouldn’t tell anyone how to spend their own money, especially if it rewards you with more money. However, you can’t expect the odds to be in your favor all the time. You could lose more money than gain, and it would be better not to proceed any further.

You can spend as much money as you can, of course, but you must always consider what you are confident on what you wagered on. Should there be an event where you feel unsure of what you are betting on, it would be better if you spent less than how much you would typically do. It would be a waste of money to spend on something you aren’t 100% into.

Being A Good Sport

As said earlier, betting is a game of chance. There will be days where the competitors you bet on did not make it, and you had spent a considerable amount of money on them. Losses will be there, and it is essential that we are realistic enough to realize that there may be more chances for us to lose than to win. And when we lose, it’s only a matter of acceptance.

Yes, it always feels good to win, but you need to expect to lose too. And when you do, don’t let it discourage you. As long as you keep playing your cards right, you can win again next time.

To Sum it Up

Betting in horse races can always end up with varied results. Good bettors would know what they would get into, are mindful of how much they would bet, and think realistically that there are big chances to win and lose. But bet responsibly and critically, and you might just hit big. Most importantly, have fun!

The Rumours Are Flying, But Who Will Liverpool Actually Sign In January?

Photo by Jack Hunter on Unsplash

There are a few points during a Premier League season that has everyone talking. The start, the end and the player transfers. Player transfers, in particular, get everyone talking and speculating to the point it’s all the players have to hear about, and this year is no different. We’d go as far as to say the rumours are rifer than ever this year, especially with Liverpool. Every transfer window, Liverpool seem to find themselves at the centre of the conversation. 

Below, we will look at the transfer rumours currently flying around and whether Liverpool will actually make any of them.

The Strong Rumours

The season, in general, is always juicy at this team of the year – fans flock to SeatPick to get tickets and see the spectacles first-hand. But if we’re talking about transfer rumours and looking at the media storm that currently surrounds them, there are definitely some strong and weak rumours – and by that, we mean some of them are nothing more than rumours; some are transfers legitimately in the pipeline. 

One signing that has been in the pipeline for some time now is that of Ismaila Sarr, Watford’s shining star, who they sure won’t be ready to let go of, but when a big club like Liverpool comes knocking, you go running to them. 

The Sarr rumours have been here since the summer and have circled again now the window is drawing closer, but Liverpool are yet to comment whether they’re actually close to making a deal. According to rumours, despite no approach made as of yet, Liverpool are still ‘interested’ in the Watford star. 

A strong rumour is the signing of Erling Haaland – but if Liverpool wants him, they’re going to have to beat the majority of the major teams to it. The signing of manager Ralf Ragnick means Manchester United could be in with a shot of securing Haaland. According to the rumours, Borussia Dortmund — the team he currently plays for — are reportedly willing to accept a transfer fee in instalments. However, it is still a big rumour, just like the transfer of Jarrod Bowen is.

The Weak Rumours

One weak rumour is that of Raheem Stirling, who has apparently been in contact with Liverpool over a return to the club – but the sources are some suspect online media websites. Interestingly, however, Glen Johnson has neglected to rule out a Raheem Stirling move to Liverpool, and considering he’s not having the best season at Manchester City, it could well be on the cards.

According to reports from a media company in Spain, Liverpool also have their eyes on Christian Pulisic – the Chelsea forward who has been performing really well. However, he apparently comes with a huge price tag that Liverpool are debating whether to pay and whether it would be worth it. He’s a cracking player who would make for an excellent signing if they do.

What’s Likely To Happen?

In all reality, none of us knows what’s about to happen until it happens, and that’s the beauty of the transfer windows. Rumours fly, and people place their bets on the players they think will move, and it almost always ends up being different. However, the rumour mill is definitely working hard this window, and it’ll be interesting to see which players end up when at the end of the season, or indeed, at the end of January.

It doesn’t get much more exciting than the transfer window, and it’s creeping closer every day. By the end of January, we should know what players teams have invested their money in and how the rest of the season will play out. One thing is for sure, if all the Liverpool transfer rumours are true, they’ll sign the entire premier league and international players by the end of January.

Tipped for the top in the 2021-22 PFA player awards

Photo by Nathan Rogers on Unsplash

Every season there are so many awards handed out to players, we can sometimes lose track of whether they actually have any meaning or weight. Nevertheless, there are two awards which the players themselves value above all others, voted for by fellow and presented by the Professional Footballers’ Association. While fan and media recognition is good, nothing beats the respect of peers in the game.

The PFA Player Awards

Since the 1973-74 season in English football, the Professional Footballers’ Association has presented its own awards. These are the PFA Players’ Player of the Year and the PFA Young Player of the Year, exclusively voted for by members of the professional players’ union. For this reason, it’s also fair to say these awards carry the greatest prestige in the English game, regarded as the biggest honour a player can receive.

Interestingly, during an era in which sports betting has increasingly gained popularity, these two awards always tend to feature amongst the available markets at leading bookmakers, while other awards are often ignored. However, if we look at the best online betting sites by sport, then focus on football and the respective PFA awards, odds can vary wildly from one site to the next.

For this reason, it always makes good sense to read plenty of reviews, compare bookies and see what they offer. To highlight this point and before revealing some of the PFA awards favourites this season, there’s a huge variance in odds amongst all the most recognised bookmakers this year. Before backing anyone, don’t forget to ensure you’re getting the best odds. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the two top men’s awards.

PFA Players’ Player of the Year

Every spring, members of the PFA are asked to vote for two players, then a shortlist of the leading contenders is published in April. During the same month, a gala ceremony is held in London when the winners are announced. In 2005 when John Terry became the first Chelsea player to receive the award, he considered it “the ultimate accolade to be voted for by your fellow professionals,” cherishing the honour of being recognised by his peers.

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne won the last to editions in 2019-20 and 2020-21, becoming one just six players to claim the award twice, and one of only three players in PFA history to win the award in two consecutive seasons. The two back-to-back winners were Thierry Henry in 2002-03 and 2003-04, then Cristiano Ronaldo in 2006-07 and 2007-08.

Looking at the current odds with practically every online bookie, Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah is leading the betting by a wide margin, strongly tipped to win the 2021-22 PFA Players’ Player of the Year award. If he does, it would be the second time the Egyptian star has claimed the award, having previously topped the player votes in 2017-18.

PFA Young Player of the Year

Inaugurated in 1973-74 season like the main award, the age limits have varied over the years and that led to some criticism, given that players could be aged up to 23 at the start of any season. That meant some nominees were aged 24 by the end of a campaign, which was hardly considered “young” by media critics. Since 2021, only players aged 21 or under at the start of a season can be considered for the award.

While the main award has always been won by players from the top division of English football, the PFA Young Player of the Year award went to Ryan Sessagnon of Fulham in 2018, making him the first and only recipient outside of the topflight. Back-to-back winners include Ryan Giggs and Robbie Fowler, Wayne Rooney and Dele Alli, while they could be joined 2020-21 winner Phil Foden of Manchester City.

Foden is widely tipped as the 2021-22 favourite for the PFA Award Young Player of the Year, although the odds would suggest there’s a strong list of challengers. On loan at Crystal Palace from Chelsea this season, midfielder Conor Gallagher is regarded as a potential candidate, along with Chelsea right-back Reece James, who has enjoyed a superb season.

Dual Award Winners

To conclude, here’s a little bit of extra trivia. How many players have won both awards in the same season? Well, the answer to that question is just three players. Andy Gray was the first in 1976-77 with Aston Villa, followed by a gap of 30 years, until Cristiano Ronaldo became the second in 2006-07 at Manchester United. The third and last recipient of both awards in the same season was Gareth Bale, when he took both awards in 2012-13 with Tottenham.

The Top Ranked National Football Teams in the World

Football is, far and beyond, the biggest sport in the world right now, and has been for over a hundred years. The sport was officially created in the Victorian era, when Oxford drafted the first rules of the game that we recognize as football today. Since then, football has garnered a popularity that has made it the most watched and played sport the world over, with 5 billion fans and over 500 million players (professional, amateur, or recreational) worldwide.

Football is popular on the betting scene. In England alone, millions are spent on football betting. The amount of cash spent on football wagers around the world can be calculated in the hundreds of millions. Betting shops and online betting sites like the ones listed at see a drastic increase in revenue during the football season.

The biggest football event in the world, the FIFA World Cup, sees the national football teams from countries around the world compete for the World Cup Trophy. In this article, we will take a look at the most successful National Football teams according to FIFA statistics.


Brazilians are known for their deep love and passion for sports, especially football. The football culture in Brazil is one of the most developed and passionate football cultures in the entire world, and Brazilian football fans are known for their passion towards the sport, and their team.

The Brazilian football team is one of the most, if not the most, successful team in the FIFA World Cup. They have won five World Cups over the course of the 20th century, with their last victory being in 2002. The team is also considered the best performing team in the World Cup, having won over 70 matches, scored over 200 points, and is the only team that has competed in the Cup without any absences.


The French National team is ranked as the second best national football team on the FIFA rankings, and their accomplishments certainly back up their success. They have won two Confederation Cups, two UEFA European Championships, one ArtemioFranchi Trophy, and two FIFA World Cups. The team has also reached the finals of the World Championship on multiple occasions, most notably in 2006, when they lost to Italy.


As of 2021, the Belgium national football team are ranked 1st according to the FIFA rankings. The team has competed in three major football competitions, as well as three Olympic football tournaments. Between the 1950s and early 2000s, the Belgium team defeated four of Football’s greatest champions: West Germany, Argentina, France, and Brazil.

The Belgium team has topped FIFA’s rankings several times, most notably in 2015, and most recently in 2021. It has also come in the top 3 on numerous occasions, including in 2018. It is, by far, one of the best National football teams in the world.

Honorable Mentions

Those are just three of the best football teams in the world right now, however, they are not the only great teams. The English team is one of the most accomplished football teams, ranked fourth by FIFA in 2021. The Portuguese, Spanish, and Argentinian team are also some of the greatest teams, all of which have won World Cups at one time or another.

Biennial World Cup

The FIFA Men’s World Cup is the holy grail of football and the world’s biggest tournament, which is why it takes place once every four years since it was founded almost 100 years ago. The tournament was canceled only during the Second World War. The four-year gap between each tournament gives every competing national team the chance to prepare for the massive event. Stars have been born, legends have been created, and history has been made at every event. It’s been 35 years since Diego Maradona’s hand of God goal in World Cup 1986, but every fan of the game who watched the match remembers it like it was yesterday. One can only imagine what the odds would have been on Betting Sites if online gambling existed at the time.

Fast forward to 2021, FIFA shocked the world with its new vision of the beautiful game. After several months of delegation, the FIFA president Gianni Infantino shared the researched data in favor of the idea of a biennial men’s World Cup but it has been met with strong opposition from retired and active players, coaches, European top clubs, the top leagues, and UEFA. The data showed that the biennial event would generate $4.4 billion, which is 62% more than the projected revenue if the tournament remained in its present schedule.

Infantino affirmed that acceptance of his proposal would be financially beneficial to every participating body. Arsene Wenger has been the man at the forefront of this campaign. In general, the former Arsenal manager stated that the plan is to upgrade the way the game is played by creating aids and programs for coaches and players. UEFA along with World Leagues Forum conducted their own research and it was reported that a biennial competition of such magnitude and importance would compromise other football and sporting events like the Olympics. Furthermore, a total of 6.7 million GBP could be lost in TV rights and sponsorships.

The rift the proposed idea created had forced Infantino to pull back on the plan, but there are several ongoing deliberations within the highest football governing body and with the 72nd FIFA Congress coming soon next year in Doha, it is logical to assume that this issue will be revisited soon. Meanwhile, Conmebol and UEFA have grown closer since the imploding of Gianni’s plans. They created a new tournament called the Nations League, perhaps in defiance of FIFA or a show of independence.

Recently, Kylian Mbappe joined the long list of football stars who have been very critical about the idea of the biennial FIFA World Cup. The World Cup winner told the media that the tournament would lose its relevance if it was scheduled to be played every two years. In the end, the final verdict on the future of the great game rests solely on 211 FIFA member nations regardless of the opposition’s disapproval.

What To Know About The Magic Millions Classic, Top 10 Races Of The Autumn Racing Carnival 2022

Undoubtedly, Australia is a horse racing nation. This is evidenced by the various tournaments conducted throughout the year. Autumn is fast approaching. Therefore, trainers, jockeys, horses, and fans are preparing for the coming season’s racing carnival. But before that, there’s one summer race you can’t afford to miss – the Magic Millions Classic. This article discusses the details of this race and other information to catch when autumn finally arrives.

The Magic Millions Classic

The Magic Millions 2022 will take place on 15 January, Saturday. All roads will be leading to Gold Coast Racecourse in Queensland. The day will witness a buzz of activities going down in the tracks. Some of the contests include:

  • Magic Millions Two-Year-Old Classic (2YO Classic)
  • Magic Millions Three-Year-Old Classic (3YO Classic)
  • Magic Millions Racing Women’s Initiative
  • Magic Million Yearling Sale (1)

This day is considered the first of the prominent race days for the year as thousands gather to witness the action unfold. It may also be because the day’s activities sum up to around USD$7.3 million. (2)

Magic Millions 2YO Classic

With set weights on their backs, 16 two-year-old horse graduates from the Magic Millions Sales compete along a 1,200-m track to make it to the finish line first. And each jockey knows they should give their best to win as the race has an attractive prize of about USD$1.4 million. (3)

A brief history

Interestingly, this race is named so because of the prize money. It was run first in 1987, with the horse Snippets winning the race. Since then, many outstanding two-year-olds, such as Capitalist, Phelan Ready, Dance Hero, among other exceptional horses, have won it. This year, Shaquero emerged as the winner.

In 1992, Clan O’Sullivan set the record by finishing the race in 1.08.46. To date, no horse has managed to break this record yet as the average racing time is 1 minute and 10 seconds.


If you’re a punter, you can go through the Magic Millions form guide for further tips on betting. Some of the key points to consider include the horse’s:

  • Gender:Fillies won 11 of the last 16 races.
  • Position in key lead-up races:These are the Phelan Ready Stakes, Doomben, Gold-Coast two-year-old races.
  • Career runs:Consider a horse with at least two career records.

Additionally, you can visit bookie sites for more betting tips. These may help you make favourable odds and get a successful win.

The top 10 races for the Autumn Racing Carnival

From March to May 2022, a series of horse races will happen around major Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. And these are the races marking the Autumn Racing Carnival. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Neds Blue Diamond Stakes:2YO horses will compete in a 1,200-m race. The prize pool is around USD$1.06 million, with the winner bagging approximately USD$641,341. It goes down at Caulfield in Melbourne.
  • Golden Slipper:This will be held at Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. It’s a 1,200-m race for 2YO horses. The horses compete for the first position to get around USD$2.4 million from the ~USD$3.5-million prize purse. For this big prize pool, it’s the world’s richest juvenile race. (4)
  • The Australian Guineas:This is a mile-long race for 3YO horses held at Flemington, Melbourne. The prize is about USD$712,601, with the winner getting around USD$427,673.
  • The Australian Cup:This is a2,000-m weight-for-age race held in Flemington. The winner gets approximately USD$641,509 from the total prize pool of around USD$1.06 million.
  • The All-Star Mile:It’s unique and still in its initial years as it was first held in 2019 only. It takes place in Caulfield, Flemington, or Moonee Valley, where horses three years old or above run for a mile to compete for about USD$1.6 million from the ~USD$3.5-million prize pool. (5)
  • Queen Elizabeth Stakes:This is a 2,000-m long horse race held in Randwick Racecourse under weight-for-age conditions. The horses compete for a share from the ~USD$2.8-million prize purse.
  • Sydney Cup:Held in Randwick Racecourse, this is a 3,200-m handicap race with a prize pool of about USD$1.4 million.
  • Australian Oaks: This is a 2,400-m race held in Randwick Racecourse under set weight conditions. The prize money is approximately USD$712,788.
  • The Newmarket Handicap:This is a top sprint race in Melbourne held on Super Saturday in Flemington. It’s a 1,200-m long race with a prize pool of around USD$890,985. The winner goes home with approximately USD$534,591.
  • Queen of the Turf Stakes:Held in Randwick Racecourse, this is a mile-long race for horses competing for a share from a prize pool of around USD$712,788.


If you’re a horse racing fan, you know with every season, there’s a lot for you in Australia. And with autumn coming up, you should prepare for the races listed here. However, when autumn comes, remember that January 2022 is the month of the prominent Magic Millions Classic, and you wouldn’t want to miss it. If you’re a punter, this article gives you a heads-up for betting on next year’s races. And you’d be wise to begin your preparations by gathering betting tips early enough.


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A complete beginner’s guide to Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football can be a daunting prospect for some. It may be that you’re new to the fantasy scene and aren’t familiar with the rules, it could be that you’re a veteran but you don’t think you have the time needed to run a fantasy team. There are even new formats of Fantasy Football now too, like the Fantasy Draft, which sees players building their teams together, taking it in turns to pick players, rather than allowing every side to all stick Mohammed Salah up top.

If you’ve been thinking of getting into the fantasy football scene, but aren’t quite sure where to start, don’t worry. We’re going to take you through a number of the top tips to follow for beginners, so you can get your fantasy season off to a good start. And since we’re halfway through the Premier League season already, you can use the second half of the season to get some practice in, so you can challenge your friends in the next campaign.

So, what are the top tips for beginners? Let’s take a look…

Choose which version you want to play

As stated above, there are a few different varieties of fantasy football games, with both free and paid versions available. The majority of people use the official Premier League fantasy football game, which is free to play. It’s the most popular one there is, with various prizes up for grabs such as free tickets to games, and it has features like being able to set up private leagues with friends.

There are also two varieties of fantasy football available on their site. The traditional fantasy football where you get a set budget and have to build a team from available players, whilst keeping within your budget. Allowing friends to have the same players in their team as you have. Or the Fantasy Draft, taken from the way American fantasy sports are done, in which each participant builds their team picking players, but once that player is picked, no one else can select them. But you can then trade players with someone else should you both agree.

There are then paid versions of the game, and these tend to have monetary prizes. Although there are free versions out there where money is available to win as well, however, prize pools tend to be smaller. One of the biggest paid experiences around fantasy football is operated through DraftKings, which operates like a betting site where you put money in and have a chance of winning by backing the top performing players each week. If this is the way you think you want to head, then we suggest checking out DraftKings Sportsbook promo codes to get the most out of your experience.

Don’t be afraid to make changes

When playing fantasy football, you’ll have a deadline for the start of the season to set your team, and also deadlines before every match day. Especially at the start of the season, there are so many players who transfer between teams, in and out of the league, that you should leave making your team, or finalising it close to the season start. I mean, you can set it early on in case you forget, it happens to the best fantasy footballers sometimes, but it’s best to keep it updated.

That means changing things around. Whether it be by switching players from your starting XI with those on your bench, or transferring players in and out of your team. It’s better to change things up rather than hold out and hope for a change of form in one of your players. You could hold out three or four weeks before changing, and you’d possibly lose out on a lot of points, not to mind their value falling. Whereas switch your players up and you have a chance of taking maximum points by potentially picking someone who is currently on fire.

Keep an eye on your squad

It’s important to keep up with the latest ongoings in the Premier League by watching the likes of Sky Sports News, or checking out a number of other news sources. It can tell you a lot about certain players, form of teams and a bunch of information too, but specifically, you can find out about injuries. The amount of times people forget to check injuries the day before they set their team, only to see that the player never made it to the pitch and you’ve potentially lost points because of it.

Now, sometimes, as long as you have eligible players on the bench, the game may auto-sub out your injured players for a fit one. But most people play weaker benches to allow them to spend bigger on their main team, so it’s not likely you’ll score big with a sub. There is also a possibility if you don’t check though that your subs may be injured too, and then you’re guaranteed 0 points. But I guess it is better than negative points at least.

A decent bench can be a life saver

Many people tend to splash all their money on big money signings to pad out their starting XI, literally getting the cheapest players who will likely never play on their bench. However, if they never play and you don’t change your side, you won’t get any points when you sub them out, or if you use a bench boost power up. Not just that, but if you’ve players in two teams facing each other, strikers from one and defenders, you don’t want one set taking points off the others. So you can sub some out to minimise your points loss.

Therefore, it’s important to have a varied and semi decent bench. You don’t have to have the biggest players on there, but there are always newly promoted sides with a few decent players who do well. Many even make regular appearances in the official Team of the Week. It’s just working out who they are going to be. And you may get it wrong, which takes us back to our earlier point again, don’t be afraid to make changes.

Final words

These are just some of our top tips to help you out, but we’ve not given all our secrets away. If we did, we wouldn’t have a chance of beating people ourselves. But we’ve shared some of the biggest and most helpful. Maybe if you tell us some of your tips and tricks, we may reveal some more of ours.