2018 World Cup Updates

A Sneak Peak

With just a few days left until we get to see the first exciting games of the 2018 World Cup, anticipation is mounting, and lots of antsy fans are tired of waiting. If you are one of those fans don’t worry, we have plenty of insider scoops and updates to keep you satisfied until the matches finally start. Lanzini has already been ruled out with injury and there have been injury scares for Fred of Brazil and Mbappe of France.

The World Cup groups have been formed, the stadiums are being prepared, the ticket scalpers are polishing their, well, they have tickets. All in all, there is a lot of excitement, fans are flocking from all over the world to witness what is going to be one of the best football showings in some time.

Left Out

Some World Cup news that might shock you was the news that Leroy Sane was left out of the Germany squad. Germany is an intimidating team this year. Already holding a different trophy, they are a strong pick for the overall winners of this year’s cup, right up there with Brazil. So it may be quite a surprise that Leroy Sane did not make the cut this year to go to the World Cup and help Germany reign supreme. Sane would almost certainly make the squad in every other team (maybe barring Brazil and Spain) so it just shows what a strong squad Germany have and why they are defending champions.

Sane is an excellent winger, performing very well for City in the Premier League, so many Leroy fans may be questioning the sanity of the coaches in Germany, especially considering Leroy scored 14 goals and made 19 assists during the 2017-2018 season. It was a very close pick between Sane and Brandt, but Brandt won out in the end, even with less impressive stats.

Penny for Your Thoughts?

There is a lot of different news circulating, some pure speculation, other solid facts. Each one plays an important factor though in what will ultimately be the end results of this year’s World Cup. We want to know though, what do you think? Have you studied the players, looked at the coaches, crunched the numbers and compared and contrasted the lineups? Who makes the cut in your eyes and who falls short.

There is plenty of room for upsets this year which makes betting predictions even harder to place than usual. The strongest runners seem to be Germany and Brazil, but Spain has a great chance this year as well. And with strange and unusual coaching picks for the lineups, it has become ever more of a toss up to see who will be the big winner and get to take home the cup for their country.

He Was Number 1

Another interesting bit of news this time comes from the England squad and is that goalkeeper Jordan Pickford will wear the number one jersey for the summer World Cup. While England isn’t most people’s first pick for the big winner this year, you shouldn’t necessarily count them out just yet either.

The team has a fresh new style and a good blend of talent for their squad that will hopefully breathe some life and promise back into the team. While it is hard to bet in their favour against juggernauts like the Brazil team, England usually put up a good fight.