7 Tips for Betting on European Football Matches

With sports betting becoming an increasingly common activity amongst fans worldwide, now is a better time than ever to check out some of the online gambling platforms that let you bet on your favourite teams. Placing a wager on which team will win the match is certainly the most straightforward approach to betting on football in general, but when it comes to really maximising your profits in a sports betting strategy, there are numerous options and lines to choose from.

However, before you jump right in and make a deposit with a phone pay betting platform, it’s important to know the terminology and methods that are commonly used in football betting. If you’ve never placed a bet on a football match before, some of these concepts will undoubtedly be new to you. With that said, here are seven tips you can use to enhance your experience and increase your chances of winning when betting on European football:

1. Use a Mobile Sports Betting App or Platform for Convenience

While you can always place a bet at a physical sports booking location, it’s much easier and more convenient to simply download an app or log into an online sports betting account instead. Since football is the busiest sport in the world, with the most matches played per year, you may often find yourself betting on a variety of games, so it’s much more feasible to bet from your phone rather than actually leaving your home and disrupting your schedule or free time every time you want  to make a bet. If you’re not yet familiar with online sports betting platforms it’s worth checking them out for phone pay betting options.  

2. Bet on the 3-Way Money Line if You Want to Keep it Simple

The 3-way money line is the simplest form of betting because it gives you the opportunity to capitalise in the rare event of a draw. Of course, since the most likely outcome is not a draw, if you’re one of the few people who bets on a  draw and the match ends in your favour, then you could wind up winning a larger amount than you would have if you had only bet on one team to win or lose. Keep in mind that bet verdicts are based on the official 90 minutes of play without any consideration given to overtime in matches where draws are not allowed, such as during the World Cup.

3. Bet on the 2-Way Money Line to Avoid Losing on a Draw

If you want to completely rule out the possibility of losing money due to a draw, you could bet the 2-way line, which only pays out if the match results in one of the teams winning. In this type of bet, if a draw occurs, then there would be a “No Action” verdict which results in a refund to all of the people who placed a bet on the 2-way line.

4. Betting on Goal Lines Can Be Lucrative

Goal lines are a lot like point spreads in other sports. Basically, you’re betting on how many points the winning team will win by. Betting that a team will win by 2.5+ goals or more is the best way to win big if your bet turns out to be right. However, most matches result in a goal line of between 0.5 to 2.0, so be realistic and try to use this form of betting when you’re confident that one team is going to absolutely demolish another.

5. Betting on Score Totals Can Hedge Your Bets

Betting on score totals can get a bit complicated and is therefore a technique that was reserved for the latter half of this guide, since most people won’t get into this until later on. However, it’s also one of the least risky ways to place a bet because half of your bet is allocated towards one side of the potential outcome and half towards the other. However, that also means that in order to win big, you have to be very right about your prediction.

6. Set a Betting Budget

One of the most important tips you can remember when betting on any sport is to set a limit for how much you’re willing to lose within a set time frame. For example, you could say that you’re willing to bet no more than £200 this week.

7. Pay Attention to Football News

Finally, paying attention to headlines related to the teams you’re betting on is something that every true football fan should do. This will help you learn about injuries and player acquisitions or losses that could affect your team’s chances at winning a match.

There are No Guarantees, But It’s Always Fun

In closing, it’s important to realise that even with all of the tips above, there’s never a guarantee that the team you bet on is going to win. With that in mind, try not to worry too much about the outcome and use sports betting as a source of fun instead.