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Online Fantasy Football Games:

Fantasy Football Games A to M
Fantasy Football Games N to Z
Fantasy Football Management Games
Fantasy Role Playing Football Games
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Obsolete Fantasy Football Games

Web based fantasy football games and competitions come under many different guises - we have grouped them into 5:

'Real Life Performance' Fantasy Football Games (A-M) & (N to Z) - fantasy football games following real-life matches, particularly the English Premiership Football League - a great way of following your favourite soccer players or simply enhancing your viewing of the Premiership matches;

Fantasy Football Simulated Management Games - fantasy football game where you take on the persona of a manager and results are simulated by computer software rather than reflect real life events;

Fantasy Football Role-Playing Simulated Games - take fantasy football management one step further! You literally are the manager and play out that role with results again simulated rather than following real life soccer action.

Fantasy Football Score Prediction Games - fantasy soccer competitions where you try and predict the correct scores or scorers at the weekend. Again fantasy Premiership is popular. 

Fantasy Football Stockmarket or Portfolio Games - a variation on traditional fantasy football with the scoring system reflected by player valuations. The better your players do in real-life football action the higher the value of your team rises.

If you have played a fantasy or interactive football game that you think should be included within our pages, or if you run your own online game that you think deserves a mention, or even if you own football management software that you would like to advertise on our site -  please let us know  or use the submit form.


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