5 must-have Chrome extensions for every online casino player

There are a lot of reasons why ⅔ of the population decides to use Chrome as their default browser and that is due to how fast it is and the huge amount of special features that go with it.

To be more specific, we are going to focus on extensions for the game preferred by all players, the famous online slot machines. If you want your slot game to be much better Wisegambler UK recommends the following extensions.

Awesome New Tab Page 

As we know Chrome tabs work very well, but with this tool, you will take the organization of your tabs to another level. You can add your own shortcuts and any type of widget, and also, you can organize it according to your needs. It is the most comfortable and simple way to easily access all your favorite online casinos and slot games. 


If you and I are totally honest, we know that not many times we want people to know that we are playing online. It is not that there is anything wrong with playing online casinos but many times we have visits from family or friends or simply curious children who do not want to be seen while spinning reels and think that we could be doing something else.

With this in mind they created the PanicButton extension which allows you to hide all your tabs with a single button, and when you find yourself just press the button again and you will return to the place where you were in the game. If we think about it, this tool can help us with many awkward conversations.

Awesome ScreenShot 

If you have ever had a victory that you wanted to memorize but you simply could not, with this extension you can without a doubt. The only thing you have to do is install it and the next time you find the perfect turn you can immediately catch it with a single click.


This is without a doubt one of my favorite extensions. We know that online casinos take many very good security measures to keep us safe, and with that come very good password habits, however, not everything is perfect and it always depends a lot on the casino where you are playing.

This is where LastPass is useful since this magnificent free password manager will allow us to automatically create passwords that no one will be able to guess for every casino you visit, and with this, the only password that you will have to remember is that of the extension.


We know that we human beings like to feel comfortable, and many times comfort comes with customs, that is why we always end up entering the same pages to find the slot machines that we like. With the extensions Categorizer, all our favourite sites will be classified according to when you like to visit them. This extension is quite useful if you don’t want to miss weekly bonuses from a certain casino.

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