7 Top Players Who Failed Euro 2020

While placing bets or playing at https://tonybet.co.uk/casino, you try to predict the results. And when we are talking about football or other sports events, we pay attention to the sportsmen. But they don’t always live up to our expectations. The results for these 7 footballers were not as their fans expected. 

Kylian Mbappé (France)

It’s not just a blurred penalty. Mbappé looked arrogant throughout the tournament. He played with disdain, wasting chances. Perhaps it was the conflict before Euro 2020 when the big media reported that he was being judged within the team for being one. Kylian couldn’t overcome this. He could have led the national team to the quarterfinals on his own, but he failed, and after the decisive miss none of his partners even came to support him. The player went silently to the locker room. 

Gareth Bale (Wales)

Before every major tournament, they expect magic from Bale. His phenomenal game for the national team at Euro 2016 is too memorable. But since then, the player has been losing ground. At the European Championship, the team made it out of the group, but much of the credit goes to Turkey – they managed to win against only them. In that game, Bale made two assists – his only productive actions at the tournament. And in the playoffs, Denmark ran riot over Bale, Ramsey and others. But the 31-year-old national team captain is not giving up.

Memphis Depay (Netherlands)

Barcelona went the unconventional route and announced a top transfer during the Euros: Memphis Depay officially joined the Catalan club on June 19. There was just over a week before the disappointing 1/8 finals. The Netherlands flew through the group stage. Depay was expected to show his leadership qualities in the difficult moments against the Czech Republic. But he and his team sank after de Ligt was sent off. The Dutch media destroyed the player. According to most, with such a weak character there is simply nothing to do in Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Portugal quickly found the main culprit for their Euro 2020 relegation – most of all Ronaldo. The emphasis was not even on the game, although even there is something to be criticised – because the captain is still in the spotlight and hardly wants to share it with anyone – but on the disrespect for the captain’s armband. After Belgium, Crist threw it on the lawn and then kicked the symbol of leadership. It infuriated people. Ronaldo is not the main culprit for the defeat, he still shows a high level, but still wants to decide all the episodes himself. The Portuguese remains an individualist, and that’s not good for the team.

Bruno Fernandes (Portugal)

Few people understood why Manchester United’s star and one of the best players in the EPL did not become a mainstay player in the national team. He did not play a single full match at Euro 2020, did not have a single productive action and did not play well. Perhaps the problem is that he didn’t try to play exclusively through Ronaldo, as others did?

Thomas Müller (Germany)

The player, who was called up to the team under great public pressure, could not fail at the crucial moment. But with the score of 1-0 in favour of England, it was Müller who jumped out one-on-one with Pickford and shot just past the post. At this point, he turned into the main enemy for the fans. It was on him that fans vented their anger. Although Thomas apologised a lot immediately after the game, he realised he took away the dream of millions of people. But the saddest thing is that it is not certain that the next head coach will call him up again for the team.

Antoine Griezmann (France)

Another player in whom Deschamps had endless faith. Griezmann has long needed to become a leader, but major tournaments fly by, and he remains just a faceless detail in the mechanism of the team. The Barça player scored only one goal at Euro 2020, and in the match against Switzerland he didn’t make it to extra time as Deschamps replaced one of his favorites. The striker needs some sort of internal rebuilding if he wants to go to Qatar as the main player.