A Guide to Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

It’s a saddening time of year because the major domestic football leagues are reaching a conclusion. Fortunately, the international stage allows our pitch fever to continue. In comparison, football fantasy fanatics might be in turmoil without the likes of FPL (Fantasy Premier League); fear not because the Euro 2024 competition is just around the corner.

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating twist on traditional fantasy football with UEFA Euro 2024 Fantasy Football. Unlike the Fantasy Premier League that spans the entire season, EURO 2024 Fantasy condenses the thrill into a short and sweet summer competition. This unique format presents fresh challenges and promises swift rewards, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

With a plethora of fantasy sites focusing on this summer’s biggest football tournament, UEFA has also introduced the official Euro 2024 Fantasy game. In this article, we’re not just scratching the surface-we’re diving deep. We’ll provide a comprehensive guide on UEFA’s official Euro 2024 fantasy football, covering essential aspects such as rules, point scoring, squad selection, substitutions, and much more.

Euro 2024 Fantasy Football Overview

The Euro 2024 tournament starts on June 15th, with a match between Germany and Scotland as the opening game. The event will continue until July 15th, culminating in the final match at Olympiastadion Berlin.

The competition has six groups, each consisting of four teams. Each team will participate in three matches in the group stage, and the top two will advance. Additionally, the top four clubs who finish in third place will qualify for the tournament, leading to the commencement of the knockout stage. Beginning with the Last 16 stages, each game will be a single elimination match until the final, determining the Champion of European football.

Selecting Your Euro 2024 Fantasy Squad

To initiate your participation in EURO 2024 Fantasy Football, register on the official UEFA website. With an initial budget of €100 million, which will be augmented after the group rounds, you will select a team consisting of 15 players, including:

  • Two goalkeepers
  • Five defenders
  • Five midfielders
  • Three strikers

Strategically crafting your squad composition involves meticulous consideration of standout players and promising underdogs, ensuring a formidable team during every event phase. This strategic element adds an exciting challenge to the game.

Your team’s allocated budget is £100 million, but this will increase to £105 million starting from the Round of 16. Naturally, high-profile players will cost significantly more than lesser-known players.

Football Fantasy Tips

It’s crucial to note that many seasoned fantasy football participants who’ve found success can utilise similar strategies found at brand-new online casinos for Ireland and sportsbooks. While you aren’t rolling a dice or spinning the slots, thorough research and a broad understanding are key to achieving the best results. This preparation will give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

It is advisable to utilise these tactics in addition to monitoring Euro 2024 betting platforms:

  • Study team news for injuries, starting lineups, and suspensions.
  • Study the difficulty of each fixture (e.g. stronger versus weaker teams).
  • Ensure you rotate players in unison with the differing schedules.
  • Pick a diverse squad.
  • Use betting odds for insights.
  • Don’t neglect your captaincy.

Substitutions and Deadlines

Out of the 15 players, you must select 11 players to start and have four substitutes available, following the formation of your preference.

If any of your initial players fail to get the desired number of points, you can substitute them with a player from your reserve who has not yet played. This substitution is based on the belief that the replacement player would earn more points later in the matchday.

Once all matches on a given day have concluded, and before the subsequent matches begin, you can replace up to 4 players (unless they have been expelled) with any of your substitutes whose teams have not yet played on that day. If you substitute any players, they will receive a score of 0 points for that particular matchday.

EURO 2024 Fantasy Football operates based on matchdays. A matchday is a day on which one or more matches are played. There are seven matchdays in the competition, which include the three rounds of games in the group stage, the round of 16, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and the final. Each matchday, you can make changes to your team, such as substitutions and changes in captaincy, before the deadline for that matchday.

  • The deadline for each matchday will coincide with the commencement of the first match of that particular matchday.
  • However, substitutions and changes in captaincy for a specific matchday can be made even after the deadline.
  • Transfers made after the deadline will only take effect for the next matchday.

Euro 2024 Fantasy Rules & Point Scoring

The game principles are straightforward yet demand strategic intricacy to achieve mastery. Points are allocated based on a range of activities, which reflect the diverse ways in which players might contribute throughout a match:

Appearance and Playing Time:

  • Players receive 1 point for appearing in a game and an extra point for playing for at least 60 minutes.

Goal points differ based on the player’s position:

  • For each goal scored, forwards receive 4 points.
  • Midfielders receive a total of 5 points.
  • Defenders and goalkeepers earn 6 points for every goal they score.


  • They are universally valued at 3 points regardless of the player’s position.

Defensive Scoring:

  • Goalkeepers and defenders are awarded 4 points for keeping clean sheets, while midfielders receive 1 point.
  • Goalkeepers earn 1 point for every three saves and 5 points for successfully stopping a penalty.
  • For every two goals their team concedes, goalkeepers and defenders will have 1 point deducted from their score.

Unique Actions:

  • Goals scored from beyond the penalty area contribute an extra point to the team’s score. This means that if a player scores a goal from outside the box, they will earn an additional point for their team.
  • Players who successfully win a penalty are awarded 2 points, whilst players who cause a penalty to be awarded against their team lose 1 point. For example, if a forward draws a penalty, they will earn 2 points, but if a defender commits a foul leading to a penalty, they will lose 1 point.
  • Participants designated as Man of the Match receive an additional 3 points.

Disciplinary measures also impact scoring, deducting 1 point for a yellow card, 3 points for a red card, and 2 points for scoring an own goal. Every move carries strategic consequences, impacting your decisions for the initial team selection and modifications made throughout the match.

Euro 2024 Fantasy Transfers

Initially, it is important to note that you can make infinite transfers before the competition starts, namely before the Matchday 1 Deadline.

Each Matchday, you will receive a specific amount of Free Transfers. These are transfers that you can make without incurring a penalty. Any further transfers over this limit will incur a penalty of -4, deducted from your Overall score. Managers will have the opportunity to make an unlimited number of moves before Matchday 1 and between Matchday 3 and the Round of 16. In the group stages, you are limited to carrying forward a maximum of 1 transfer to the next Matchday.

In Conclusion

Euro Fantasy Football is a game that requires more than chance; it demands strategy and foresight. This makes it ideal for fantasy enthusiasts seeking a summer full of football excitement and strategic gaming. Enroll, choose your team, and prepare for an exhilarating journey through one of football’s most renowned competitions.