Road To 2021 Kentucky Derby: 7 Most Important Prep Races To Behold

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The 146th running of the Kentucky Derby is happening this May 1, 2021, at Churchill Downs, Kentucky. After experiencing a setback last year, it is opening in the U.S. Triple Crown Series, followed by its two jewels: the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. The same rules apply, the Derby will showcase three-year-old colts and fillies in the dirt track.

In less than a hundred days, the Kentucky Derby will name another racehorse who will be the talk of the horse racing community.  However, the road to the Derby is not an easy task to fulfill. Every hopeful needs to complete Derby-prep races to earn qualifying points that will serve as their ticket to earn a berth at the dirt track.

This March and April, here are seven Derby trails that offer whooping points to the winning horse. Not only that, it helps the racehorse to gain the best position at the gate inside the Churchill Downs. You can  find the Kentucky Derby odds here in order to pick your next Derby winner, here are the top seven most important Derby-prep races to keep an eye out for.

Louisiana Derby

On March 20, 2021, one of the major Kentucky Derby prep races, the Louisiana Derby, will take place at Fair Grounds. This horse racing competition offers a million-dollar prize giving 100 points to the winner.

Mandaloun, the recent winner of the Risen Star Stakes, offers a bid to run for this event. Also, Hot Rod Charlie will take a chance at the Louisiana Derby.

UAE Derby

Another important Kentucky Derby prep race to look forward to this year is the UAE Derby. It is the youngest horse racing addition to the Derby trails. The UAE Derby is bound to happen this March 28, 2021, at the Meydan Racecourse.

A winning colt or filly can take home a purse prize of $2,500,000. Aside from that, the horse will earn a 100-qualifying Derby points. For now, there are no participating horses yet running in the UAE Derby, but they will surely come out in the next few weeks.

Florida Derby

If there’s a Derby trail, which is mostly attended by Run For The Roses hopefuls, then it must be the Florida Derby. Historically, fifteen Florida Derby winners won and placed significantly in the Kentucky Derby.

This horse racing competition is scheduled to happen on March 27, 2021. Like the UAE Derby, there are currently no entrants because the hopefuls are still preparing for this month’s trails. This year, the Florida Derby is happening at Gulfstream Park, bringing a purse prize of $1 million.

Wood Memorial Stakes

The winning horse in the Wood Memorial Stakes will earn 100-qualifying points. This is the most attended Derby trail after the Florida Derby. The Wood Memorial Stakes is happening on April 3, 2021, at the Aqueduct.

The same with other prep races, the Wood Memorial Stakes highlights only three-year-old horses who are vying for a Derby spot. The winning horse can take home a prize of $750,000 and should run in a one ⅛ mile dirt track.

Blue Grass Stakes

Highlighting a million-dollar prize at stake, the Blue Grass Stakes gives the same qualifying points to the winning Derby hopeful. This racing competition will take place on April 1, 2021 at Keeneland.

The participating horses should complete the one ⅛ mile dirt track. The winning horse can also get 100-qualifying points earning the best gate position at the Churchill Downs.

Santa Anita Derby

After the Blue Grass Stakes and Wood Memorial Stakes, the Santa Anita is something that Derby hopefuls must also complete. Giving 100 points to the winner, this racing show will occur on April 4, 2020 at the Santa Anita Park.

Aside from getting a sure spot in the Kentucky Derby, the winning horse can take home a prize of $400, 000. The contenders only need to complete a one ⅛ mile dirt track distance.

Arkansas Derby

If a horse needs to hustle and wants to earn a good position in the Kentucky Derby, he must participate in the Arkansas Derby. It is the final and most important trail that a Derby hopeful can participate in as it also provides a whopping 100-qualifying point.

This racing game offers a $1 million pot prize to the winner and has to overcome a 9-furlong running distance.


As stated, a horse who wants to participate in this year’s Kentucky Derby should earn their spot in the most challenging way. They have to win the prep-races to gain the needed points before they are allowed to compete. With the seven most important Derby-prep races above, you won’t only see the winning horses, but you have the chance to pick them once you bet for the 2021 Kentucky Derby.

The 5 Longest Winning Runs In the History of World Football

Football has produced some of the most eye-watering winning and losing streaks since the sport began. In this article we take a look at some of the most prolific that have happened in the top flight of football. Although, there are many other sports and even esports that have provided us with entertainment and incredible records throughout the years. In the world of CS:GO, Ninjas in Pyjamas once won a massive total of 87 maps in a row, have the full story, what a time to be gambling on CS:GO that would have been.

When Juventus recorded their 14th straight victory in a Serie A game against Frosinone after recovering from their not too palatable start of the season, it placed them two points behind Napoli at the top. After their 14 match winning streak that season, it got many people thinking about other long winning streaks in the history of football in the world. After a long period of research, we have decided to make a list of the most prolonged winning stretches in the history of the sports.

Juve’s Target

Juventus impressed with their 14 straight victories in Serie A, but to make a record in the Italian top flight, they needed to win more matches. The record was that of Inter Milan at the time, as they had previously won 17 games in a row during the 2006 -2007 season. They started this streak by defeating Livorno 4-0 in October 2006 and went ahead until their 5-2 victory at Catania in February 2007. Through the entire season, the team that was manned by Roberto Mancini lost just a single match and ended the season 22 points ahead of Roma to clinch the title. The squad in question was led by the charismatic Zlantan Ibrahimovic with 15 league goals, while 14 was scored by Hernan Crespo and 10 came from the defender Marco Materazzi.

The European Record

The 14 and 17 wins from Juve and Inter Milan respectively are amazing, but when you consider these to what Benfica did, they become very insignificant. In their domestic league, the club was able to rack up 29 straight victories. This amazing run by The Eagles started at the end of the 1971/1972 season, and they took it to the campaign that followed. But by the end of the 1972/73 season, the team that had the likes of Eusebio and co had won the league without tasting defeat.

The World Record (all competitions)

It is obviously very difficult to maintain a winning record in a domestic league, but it becomes more difficult when a team is competing on many fronts in different competitions at the same time. When that is the case, the job of keeping the players fresh and rotating the squad to minimize injury, ensure fitness and churn out victories game after game becomes one of the headaches of the coach. In all competitions, Real Madrid succeeded in amassing an amazing 22 straight wins in the 2014-2015 season, but the record is not the highest in the world. It is the Coritiba FootBall Club that has the world record.

This Brazilian team enjoyed 24 straight victories in the Campeonato Paranaense and Copa do Brasil from February to May 2011. They came out winners of the Campeonato that year as they finished the season without any defeats. However, they did not go home with the Copa trophy after the final as Vasco Da Gama beat them on goal difference to clinch the trophy.

How Does It Stand In England

It was an Englishman named Jimmy Hagan that managed the iconic, heroic and legendary Benfica team, and this leads us to our next line up of record holders.

The longest winning run in the English top flight is that of 14 games winning streak by four different teams. It was done by Manchester United in 1904-05, after which Bristol City did it in 1905-1906, followed by Preston North End in the 1950-1951 season, and completed by Arsenal in the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 seasons.

All those victories, except one, towards the end of Arsenal’s 2001-2002 victorious campaign. They recorded one more win on the first day of the 2002-2003 season, before drawing 2-2 with West Ham to bring the streak to an end.

Best Unbeaten Run

Now, a winning streak is different from an unbeaten run. However, the Steaua Bucharest team of 1986 to 1989 did amazing things that we cannot possibly ignore. So, we have to add it to the best football record of the longest winning runs in the world.

The Romanian side according to did not test defeat in 106 straight games. This is an all-time continental and possibly universal record. This happened under managers, Emeric Jenei and Anghel Lordanescu, and they have five straight league titles, plus the European cup of 1985-86 to show for it. Can you equate how impressive that stretch of success was? This is followed by a 63 games unbeaten run by the Sheriff Tiraspol from 2006 to 2008.

Fantasy Champions League 2021 – €250,000 guaranteed prize pool

FanTeam’s UEFA Champions League fantasy competition gets underway on Tuesday 16 February 2021 at 8pm. A massive prize fund (paid in £GBP or €euros) awaits the top 2,500 placed teams with 10% (€25k) to the overall winner.

With a wildcard available after the 1st set of home and away fixtures (GW1 & GW2) i.e. the last 16 and another wildcard available after the quarter finals (GWs 3 & 4 – deadline 90 minutes before the 1st kick-off in the GW), along with 3 free transfers for GW2 and GW4 (deadline 90 minutes before the 1st kick-off in the GW), it’s really a case of setting your team up for each Champions League round. So for GW1 & 2 just focus on the last 16 fixtures and forget about the quarter finals or later rounds.

The only odds-on favourites to win their opening fixture are Bayern Munich and Manchester City who are the two overall favourites to win the competition which ends on 29 May 2021 hence it is likely a number of teams will consist of 3 players from each team. No transfers will be available after the semi-finals kick-off so the players in your team are set for the Final as well but then you can have 5 players per team for the semi-finals (instead of just 3 for the last 16 and quarters).

The safety net is also in play which means, if a selected player does not start, the game will then automatically replace this player with the next lowest-priced player from the same position (GK, DEF, MID, FOR) who starts for that same team. This is regardless of whether or not your selected player does take to the field later in the game. A summary of the rules is:

The FanTeam Champions League scoring system (don’t forget about the 1 point team win bonus/loss) is:

So over 3 months of entertainment on offer but get your entries in by 8pm Tuesday 16th February (although if you miss the GW1 deadline you can still enter for GW2 and receive 75% of the average points from GW1). Join the FISO forum discussion on FanTeam’s 2021 Champions League game.

Why are People attracted to Sports Betting and Gambling?

Sports Betting is a form of gambling game where people predict sports, place a wager on that outcome, and win or lose as per the bet placed. Usually, it is popular amongst the middle-class population of a country where people with a disposable income and a passion and knowledge of sports get them attracted to winning easy-money. If betting gets done using the analytical skills and techniques, it can help in wagering effectively and earn a considerable amount of money. Punters should be careful while selecting the sites as most of them are generally scams to steal personal data. Players should rely upon trusted websites like sbobet that offer a 24/7 customer care helpline with various odds and live fixtures to its users.

Why is Sports Betting an Attraction amongst People?

  1. High-Risk High Gain:

Risk-Taking is one of the main reasons why sports betting is enticing among people. Punters who have the right skills to analyse the outcome of sports should place a bet. But the outcome is also dependent upon luck, because of which the betting becomes a risky business.

  • Source of Entertainment:

Apart from the risk-taking, for most people, sports betting forms a part of their entertainment. By doing so, they try to escape from the reality of life and feel fascinated after placing bets in sports matches and anticipating the result. However, while betting online, they should have quality VPNs which they could find on blogging sites like Thai VPN in their devices to ensure safety from data leakages.

  • Satisfaction if cash earned:

Money is the most enticing reason for people to gamble in sports. In sports betting, it is possible to earn money with the right approach and a little bit of luck. Unlike casino games, in sports betting, one’s knowledge about the sport helps in making accurate predictions and thus winning financial rewards.

Negative Implications of Sports Betting

While the rewards of sports betting are alluring, it is not free from the negative implications:

  1. Losing Real Money:

The main risk is that there is real cash on the line. Also, there is a real chance of losing that amount as winning is not guaranteed. There is nothing like a ‘safe bet.’

  • Scam betting websites:

Many betting websites are trying to steal the personal information of the users for the wrong purposes. Thus, it becomes necessary for punters to choose safe gambling websites. There are several reliable casinos in Asia that can be found online on different blogging websites like AOC.


Sports Betting has seen tremendous growth in terms of diverse games and modes. Some countries have legalised sports betting due to the large involvement of the public in casinos. The main reason for the intimidation of punters towards sports betting is the fun factor and also the cash earnings through correct predictions. People should check the best online casinos available to them through reliable websites like GclubNow that provides information regarding finding the best casinos.

It’s that time again – Royal Ascot

After the 2020 edition of the Royal meeting (Britain’s most attended and most valuable race meeting) was held behind closed doors as a result of the pandemic, Ascot racecourse has announced that the 2021 edition will be open to the public, albeit in a socially distant format. The event will run from June 15th through 19th with tickets going on sale in due course and the entertainment can be enhanced via The Ascot meeting prizes will be confirmed in advance of the early closing for races in April.

What to look out for at Royal Ascot 2021?

For the first time in history, the 2020 edition of the race worked with an extended program, to great enthusiasm of visitors and fans. Following this success, Ascot Racecourse has recently announced that HM The Queen has again graciously consented to approve the extension to seven races each day for the 2021 Royal Meeting. This means that the following races will be retained:

The Copper Horse Stakes

The Palace of Holyroodhouse Stakes

The Golden Gates Stakes

The Buckingham Palace Stakes (reinstated in 2020 and retained for 2021)

On top of these exciting additions, the naming of the Kenginston Palace Stakes, a new handicap for the Old Mile race for fillies and mares aged 4 and up, has also been met with approval by Her Majesty. Further changes to the Royal Meeting concern the elimination of the Silver versions of the Royal Hunt Cup and the Wokingham Stakes from the program.

Of course, we can’t write about the expected highlights of the Royal Meeting 2021 without mentioning the Gold Cup. Staged over an extremely challenging 2.5 miles, every edition has featured the world’s most elite long-distance horses. Last year, it was won by reigning champion Stradivarius and jockey Lanfranco Dettori for a third consecutive time. Since the Gold Cup was run at Ascot for the first time in 1807, only two other stayers have managed this feat, with one of them (Yeats at 8-years old) even making it four in a row. The now 6-year old Stradivarius will be back this summer to try and equal that record as well.

The Ascot Gold Cup 1834 James Pollard.jpg
The Ascot Gold Cup, 1834. Public Domain, Link

The impact of corona

As mentioned earlier, the Royal Meeting 2021 is set to be open to the public after the 2020 edition took place behind closed doors, but much uncertainty still exists in regard to the exact format. The five days of Royal Ascot in 2019 attracted nearly 300,000 visitors, but those numbers will not be reached this year. It will likely be 2022 before the extended Royal Ascot will be back to its usual attendance figures and the organisation does not expect to find out for some time how many spectators will be allowed this year. There will however be a large number of people following the action and entertainment on TV and online.

2021 Australian Open Favourites & Latest Tennis Betting Odds

Melbourne is buzzing with excitement with the 2021 Australian Open already in full swing and this promises to be another thrilling tournament of elite tennis. As the leading contenders work their way through the opening rounds, we take a closer look at which players are favourites to claim the Men’s and Women’s titles.

Novak Djokovic

Nobody can match the success that Novak Djokovic has enjoyed on the famous blue hard courts of Melbourne. The latest tennis Australian Open odds from Betfair are fully behind the Serbian superstar, with the eight-times champion valued as 6/5 outright favourite.

Having won the last two Men’s Australian titles and eight in total during his career, few eyebrows will be raised if Djokovic lifts the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup again.

Daniil Medvedev

Grand Slam titles have thus far evaded Daniil Medvedev, although he did come close by reaching the 2019 US Open, ultimately defeated by Rafael Nadal. The 24-year-old has a great career ahead of him, having won the 2020 ATP Finals in London last November, beating Djokovic in the group stage, Nadal in the semis, then Dominic Thiem in the final.

Such excellent recent form has led to the Russian being considered a 4/1 shot for the title in Australia, where Medvedev has a genuine chance of causing an upset.

Naomi Osaka

The brightest star amongst the new generation of tennis talents, 23-year-old Naomi Osaka has already tasted victory at the 2019 Australian Open. Either side of that triumph, she also won the US open twice in 2018 and 2020. The Japanese player is widely tipped to dominate Grand Slam tournaments for years to come.

Despite recent injury concerns, Osaka is considered a leading contender and tipped at 9/2 to claim the Women’s title in Melbourne.

Ashleigh Barty

No player will enjoy more cheers of support in Melbourne than Ashleigh Barty, aiming to become the first Australian woman to win the Open title since Chris O’Neil in 1978. The 24-year-old won her first Grand Slam title at the 2019 French Open, then reached the Semi-Finals of the Australian open last year.

Priced as the joint 9/2 favourite, she is the favourite to challenge Osaka to lift the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup in 2021. If she can, the home fans will be absolutely delighted.

Best Value Contenders

Level with Roger Federer in achieving 20 all-time Grand Slam titles, it’s impossible to ignore the Spanish tennis icon Rafael Nadal, priced as a 7/1 contender for the Men’s Australian Open title. He has won the title once in 2009, although since then, suffered agonising defeats after reaching five finals.

For precisely the same reasons, nobody can take Serena Williams for granted for the Women’s Australian Open title, which the remarkable 39-year-old has already won seven times. Priced at 17/2 odds, the all-time leading prize money player in women’s tennis is a fearsome rival, especially when she hits top form.

Online Casinos As The Most Attractive Way To Have Fun

On cold winter nights, thoughts of fun after a busy day often come to mind. The decision to visit a virtual gambling establishment can be a proper way to achieve what you want. It remains only to figure out whether it is worth doing? Of course, it’s worth it! For most gamblers, a non gamstop casino is not a place to work. They do not try to make money, as they enjoy the very process of the game. Of course, none of the players will refuse a big win, but this is not the most important thing. Now you need to figure out which of the many resources is best for you? There is nothing difficult here either. You can find answers to all your questions in online casino reviews, which relate to both new ones and sites with an already rich history of existence. These reviews are made by professional gamblers who know what to look for first and are happy to share their experience with you.

What is the secret to the growing popularity of online casinos?

In addition to its fascination, online casinos have many other advantages that captivate and attract their audience:

  • Ease of use coupled with a large number of functions. To become a customer of an online casino, it is enough to have the Internet and a computer. But that’s not all. There are simplified versions, thanks to which you can even play from your phone;
  • Players can enjoy the accessibility of visits from anywhere in the world. To distract yourself and play your favorite online casino, you do not need to look for proper establishments or go somewhere and spend a lot of time on it. It’s easy enough, staying at home, to go to a site that provides such pleasant entertainment;
  • There is the ability to play for free and make bets with virtual credits. Unlike a regular casino, the online version allows you to play not only for money but also without spending personal funds. It is useful for those who have just started playing, as it makes it possible to get acquainted with all the features and then use the acquired skills in paid games;
  • The ability to use bonuses. A lot of games with interesting bonus options will delight every player;
  • Each casino has an affiliate program and licenses to provide services. You can use at least all sites at once, as they are of high quality.

So, playing in an online casino is safe, affordable, and comfortable for gamblers. That is why every year, a lot of players give their preference to virtual establishments.

Great Chico Of Best Slots Always At Your Service

In most online casinos, slot machines are the most in-demand entertainment. Although, you can try card games, board games, or dice games if you like Also, many online casinos have gambling games with live dealers in their assortment. But the latter section is not available in demo format. Slots are popular because of their availability and ease of learning. However, you can’t enjoy the variety of choices. On the contrary, slot machines are so diverse today that they have several subspecies. And each will have its characteristics.

Three-reel classic slots are the most widespread category. There are no intricate rules here, and all gameplay functions are clear;
Five reel slots feature modern design and rich gameplay, including bonus features;
Multi reel slots are original versions of online devices. A special feature is the increased number of reels. As a rule, there are no special symbols and prize rounds in such slot machines.
Separately, we can note multi-line slots – a subtype of five-reel slots. Their number of lines can reach 200 pieces.

Online Gambling: The Key Aspects To Begin With

Registration allows you to play not only free games but also to play for real money. Besides, it is necessary to create an account and provide your data. So, in the future, you’ll be able to withdraw money. It is worth remembering that the information you need to enter must correspond to reality. Then you can choose the game and start gambling. It is advisable to get acquainted with the slot, learn all the features. You’d better read additional information from various sources. It will help you get to know the game as best as possible and have in the future while playing, a great chance to enjoy your winnings.

Final Thoughts

Recently, one can observe how online casinos have become more and more popular. This type of entertainment earned such popularity for a reason. Thanks to it, you can relax, get away from the daily hustle and bustle, and be delighted with the win, and it is simple to win. You can try to make real money bets in an online casino, and the risk is not as great as in a land-based casino; moreover, the rates may vary. Developers provide different online games to choose from: from the simplest, which even a child can understand, to more serious, but no less exciting. It is noteworthy that there is absolute anonymity on the Internet. Since no one knows about your hobby, you can gamble, not worrying about anything. Your best friend and employer won’t see you in an online casino.

Why you should play online casino

Today there are many interesting reviews of online casinos that can offer each player a choice of both new and old online casinos.

There are certain people who regularly participate in online casino draws. At the same time, to a certain people such hobby seems to be risky and too much gambling sites not on gamstop.

In this article, we are going to show the advantages, pluses and benefits of online casino have for each user to decide whether or not you should start playing.

Available entertainment

It is enough to have a computer or any smartphone and Internet access to play your favorite casino games, for example, roulette or blackjack. All you need is to register at the online casino you like and start playing.

You can calmly sit on your couch and plunge into the world of excitement and winning. You can enter the casino at any time of the day that is comfortable for you. If you are limited in time, then online casino is the very place where you can spend your time quickly and make a profit. Even a few minutes a day is enough to play several games at once and even win a good amount of money or virtual chips.

Have a fun

Most people from birth have in their blood the venture and desire to win. Another thing is that it is not always possible to realize these desires in some special areas. Online casino allows you to realize your desires and get a real pleasure from the game itself, watching beautiful effects, listening to original music, and plunging into the virtual world of the game just taking a break from real life.

Full concentration on the game

In a real casino you are surrounded by many people, everyone is watching you and each other. This distracts you from the game and can harm the process. In addition, some people do not want to be noticed in the casino venues. A virtual online casino allows each gamer to remain incognito and unknown by others. In addition, no one will distract from the game process and will allow you to be fully focused on the game features.

Playing without money

There are certain online casinos that allow visitor to participate in the game without financial investment. This is sometimes necessary to completely relax and just play your favorite games without stress. In addition, in the demo version of the game, you can try to play in order not to make mistakes in the future and then start systematically winning. In addition, casinos provide virtual chips, which the visitor can use trying to play on different slot machines. Despite the fact that your winnings will be only virtual, you can relax and have a great time.

No face control

Face control is present in almost every actual casino venue. Even if ladies are not supposed to come in evening dresses, and men in suits and smoking, the casino venue will not allow to enter in beach or home clothes. In the Internet, there is no difference how player is dressed and how he behaves.

Huge variety of games and slots

An online casino offers to more options than a regular casino. There is a huge number of gambling games and digital slots in online casinos, which allow visitors to enjoy real gambling. The convenient system of bonuses in online casinos is also much more diverse than in a regular casino, where bonuses are usually available only to reputable players. In a highly competitive and diverse environment, online casinos attract visitors offering good bonus systems and ensure a good influx of visitors.

Original leisure

The casino is a very special kind of entertainment that many people like. Online casino allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of gambling and excitement and experience all the facets of such leisure.

Possibility of big winning

In virtual casino the player can win a large amount of money. Often the virtual casino has very small minimum bet that allows any player to participate in various games and slots with minimum deposit for a long time. For good wins, the visitor can deposit a serious amount of money. At the same time, each player has own maximum deposit, that lets to get the maximum allowable game winning without going over the edge, after which the player can start losing. In each game, you should control your gambling, think over the rates – and then you can get a real pleasure from participating in an online casino.

You can keep your hobby in secret

Not all casino visitors talk about their hobbies. At the same time, you can see how much interesting to participate in the games of online casino. In addition, many people do not want somebody to know about their hobby. Online casino allows you to remain completely confidential, since no information about visitors is distributed.

Easy to logout of the casino

If you are busy or want to switch to another activity, you can freely logout the online casino by closing your browser. Logout in order to return soon. After all, online casinos will provide their visitors with maximum pleasure and relaxation, the opportunity to distract from everyday life, feel vivid emotions, the joy of winning, excitement and game enjoyment.

What Is Fantasy Sports Betting and How to Get Started?

Nowadays, online gambling comes in many shapes and forms. New verticals that are constantly emerging have brought another dimension to the whole experience.

One of them is certainly fantasy sports betting, which has taken both the sports and the betting world by storm. Namely, the 2019 figures show that around 20% of people engage in fantasy sports. This is quite a rise compared to 2014 when only 13% of sports fans enjoyed this activity.

Fantasy Sports User Growth
By ScottFuchs4 Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

If you are one of those bettors who would like to try their luck with this type of betting today, check out this article, as we will explain how fantasy sports betting works and how you can create your own DFS betting account.

What Is Fantasy Sports Betting?

If you are a sports fan, then you have probably dreamed about making your own team, adding or removing players from the squad, and creating a roster that you think would perform best. Well, fantasy sports allow you to do just that. In DFS, you have an opportunity to come up with the team of your choice and compete against your friends, colleagues, or any number of online players through tournaments and competitions.

At the beginning of each season, you need to choose a set of players for your team. You have to pay attention to your salary cap though, as you mustn’t go over it. Naturally, you will be drawn to the best players. You should be careful, though, as they are likely to be the most expensive. So if you buy a few of them, you won’t have enough money to fill out the rest of your roster.

Of course, daily fantasy sports (DFS) allow you to make adjustments to your team every day or every week, which makes these competitions even more exciting. It’s literally like creating a team in real life, as you have to think about the money and strategy at all times.

Although the concept of fantasy sports has been around for quite a while, fantasy sports betting is relatively new. Online operators started to include it in their betting markets when they realized the potential it has. As a result, if the players on your fantasy team perform well, you will have a chance to earn more than just bragging rights. Naturally, the success of your team will lead to successful bets as well.

DFS is available for a number of sports, the most popular in the US being football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey and, in the UK, Premier League football. In theory, though, fantasy sports betting can be utilized for any team sport, which is why we can expect other variants to emerge as well.

The Market Potential of Fantasy Sports Betting

As we’ve mentioned already, the interest in fantasy sports has been on the rise since 2014.

At the same time, online sports betting has become more popular as well, given the fact that many US states have finally legalised this form of gambling in the last several years. Considering the fact that around three-quarters of all DFS players frequently bet on sports, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the two have merged into fantasy sports betting.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular fantasy sport Americans like to bet on is football, with around 78% of fans interested in it. The second most favorite is baseball, followed by basketball and ice hockey. Of course, there is a lot of potential for many other sports, such as soccer, to be included in the fantasy betting format, as well.

Still, we can’t ignore the fact that this betting vertical has been negatively impacted by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Even though sports organizations and leagues are certainly doing their best to keep the competitions rolling, many games have already been postponed due to players and, in some cases, entire teams getting infected. So, if sporting events get shut down again, betting on fantasy sports will have to be canceled too.

How to Start Your Own Fantasy Sports Betting Site

Regardless of the unfortunate circumstances that the whole world is facing right now, once everything goes back to normal, the sports betting industry is likely to continue to develop according to its projected path. So setting up your own fantasy sports betting site would definitely be a good business decision, seeing that the interest in fantasy sports betting is at an all-time high.

Luckily, this entire process is not as complicated as it used to be. There are plenty of companies that will be more than glad to offer you a helping hand and provide expert advice on how to develop your fantasy sports betting startup.

Still, before doing anything else, you should run things past your legal advisors to be 100% sure that everything that you’re doing is allowed. Even though fantasy sports betting is legal in most jurisdictions, you can’t be too careful.

Once you’ve checked this, the biggest obstacle you could face while setting up your site could be getting a proper gambling license. In order to operate legally, you will have to pick reputable gambling jurisdictions and meet their requirements. Additionally, you will need to reach an agreement with various payment providers so that you can process different payment methods on your website.

Nevertheless, if you already have a licensed online gambling website, you will have an easy time setting everything up. Namely, you will just need to update the functions of your betting platform so that it supports fantasy sports betting.

How to Start Betting on Fantasy Sports

If you’re only interested in betting on fantasy sports, you can do so on one of the sportsbook websites that have already recognized the potential this betting market has.

Once you have settled on the operator of your choice, simply create an account, make a deposit using one of the available payment options, and start playing. If you need any help with this process, the operator’s customer support will be at your service.

Fantasy sports betting works slightly differently than regular sports betting, as you need to place wagers on the teams you’ve created personally. If you’ve never played fantasy sports before, we suggest that you start from there, and move on to the betting sites only when you’ve mastered your managerial skills. Although, if that sounds daunting, you could also start with a site that includes a betting exchange for the premier league, where your odds might be better with a peer-to-peer scale.

Final Thoughts

Fantasy sports betting might never be as popular as regular sports betting. Nevertheless, its popularity is on the rise, and, consequently, it is slowly getting incorporated into the online gambling world.

Since it is evident that the demand for this kind of betting exists not only in the US but also in the entire world, an increasing number of betting operators are expected to start offering fantasy sports betting in the following period.

Bamford a no-brainer for any team

When it comes to finding a reasonably-priced striker for your fantasy team, there’s arguably no better option than Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford.

With a bargain price and an eye for goal, in a team that creates a host of chances, the English forward is a must signing for any player.

Bamford punching above his weight

Having scored 16 goals in the Championship last season, Bamford is already well on his way to surpassing that total in his first proper campaign as a starting Premier League striker. Some questioned whether the former Chelsea forward would be able to make the step up the top flight, having been criticised at times for squandering chances in the Championship. However, the 27-year-old has been answering his critics with his efforts this season, to see Leeds residing in mid-table in the Premier League.

Bamford produced a fine performance in a 3-1 win at Leicester City at the end of January, with the forward scoring once and providing two assists at the home of the Foxes. For a player at the time worth 6.6 in the Fantasy Premier League, only Tottenham’s Harry Kane had acquired more points at the start of February out of all the forwards. Kane is the most expensive striker in FPL at 11.1, and while the England striker has justified his price until his recent injury, second-place Bamford provides excellent value.

Leeds star worth sticking with

There will be many players who will have jumped on the Bamford bandwagon after his flying start to the Premier League season, and some may have jumped ship after a recent barren run.

Those who use sites like Sporticos for live scores, stats and post-match articles to follow today’s football will know how Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds side create numerous chances in their games both home and away. They will also know Bamford can have a tendency for going on quiet runs in front of goal. But those who stick with the Leeds forward could well be rewarded with an impressive points haul at the end of the season.

The Whites have plenty of creative talent in behind Bamford, with the likes of Rodrigo, Raphinha, Jack Harrison and Mateusz Klich all capable of creating chances for the lone striker. Bielsa has been a huge admirer of Bamford since his arrival at the club back in 2018 and if the forward is fit, then he’s one of the first names on the team sheet.

Can Bamford keep it going?

With just less than half of the Premier League season remaining, there will be some questioning whether Bamford can continue scoring points at the business end of the campaign? Leeds are one of the fittest teams in the league, and while some will point to unsubstantiated claims of ‘burnout’, the Whites are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Many fantasy football players will have looked to the likes of Kane and Leicester forward Jamie Vardy as their primary source of goals up front but, given their recent injuries, there will be few to argue that Bamford is not a strong choice for an affordable second striker.