3 Common Types Of Betting In Football You Should Know About

Football is one of the most watched sports in the world and is said to be played in almost every country. However, it is said to be the most popular in the US, where they play a different type of ‘football’ game to the rest of the world. The ‘football’ the rest of the world play is known in the USA as ‘soccer’.

Here’s what Statista, has to say about Football in the U.S:

“Football in the U.S generated only $6 billion in 2004 but the revenue generated by the sport kept increasing every year. In 2015, the revenue doubled and hit $12 billion.”

As per other reports, Dallas Cowboys are at the top of the line when it comes to being the most revenue generating team. They have a market value of about $4.2 billion in the football world. The 4 other teams that are just below the Dallas Cowboys are:

● New York Yankees
● New England Patriots
● New York Knicks
● New York Giants

The numbers are a proof indicating that football in the U.S is one of the most preferred sports.

People do not only watch and play football, but they also bet on it as it can change their fortunes, and thanks to the huge interest in sports, the opportunities to bet are also endless with websites offering bettors an opportunity to bet and win online, without any trouble.

Now let us get to know about the 3 ways you can bet on football:

Moneyline Betting
This is how it works:

Choose a player or an entire team that you think has better odds at winning or performing than others. Now, you decide how much to bet on them. Here’s where moneyline odds come into play. The amount you wager on a team or a player will decide the amount of money you’ll make if that team wins.

If you visit an online football betting website, you’ll come across negative and positive signs associated with numbers along the team names. Negative sign means that the team is a favorite to win the game and will most likely win. Now, let’s say a team has a negative sign with the number 200 next to it, it means that particular team has better odds at winning and if you want to bet on it, you’ll have to bet $200 and if the team wins, you’ll get your $200 plus an additional $100. If a team’s score say +150 then it indicates that the team is less likely to win. If you bet on this team then you’ll get $150 for every time you bet a $100 on this team.

This type of betting requires a bettor to predict a bit more than just who’s going to win. Here, you need to predict the margin from which a team will win.

For instance, a team will have to score two points if they are on a runline by -1.5. If they fail to make two points that you lose the bet even if the team wins. However, the rewards are bigger if you win the bet.

Total Betting
This type of betting involves predicting the total score for both the teams. It’s done before the game commences; you win if you predict it right.

Many betting platforms have other betting systems as well, it is important that you do some research before you put any real money on the line.