Advanced Sports Betting Strategies That Pros’ Use In 2021

Photo by Rita Morais on Unsplash

There are only two reasons for a winning bet. First, it may be your luck, or you have good betting strategies. Pro’s in sports betting never highly rely on luck. They aim for a high possibility of winning.

You can’t be confident enough on your bet by simply knowing that sport without applying it in sports betting. Sports betting strategies are essential in winning your bet, so you should formulate your own. Some bettors may stick to their old strategies. However, sports betting strategies on-trend in 2021 also work very well.

Why are Sports Betting Strategies Important?

The ultimate purpose of having sports betting strategies is to minimize your losing chance and maximize your profits. Your betting strategies usually depend on your goals. If you want less risk, then you go for a defensive strategy. If you aim for a more significant profit, you should go for an aggressive strategy.

Betting strategies help you protect your money and achieve your betting goals, making betting more exciting and entertaining. Your previous betting strategies and losses and the following pros’ strategies below may also help you formulate a better betting strategy in 2021.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is one of the easiest and less risky bettings. This could make pros’ generate more enormous profits. Matched betting would make them take advantage of bookmarkers’ or gambling sites’ promotional offers. It is usually done through lay betting against the team that you had a back bet on. In other words, you just have to match your bet with a free bet.

To successfully execute a matched bet, you must look at your bookmaker’s promotional offers or free bet offers. Then, find a wager you want to bet on and use your free bet that you got from the promotional offer. After that, you use the betting exchange to put a lay bet against the team that you have backed.

Thus, no matter what the outcomes, you secured a winning bet which brings you profits. However, you should use matched betting efficiently as bookmakers may eventually stop giving you promotional offers.

Kelly Criterion Method

Kelly Criterion Method is a bit complex for beginners. But for sure, sports betting pros are good at this. Kelly Criterion method is an aggressive strategy. For some pros, this is a sustainable source of profit. Thus, to minimise losses, you need to be great at mathematical calculations as you need to determine the probability of an outcome.

These mathematical calculations are essential to determine the value of your bet. To make the calculation simply explained, it is the difference of the winning and losing probability with a percentage result. To make the probability more accurate, you can also consider the odds given to you by your bookmaker.

Kelly Criterion method may be a good betting strategy to achieve profitability. However, misinterpretations in determining probability could also result in huge losses.

Arbitrage Betting

Some betting pros also bet through arbitrage bets or also known as miracle bets. In arbitrage betting, you will be making use of different bookmakers’ varying opinions of odds from their own approach to increase your chance of winning. In other words, you are having a set of odds that gives you an idea of possible outcomes.

To execute arbitrage betting, you can place at least one bet per outcome on different bookmakers. With this, you can win your bet no matter what the outcomes. Thus, arbitrage betting is also one of the profitable sports betting strategies. However, some bookmakers are against arbitrage betting and could cancel half of your bet or, worse, restrict your account from their system if they are catching you.


Bettors, also the pro bettors, consider sports betting strategies as necessary in their betting journey. Although it is difficult to find one, just a single strategy could bring you farther in the sports betting industry.

Sports betting is not only for leisure or hobby, and it is more than that. It also requires your skills in formulating strategies, handling emotions, and money management. You need to be careful in choosing your sports betting strategies, as not all of these strategies will work for you. You must also assess first your betting goals and risk appetite to have a smooth journey on your betting.