7 Do’s and Don’ts of Blackjack

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Blackjack is yet another sophisticated casino game. Most keen players ought to know that blackjack is a casino game that requires the most skill and that it delivers the lowest house edge. With that in mind, the key is to learn the rules, understand the gameplay, get the gist of the basic strategy, and know all your playing options such as standing, hitting, splitting, surrendering, and many others. Even though it’s vital to understand this casino game in detail in order to play it successfully and have a lucrative outcome, you should know certain Blackjack etiquette that you need to follow and get that kind of result. Avoid relying solely on luck and ditch the feeling of confusion when you sit down at the Blackjack table by abiding by the following Blackjack rules. Read on.

1. DO know all the rules

If you want to learn to play Blackjack and get lucrative winnings, you need to first find an eligible casino, and secondly know all the rules before you sit down. Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the game, because in practice Blackjack is a little bit more complicated than a person would expect. In the game of Blackjack, you get 2 cards as well as the dealer gets 2 cards and then you both decide whether to hit until you decide to stand. The one who would win the hand is the one who has a total closer to 21 without going over. 

2. DON’T say your other decisions

There are a few other decisions you could incorporate than just hitting (asking for another card from the dealer) and standing(sticking to the cards you have), but you should never SAY them. No matter if you play Blackjack in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino or at a live one, you need to communicate your wish to stand or hit through hand signals. It’s advisable to signal your decision to the dealer rather than constantly repeating and saying what you wish your next move to be.

3. DO use other decisions to signal

Besides the hit and stand, you have more decisions to incorporate but you ought to show or signal them to the dealer rather than saying them. Here are some of the potential decisions in the Blackjack game:

  • Double down: Here you double your initial bet and you would receive one more card from the dealer. To double down place extra chips next to your initial bet then hold up one finger.
  • Splitting: A player can only split in Blackjack when he has 2 cards of the same rank or value. To signal to the dealer that you wish to split a pair you simply need to place another bet with the same value, and then hold up your index finger.
  • Surrendering: When you wish to surrender that implies that you are giving half of your bet but also losing the right to win the hand later in the round. To indicate an intention of surrender a player should swipe the finger behind the bet.

4. DON’T remove your hands

Another big “no-do” in the game of Blackjack is removing your cards from the table. This is some form of “unwritten” rule because the cards ought to always be in the clear and full view of other players, the casino’s security cameras, and, of course, the dealer. Plus, do your best to hold cards with only one hand. This is crucial to ensure that you are not going to switch cards or something else.

5. DO play more single decks games

As it could be rather tricky, not to say hard, to win at Blackjack because it’s one of the games with the lowest house edge, it would be easier to play with single-deck games when you can. Even though the casino does possess a mathematical advantage over the players, you could maximize your chances of winning by playing with single-card decks. The key is not to give the casino any chances to get a higher mathematical edge over you, and that can happen if there are more houses in the deck, such as in an 8-deck game.

6. DON’T listen to your hunches

One rule of thumb is not to listen to your inner “feelings”. Your gut can lead you the wrong way, and those types of hunches don’t have any effect on the outcome or result of the game. There’s is luck, there is something called random chance, but that might be an instant thing. Don’t fall for your hunches or gut feelings but stick to your basic strategy and rules.

7. DO try to count cards

If you were to try to learn how to count cards, you would utterly skyrocket your understanding of and fun of the game. No matter if we live in a contemporary day and age where most casinos use automatic shuffling machines before every hand, if you push hard, you could have a better opportunity to win. Counting card is hard, though, since it requires excellent skills and focus.

Blackjack should be entertaining and invigorating casino game. The above-mentioned etiquette is supposed to increase the fun of the game and help you upscale your chances of winnings.