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Score Prediction Fantasy Football Games - last updated 06 June 2006

Score Prediction fantasy football games reflect the outcome or result of real-life football matches. Our review of these games offered online should help you choose which competition suits you best. If you know of a Score Prediction fantasy football game or Predictor League that you think should be included within our pages then please let us know.

For all the latest Fantasy Sports news and views, check out FISO's fantasy sports discussion forum. You do NOT need to register to view the archived posts.

What follows is a listing of all the games with the date of review followed by our commentary on each online game.

BetDaddy is a fantasy fixed odds betting site with the ability to play against other users in the main league or set up your own leagues to play against your own friends or colleagues  

Conference Prediction League

Predict the outcome of weekend Conference matches. Free to enter.  

Cool Predictions

Cool Predictions is a predictions fantasy football game based on the teams in the North East of England. Simply predict the scores of Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.  Get 3 points for getting the score spot on or get 1 point for getting the right results (e.g. win, lose or draw).  Also get bonus points for accurately guessing large scores. Compete against your friends in your own league, view your ranking in the whole tournament and also create yourself a profile. Forum also available for each league for maximum goading opportunities. Reviewed 16 September 2002.


After a successful World Cup game, the Correct Score Premiership game is open for entries. It is free to play and consists of 9 monthly score prediction games plus the Overall Season game. Mini-league facility. Reviewed 13 August 2002.


Predict the scores of all the matches in the Euro 2004 finals.  Points are awarded to players as follows -

Correct score  3 pts;
Correct result + correct margin  2 pts;
Correct result  1 pt.

Bonus points are also available for predicting the overall winner and being the closest to guessing the number of yellow and red cards in the tournament. Reviewed 2 June 2004.


FantasyChampions offers real-life performance fantasy football, based on the English Premiership.  In addition, there are Prediction Leagues for the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Rugby Six Nations and more to come.  Entry to their competitions is usually between 2 to 5. The season long 2001/02 Premiership Manager game had 79 Managers, with a total prize money of 375. Reviewed 7 May 2002.

The Fantasy Factory

The Fantasy Factory raise funds for charitable causes through the fantasy games and here they challenge you to predict the position of each team in the English Premier League. Points are allocated every Monday morning based on your ranking of the 20 teams and the league positions each week. Earn bonus points from weekend prediction tests. The winner wins 250 of travel vouchers and if anyone is lucky enough to predict all 20 teams in the correct order at the end of the season there is a 10,000 bonus prize. Entry fee is 5. Updated review 1 August 2002.


The aim of Edinburgh based score-prediction game, Football56, is to score the highest number of points from 6 fixtures each week throughout the course of the season. There is a free 4 week demo from 17th August 2002 to 7th September 2002 and the person whose team has scored the highest single week score during the demo period will win 250. Each player must select the fixture list they would like to predict scores on; 3 to choose from: English, Scottish and European.

Points are scored for each prediction as follows:

6 pts - Correct score.
4 pts - Correct result and correct total of goals scored.
3 pts - Correct result.
1 pt - Correct total goals scored.
0 pts - None of the above.

Prizes will be offered on a pools basis for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. In addition weekly and monthly prizes are offered as well as a Jackpot prize if the maximum score of 36 is achieved in any week. Free Mini Leagues are available. Reviewed 5 August 2002.


The game allows you to predict the outcome of matches from the English, Scottish or Italian leagues. The main game is free to play but if you wish you can compete for cash in the weekly or monthly 'Prize Leagues'.

In addition to competing against every other user you can also set up your own mini league and compete directly against an unlimited number of friends/work colleagues.

A supporter's league and message board also provide a community feel. Footballbrain claim to have over 4000 registered players. Reviewed 17 January 2003.

Football Fantastic

Football Fantastic is based on real life team performances in the top leagues of Europe. The rules are very simple. You pick teams from the top leagues throughout Europe and score points dependent on their performances against other teams in the competition. The game has been running since 1995 and the game runners have high expectations for entry numbers and prize money for the 2003/4 season. Reviewed 30 June 2003

Football Manager

Prediction league - you predict the scores from a weekly fixture list.


Footie Forecast is an online football prediction league. The first weekend of games will be 17/08/02. It is a season long (40 week) game in which players are ranked by their average score per set of 10 weekly predictions. Players can join up to half way through the season, and must predict at least 20 weeks of games to get a true average at the end of the season. Either play for free of pay 20 for the season to take part in the pooled prize competition. Reviewed 12 August 2002.


Predict the result of each of your team's matches. Free game. Reviewed 13 August 2001. provides a regular football prediction competition with small cash prizes. They offer a series of shorter competitions giving everyone a chance to win. Points are awarded for correct predictions and the player with the most points at the end of the competition is the winner. Reviewed 3 January 2003.

FORS Footy Challenge

The FORS Footy Challenge is based on score prediction plus associated match questions. It is designed so that players can easily miss several weeks and still be in with a chance of winning the overall pot, and half the prize money is distributed weekly. Entry cost is 2 per week and the aim is to have the best 5 scores over the season. Mini-league facility. Reviewed 13 August 2002. is a free to enter European soccer prediction league. There are prizes for the best in every league. Reviewed 5 April 2002.

Golden Goal

Golden Goal is the first known Live Interactive Football Prediction Competition in the UK. The basis of the competition is to predict the results and scores of eleven matches and gain as many points as possible on a weekly basis using their scoring system. There will be live score updates, live forums but more importantly a Live Player Table. You will therefore be able to log onto our site and see yourself moving position within the competition with every goal scored! Reviewed 30 June 2003.


For the 2002/3 football season, GoHighOrLow have predicted how many points they think each team in the Premiership will get by the end of the season. You choose five different teams where your prediction differs most from theirs, and decide if those teams are going to score more (go higher) or less (go lower). The aim is to differ as much as possible. You need to also pick the winner of the F.A. Cup and Worthington Cup. Mini-leagues facility available. Game running has been outsourced to GFM Services. There is a 1,000 prize for the winner. Entry fee is 5. Reviewed 12 August 2002.

I Know The Score

The FA Premier League are running a free to play EPL predictions game called 'I Know The Score'. Select the score for each EPL match and compete against others. There is a FISO mini-league available named - FORUM. Review 28 August 2003.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a soccer pundit? Well, Loadfootball give you the chance to show what a great football tipster you are by predicting the results of the weekend Premiership matches. Points are scored as follows: 3 for the exact score, 1 for the right team and 1 for the correct margin of victory. Prediction deadline is 11 a.m. on Saturday. Late joiners are not penalised - they are given a mid-table points score to get them started. Loadfootball's prediction game is free to play and if you are successful you get the chance to graduate to their fantasy football management games - see our review.


LoFFT - League of Fantasy Football Teams - dares you to predict the outcome of 10 selected matches each weekend over a 10 week period, which makes 4 10 week LoFFT seasons each football year. Matches selected can be from the English or Scottish leagues and Cups but will always include the Swansea City match! Your selections need to be in by 1pm on the Saturday.  Promotion or relegation from your division rest on the accuracy of your predictions. A cup competition runs the full length of the football season. No prizes but free to enter and very popular with 11 Divisions of 25 teams in each. Updated review 8 August 2001.


The Moosenet Prediction League (MPL) is based on the results of CAMBRIDGE UNITED and is FREE and open to all. Predictors have to nominate their view of what the scoreline will be, pick one Cambridge player to score and have a stab at the attendance. Points are allocated based on a number of outcomes and bonus points are available depending on how accurate you are with your predictions. The points go towards an aggregate table made up of Divisions with promotion and relegation at the end of each season, with 20 players in each division and a '6 up 6 down' system in force. There are two Prediction League seasons per football season, one before the New Year and one after. In addition, there are knockout cup competitions based on the three domestic trophies in which Cambridge are entered (with Cambridge United's conquerors taking on their mantle when (sorry, if) they are knocked out). The webmaster typically receives 40 or so predictions per game, and up to 80 different predictors per season and the MPL has been going since March 1999. There are NO prizes, apart from the adoration of the general public! Updated review 27 July 2001.


Well presented Basque soccer prediction competition. PorraFutbol (porra means prediction in Spanish slang, and futbol means soccer) is the 1st virtual Basque League. Build up your own team with the 4 Basque soccer teams actually playing in the 1st Division of the Spanish League. PoraFutbol are running a new competition for the 2001-02 Spanish League season. Make predictions about Basque teams playing in 1st Division exclusively i.e. Athletic Club, Osasuna, Alaves and Real Sociedad. Also they will start the 2nd Basque Fantasy Competition just with the Basque team players above mentioned. Site is in Spanish only. Updated review 1 October 2001.


predict-a-league is a season long football prediction game which is designed to capitalise on the excitement and turbulence of real-life football league tables and outcomes. Players are required to place league teams in their correct league position, as well as spotting a wide range of predictions concerning the Premier League, Nationwide, domestic and European cup football.

By doing this you enter FIVE simultaneous competitions, with all the opportunities for rewards that brings;

  • the overall p-a-l Championship
  • the p-a-l Premier League Competition,
  • the p-a-l Nationwide Competition
  • the p-a-l Cup
  • the p-a-l Spot prediction Competition

The league predictions form the basis of their predict-a-league score. So every game and every result of the full season matters, as every minor change in the real league tables impacts on their position within predict-a-league. The second component of predict-a-league is a running spot competition which occurs throughout the season at regular intervals and requires the users to both predict individual events, e.g. Liverpool vs Manchester United, and knowledge predictions, e.g. who will be this month's leading goal scorer.

The game is quite different from fantasy, dream and weekly forecasting formats and regarded by regular players as a far more thorough test of their football expertise. The game amounts to an innovative and intricate way of attaching scores and values to, in effect, a mass of spread and forecast bets.  The window for entries should be in mid October. p-a-l charge 30 per player to participate, half of which will be retained as the prize fund. Reviewed 1 October 2001.


Prediction Leagues for the top 5 English Divisions, Scottish Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Dutch First Division. Leagues for each individual team as well as for each league as a whole. Free to enter. Reviewed 13 August 2001.


Each weekend predict the outcome to the EPL matches. Your points score depends on the published bookmaker odds for the game (so do you go for the odds on Man Utd home win for 0.4 points or for the Fulham away win with 7 points on offer!). Free entry with 40 of prize money available. Reviewed 13 August 2001.


Predict To Win is an online Predictions League game. Each week, players predict the results of 20 matches (10 on a Wednesday and 10 on a Saturday). Depending on the accuracy of their predictions, every player then receives a cash prize according to their individual performance. It's free to play. Reviewed 16 September 2002.

Premiership Fantasy Footy

A free to enter Premiership fantasy footy game. Predict the correct scorelines and first team to score in each game in the Premiership. The PFF site is personalised with your team's colours and has a mini league function. Winner's prize is 500 and prizes also on offer for being top of your mini-league. Reviewed 13 August 2002.

Premiership Predictions

Free to enter Prediction League covering 10 matches every Saturday from the English Premiership and 1st Division. Now entering its 2nd season after an encouraging 1st season, Registration is now open to new teams wishing to join in. Reviewed 14 July 2001.


A simple and well presented score prediction game which gives you the option to play as an individual or as a group of friends and it's free. Mini-leagues, Champions League and multi-lingual options available. The scoring system is:

  2 Points for the correct result.

  1 Point for each correct team score.

  1 Point bonus for predicting the exact score.

Updated review 10 July 2002.


Barclays Premiership football prediction game offering monthly and seasonal cash prizes in excess of 7500. Reviewed 6 July 2005.

Showcase Soccer 

Showcase Soccer is a subscription based football score prediction game where your fantasy team predictions are based on the real scores of 10 of the weekend Premiership, Division 1, Division 2 or Division 3 matches


Sidewinder is a free to enter and easy to play Premiership predictions competition. Free minileague available for you and your friends.

Soccer Hunchbacker

Fantasy football Prediction League game based on the Premiership (and other leagues incl. Divisions 1-3 plus Spanish, Scottish and Italian). Choose between a free league with no prizes or a league costing 50p per week for the prize league. Updated review 15 August 2001.

Soccer Polls

Soccer Polls is a Score Prediction League Football game providing soccer fans with an opportunity to predict on live football matches and be entered into a tournament at the same time. There are updated headline polls covering news events and midweek and longlist polls for the more varied divisional matches. Reviewed 5 April 2002.


SoccerWinners TopTipsters is a free tipster competition. Tipsters are asked to predict the results of the matches in the top 4 European leagues (usually English, Italian, Spanish, German).  Reviewed 29 August 2002.


The SPC (The Sports Predictions Centre) offers 'fantasy betting' style competitions originally based around correct score predictions on 10 chosen football matches each weekend. Each weekend (commencing 23rd March) is a separate game with entries costing 2 each. Each entry entitles you to 100 tokens in total which must be placed 10 on each of the 10 matches chosen. You place your tokens on correct-score outcomes at their associated odds. Once the 10 matches are complete, any correct predictions are rewarded at their associated odds and all entries are ordered according to their success.

The game is a little more involved than some score-prediction games but using correct-score odds as their judging system gives the games a fairer system for rewards than others in this arena. The game is being started with a guaranteed 100 first prize for the first few weeks of games, with the anticipation that this will be exceeded substantially as the game grows in popularity. Prizes are generally shared out amongst the best performers each week with a high percentage of entry fees going into the pool.

Games are generally priced up around 3 weeks in advance and obviously the odds associated with the correct-scores can change over the course of this time and so there is some opportunity to get some decent early prices as part of your predictions. Payments are currently restricted to online bank transfers and cheques (both deposit and withdrawal) although The SPC do offer an account system so you do not have to make a separate 2 transaction for every entry. All in all, this is an interesting deviation from the standard score prediction games and one that will be worth keeping an eye on especially if they prize pools get to a decent level. Reviewed 18 March 2002.

Tipsters League

Tipsters League offers a football score prediction game, with three competitions running together, (plus a lottery bonus ball game). The game is FREE to play at the moment and starts on Saturday 10 August. Reviewed 28 July 2002.


TopTipper provide 3 types of prediction competitions for sports all over the world, including many European soccer competitions. Reviewed 5 August 2002.

UKFPL - UK Footy Predictions League

The UK Footy Predictions League (UKFPL) is a Prediction game where you predict scores of English League Games (Premiership to Division Three) to work your way up the FPL Leagues to try and become the FPL Champion to win a prize. With new features being added every week, it's a league worth joining and playing in. Updated review 26 November 2002.


It's very simple - you just need to correctly predict 3 results at the weekend and you could be on your way to 5,000! Entry to the competition is FREE, and will run through the 2002/03 season. Late entrants may well have a distinct advantage with this game.

You need to register first and be logged in to vote and take part in the competition. Once you have voted for at least 3 weekend results you can choose any 3 of your votes for the prize 'treble' competition.

Your 'bank' is calculated by multiplying the accumulated odds of the 3 correct matches against a "notional" 10 stake. If one or more of your match predictions are wrong your bank will reduce by 10. The competition takes into account the difficulty of predicting each game, and even if someone is bottom of the league, you could win the next week because of the effect of multiplying 3 sets of odds

In summary:

The voting coupon contains the next 4 to 5 days football fixtures (the weekend coupon is available every Thursday). 

To vote, click on the icon next to a match and select a home win, draw or away win in the window that pops up and add your comment. (The radio buttons on the face of the coupon are for calculating returns not voting)

To enter the competition, click on any 'voted' icon and a window will display all the matches you have voted on in this weekend coupon, you can then select up to 3 matches to submit to the competition. (You can change your competition selections any time up to 11am on Saturday).

Effectively you need to vote twice. Firstly (once the coupon is up on Thursday), on the main coupon vote on at least 3 matches that take place on Saturday or Sunday. Then click on one of the matches you have already voted on (i.e. on the 'voted' button next to the match which is highlighted in white, rather than original 'vote' in red) - this will bring up the tipping competition box and then you select 3 of your tips for the 5k weekend tipping competition. You need to select your 3 by 11am each Saturday. 

For the FISO leaderboard, click here:  

New Features Added:

1. Tipster Profile 

A tipster profile has been added, which shows how accurate each tipster has been historically - effectively proofing their forecasts. Click on a tipster name who has voted on a game in the coupon or via the leaderboard.

2. Average odds of correct predictions

When you click on a tipster profile, you can now see which tipsters are predicting the tough games and which are going for the safe bets as the average odds of their correct predictions is displayed.

3. Top 10 tipsters by team

You can now click on any team name in the coupon and display the top 10 tipsters for that team. Click to display their details and you can see their profile, including their predictions this weekend and last weekend, and how many predictions they have got correct since they registered. Updated review 10 October 2002.


Free online World Cup 2006 prediction game.



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