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Using Google you can search the World Wide Web, the FISO website or the FISO Forum at :



Additional search facility for FISO's webpages and newsletters (search database 're-indexed' every Wednesday). 

Please note if you wish to search the masses of fantasy sports information on the FISO forum then please use the forum's separate search facility: 

Any word (OR) All words (AND)


Search Facilities and Tools:

  1. Copernic - search 10 or more major search engines simultaneously.
  2. Web Ferret - scan several search engines at once
  3. WebTop - excellent search tool that's freely downloadable. Sits as a tool on your desktop where you can then type in words, or drag text into, and ask it to go to webtop's site and provide independent search results. Developed by a UK PLc, Bright Station.
  4. Kenjin - free download developed by UK (Cambridge) based Automony. Tries to understand the meaning of the text that you enter or highlight and will suggest alternative sites to the one you're visiting, as runs alongside your browser.
  5. Alexa - free plug-in that works with your browser to provide you with a wide range of useful behind the scenes information about the site you visit.
  6. Hoovers is a subscription-based service that provides in-depth company profiles.
  7. Flyswat - scans all the keywords on any page you visit and links to definitions of those words and to additional sites throughout the Web.
  8. 100 Hot tells you the most visited sites in a given field.
  9. CompaniesHouse - search their mainframe between 8am to 8pm for UK company filed information. Basic search available for free.
  10. Edgar Online is a US government resource that lets you learn more about publicly traded companies through their SEC filings.
  11. Internet research index - a crowded but useful site designed as a teaching tool on how to search the Internet.
  12. Librarian's Index to the Internet - an annotated subject directory of more than 6,500 Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians for their usefulness to users of public libraries.
  13. Direct Search - a compilation of links to a resource known as the "invisible Web" a group of search interfaces containing information that's not easily or entirely accessible from general search tools like Alta Vista, Hotbot, and Google.
  14. Open Directory Project - ODP is a directory that is compiled by humans. It has become an important source for Yahoo and other major search engines, so it's important to have your site listed here.
  15. Websearch forum is another place to learn about and discuss how to search the Web.

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