5 Mistakes You Need To Stop Making In Cold War

Cold War is a Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise. Despite being a competitive FPS game, there are effective tips, tricks, and strategies to get the most out of the game. But a single mistake can ruin your gameplay and performance in the game.

Not taking cover, neglecting objectives, etc., as some of these mistakes. While they can affect your gaming experience negatively, avoiding these mistakes has a lot of benefits. Read on to learn more about what to avoid in Cold War. Also, if you’re starting your first game here, we advise you to visit Battlelog for beginner tips and tricks. 

Mistakes to Stop in Cold War

  1. Stop neglecting objectives

Many players focus more on getting the most kill in Cold War. Without a doubt, it’s beneficial but also important that you stick to the game’s objectives. Play each mode accordingly. For instance, Domination and Hardpoint are objective-oriented. You’ll have to defend an area until the timer counts down to zero. In this case, you’ll have a lot of enemies to kill; however, it’s just a secondary objective. 

Team Deathmatch is more like a killing contest; it’s advisable to play its objectives as well. If you neglect the main objectives of each mode, you’ll keep repeating that mode until you complete the objectives. The number of kills you have can’t bypass it.

  1. Stop exposing yourself a lot.

This mistake is common amongst new players and gets them stuck in a level without new progress. No matter how eager you’re to Swiss-cheese an enemy, don’t expose too much of your body. It’s advisable to attack from a distance and cover.

Also, you can stick out your gun, aim and fire at your target while keeping your body behind a wall or hard-cover objects. For instance, if you’re approaching a building, don’t dive directly onto the door. Move from cover to cover, peek around, pre-aim, and be ready to take out any movements. This will help you live longer in the game.

  1. Stop playing alone in Cold War.

Even if you’re good at playing alone in other Call of Duty series, jumping into Cold War alone is a big mistake, especially for newbies. Apart from making the game fun, playing with some friends exposes you to new tactics, tips, and tricks. You’ll be opportune to learn, communicate, and ask questions.

Moreover, playing alone in Cold War will put your life at risk and leave you jumping off your seat because you lost a game. Luckily, Cold War comes with a cross-platform attribute that allows players to hire soldiers from their preferred systems. You can recruit a few soldiers to join your game. This can be the difference between your improvement and frustration in the game.

  1. Stop neglecting field upgrades in objective-based games

The field upgrades are a vital piece of kit you must not forget in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. These items are activated over time during your match. Ranging from a Field Mic to a Trophy System, these upgrades can destroy grenades and cause a radar pulse once an enemy is nearby.

So, before jumping into any objective-based modes, check the options and pick the most suitable for your objective and play style. If you’ve always left out the field upgrades in your games, start using them now.

  1. Stop ignoring the Kill cams.

The work of the Killcams is to provide you with an analysis of your enemy’s artifacts via the post-death screens. By inspecting the Kill Cam, you’ll see your enemy’s equipment, weapons, perks, gun attachments, and lethal.

By learning this, you can also make adjustments or upgrades to your weapons. For instance, if your enemy is taking you out with an AK-74u, give him some distance. Since his weapon is a short-range gun, your game-changer is striking back with the opposite of what he has. 

You can use a sniper, assault rifle, or your preferred long-range gun to outgun that enemy.


Now that you’ve known the mistakes, you must avoid starting your new game with these in mind. These can be the difference between your victory and failure in Cold War. Whether you’re new to the game or just need to get better, you must stop neglecting objectives. 

Also, it would help if you stopped exposing yourself a lot. Attack from cover to cover. Stop playing alone, specifically new Cold War players. If you’re in an objective-based mode, don’t neglect the field upgrades. These items have a lot to offer. More importantly, stop ignoring the Killcams. Knowing your enemies’ weapons can help you pick the right weapon to outgun them.