Australian betting and its popularity among the population

Australia is considered one of the most gambling countries in the world, because the sports industry here is very well developed and all kinds of sports are present.  This gives an impetus to the development of new kinds of bets and bookmakers. 

The Prevalence of Sports Betting in Australia and Its Features

Betting on sports has long been part of Australian culture. This activity brings a lot of pleasure and unforgettable emotions. According to official data, in 2015 the total amount of bets on sports exceeded 27 billion, which was an absolute record. The Australians are an extremely gambling nation, which surpassed even the British in their addiction. There has been a keen interest in betting here since a long time ago, when it was illegal. In those times there was an active struggle against this promptly developing industry, but nobody could overcome people’s excitement, that is why in the 80-ies the government decided to legalize betting. This was the starting point from which betting started to flourish. Today the most popular are online bets on sports, it has become much more convenient and accessible with the development of technology. It gives an opportunity to australian online bookmakers to deploy their activities and earn real money. 

Features of Betting in Australia 

Despite the fact that betting is officially legalised in Australia, there are still some restrictions. First of all, it is related to territorial division. Each of the Australian states has its own attitude to betting and certain laws concerning the regulation of bookmakers. In the northern part of the state, online betting was legalized back in 1996. This was the beginning of the explosive growth of betting shops and the emergence of new betting sites. It is important to note that the government has a very negative attitude to betting in live mode, so they were strictly prohibited. Today, almost everyone uses the online format to bet on their favorite athlete or team. Staying within the legal framework, betting companies keep the public’s gambling spirit alive and offer new betting options. Bookmakers pay taxes to the state, thanks to which they feel quite at ease in their field of business. Since Australia is a country with a very developed sports theme, it is not surprising that sports have become an object of public attention and gambling disputes and forecasts. As far as online betting is concerned, it is today that it enjoys tremendous popularity. Many people prefer it because it is convenient and there is a huge choice of bookmakers.¬†

Australia’s Most Betted Sports

Despite the great love of Australians for all sports, they still have clear favorites. These are the sports on which most bets are placed. Let’s find out a little more about them. 

Rugby League

This sport is considered one of the most popular and actively developing in Australia. Moreover, it is recognized as the most popular Internet sport. It is a team game, each with 13 players. The game involves an oval-shaped ball, which players pass to each other using their hands and feet. The main goal of the game is to get the ball to the right area or behind the goal of the opponent. It is a very dynamic sport, which keeps the spectator in suspense until the end of the game. That is why many people appreciate it and bet on rugby league, because it is not easy to predict the result, it causes a strong excitement and great interest. 

Australian Football

The sport is rightly considered a national treasure and a source of great pride to the Australian people. It is a very dynamic and unpredictable team game, in which the result can change at any time, which is why it is so attractive for betting. Each team has 18 players. The main difference from the classic soccer is an oval soccer field, and the ball can be passed not only feet, but also hands. The aim of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. There are several types of bets on Australian soccer. The most common are bets on one of the teams to win, bets on the performance of teams, which implies the total number of points, as well as bets on the outcome of the season. Each of these options has its own details, which need to be kept in mind if you want to make a good bet. 


Over the past few years, golf has been gaining in popularity. The number of fans of the sport has increased, which has allowed golf to grow in the ranking of sports for betting. The most popular type of golf betting is considered to be betting on winning the tournament. It is very difficult because each event can have more than 200 players, hence it is extremely difficult to make accurate predictions. The best solution in this situation is to bet on the player who is sure not to win, this is the most likely to make the right choice. To make accurate predictions, bookmakers take into account several factors that may affect the outcome of the game. First of all, it is the professional training of players and their experience. This is an important point, which is of great importance in a game such as golf. Also very important is the psychological mood and weather conditions. Competent evaluation and comparison of existing factors allows you to make the most accurate prediction. 


Basketball is another of the most popular sports in Australia, which has won the hearts of not only fans, but also bookmakers. A huge number of bets are placed on it every year. A significant advantage of betting is the large number of equally likely events and the regularity of the competition. In general, this sport is loved by newcomers to betting, because the game is the most predictable of all. It is much easier to assess the chances of each individual athlete during a game than it is in rugby or soccer.