World Cup 2018 Preview – Group A

Here is Luis! - Aquí esta Luis! | Uruguay 2 - England 1 | 140619-6454-jikatu
Uruguay’s Luis Suarez during the 2014 World Cup against England” (CC by 4.0) by Jimmy Baikovicius

Over the coming two weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of World Cup previews with a special focus on each team’s best players and any details that might be of interest to FPL managers as well as those playing TFF World Cup 2018 or Dream Team World Cup 2018. We’re starting with group A with Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Uruguay. As the tradition goes, the World Cup is kicked off by the tournament’s host. On June 14th, Russia will be opening the ball with a match against Saudi Arabia, followed by Egypt against Uruguay the day after. If you are planning on having a bet as well then look around for good odds on the World Cup in Russia. Banking the best odds on the bet you want means you get a better return if your football bet is a winner.


At the time of writing, Egypt coach Héctor Cúper is still working with a preliminary squad of 29 players, but the core of the team that’s going to Russia isn’t too hard to guess. Obviously, all Egyptian eyes will be on star man Mo Salah, after his impressive first season at Champions League finalists Liverpool. The Premier League’s Player of the Season had to leave the final against Real Madrid after half an hour due to injury, but he’s reported to be back well in time for the start of the World Cup. If his form continues into the summer, we might be talking about one of the tournament’s superstars here.

Two of Egypt’s other most experienced players also earn their wages in the Premier League. At West Brom, there is defensive strongman Ahmed Hegazi, who, despite the Potter’s relegation, can look back at a decent season. He’ll be leading the Egyptian defense for which Aston Villa’s El Mohamady usually starts as well. The other one to watch is Arsenal’s Mohamed Elneny, who doesn’t always start for the Gunners, but whose a mainstay on the Egyptian midfield. He’s crucial for the team’s balance, as well as in connecting the sturdy Egypt defense with Salah and co in attack.

In a group with Saudi Arabia and Russia, Egypt might just turn out to be one of the World Cup’s surprise packages this summer.


At the time of writing, Russia coach Stanislav Cherchesov is still working with a preliminary squad of 29 players, but like Egypt, some players are already certain of a spot among the final 23. The Russian national team hasn’t been performing great over the past few years, something that is in part due to very few Russian players being active in Europe’s top leagues at the moment.

CSKA Moscow legend Igor Akinfeev is definitely one of Russia’s best players, and probably the most important one as well. He’s been providing reliable hands in goal for more than 10 years already, and at still only 32 years old, he’ll probably do so again this summer. He’s also one of the few players with previous World Cup experience (2014) in this Russian squad.

Ex-Real Madrid talent Denis Cheryshev is one of the few players in the Russian national team who play for a team in the European top leagues, in this case Spanish side Villareal. The creative midfielder has had some injury issues over the past years, but when fit he’s one of Russia’s most decisive assets. The team’s performance will depend for a large part on his creativity. Ex-Feyenoord recruit Fyodor Smolov (currently Krasnodar) is the one who’ll have to be putting the balls in the back of the net for the Russians. The tall striker came in second in the Russian Premier League’s top scorer ranking last season, with 14 goals in 22 games.

If Russia wants to advance through the group stage for the first time, then they’ll have to make sure to take points against Egypt and especially Saudi Arabia, as Uruguay will probably be a bridge too far.

Saudi Arabia

Group A’s weakest team, on paper at least, is Juan Antonio Pizzi’s Saudi Arabia. The entire squad plays in the national competition, even though, through a collaboration with Spain’s LaLiga, a group of players was loaned to a few Primera División teams to prepare for the World Cup. Considering their general lack of playing minutes though, this arrangement is unlikely to have a real effect on the team.
The 31-year old striker Mohammad El-Sahlawi, who plays for Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia, is one of the better-known players in the national team. He scored 10 goals in 19 games for his club last season and he’ll be training with Manchester United in the weeks working up to the World Cup, so it might be interesting to keep an eye out for him. Salem El-Dawsari is one of the players who were loaned to LaLiga last season. In the case of El-Dawsari, this club was Villareal, Spain’s current number 5. Despite limited playing minutes, the midfielder did spend a considerable amount of time in the ranks of one of Spain’s best clubs, so the Saudis will be hoping he’ll make a difference in Russia. Another young player who spent last season in Spain, at Levante, is winger Fahad Al-Muwallad. Short and quick, he’ll be looking to provide the Saudis with some much-needed speed and creativity in the front. Any attacking Saudi danger will probably involve Al-Muwallad.

The chances of success in Russia this summer are slim for Saudi Arabia. Group A is definitely not The World Cup’s strongest group, but we still rate the other teams considerably higher than the Saudis.


If football was played on paper, Uruguay would be qualifying for the knock-out phase without a problem. Of the four teams in Group A, La Celeste have the bigger names and the more experienced players by quite a long shot. In attack, Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani team up to provide the goals. Though both strikers have well passed the age of 30 by now, they’re still lethal at the highest level, which is underlined by their performances for respectively Barcelona (25 goals in 33 LaLiga games) and PSG (28 goals in 32 Lige 1 games). They’ve been forming one of the most feared attacking partnerships in international football for years, so they know each others’ style inside and out. Uruguay’s performance will largely depend on the form and accuracy of these two.

Though the Uruguay squad boasts plenty of other quality players, like Inter Milan’s Matías Vecino and ex-Boro man Gastón Ramírez, we find another world class duo at the back. Diego Godín and José María Giménez form the central block at Simeone’s Atletico de Madrid as well, which is a blessing for the national team. With 9 years of age between them (32 for Godín and 23 for Giménez), they represent the past, present, and future foundation of the team, and they’ll be forming one of the most unrelenting defensive duos of the World Cup this summer.

You should never underestimate the Uruguayans. They combine world class players with a win-or-die mentality, so don’t be surprised if they reach the higher end of the knock-out stage.

Fantasy sports and traditional betting – a common ground

There really is not much difference when it comes to daily fantasy sports and the practice of traditional betting. For example, both of these involve different forms of gambling. The former is just an accelerated form of fantasy sports. Now these are sports where players make up teams with pre-ordained value and within a certain salary cap. Points are earned based on how the teams and players perform in the real world. It’s all about the statistics involved here.

Whether you are betting on fantasy sports or traditional sports, the aim is always to win. In case of the latter, there is a great event coming up – the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It’s slated to be the greatest tournament when it comes to international football and will offer all kinds of betting opportunities, and fantastic chances to make good money. Furthermore, you’d need expert tips to make the most of these offers (here’s where you can get World Cup tips online). Any kind of sports betting is all about knowing the sport (much like fantasy football) to ensure that bets aren’t just random gambling but is about making the smartest, most strategic bets possible.

To come back to our discussion, the similarities in both the genres are striking. Let’s look at a few.

The ability to profit

In both the genres fortune to a large extent depends on the skills of the player. A skilled person in the capacity of a professional gambler has the potential to make an extremely decent sum of money consistently in both formats. Both of them bank on the player’s knowledge of the sport and how it is used to place required bets. Slowly but surely the realm of fantasy sports is syncing in with the traditional world we know so well – here’s an article to that point.

They’re both legal and safe

In continuation with our earlier point and the article in question, we can see that legality is not really a big hurdle in these two genres. Both of them are considered to be completely safe and legal in many parts of the world. A bit of a sticky situation arises if you are in the US. But even that can be got around. Simply use the Las Vegas book. That way your dealings stay legal and you have nothing to worry about. That’s because these books operate well within the law and are prompt in their pay outs. Online may be a little trickier sometimes so try to look for books that are unlikely to be affected by the US laws.

A commissions game

Both these genres depend on commissions for the bookers to stay in the game. That’s how they make their money. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? After all the players are making money and the ones who provide a platform for the players to make that money should be making money too. Otherwise, why provide the service in the first place. Generally speaking the commission in daily fantasy sports arena touches about 10%, in the traditional scheme of things the rate is a little lower. The question of legalization has brought in another interesting angle into all this – it seems that now official sports bodies wants a cut of the profits from legalized betting.

There also exist a few dissimilarities between these two genres, but that’s a topic for another time. Right now if you are into traditional betting, delve right into the fantasy sports world.

Let’s hear from the FPL Cup Finalist for 2017/18

FISO member, Joshhhua, beat off millions of other entrants (over 5 million people entered FPL in 2017/18) to reach the final of the FPL Cup where heart-breakingly he lost by the finest of margins (a 78 to 78 draw but he had fewer goals scored so finished 2nd on the tie-breaker). Here in his own words is how his season went:

‘Hi guys, after having a bit of time to look back at last season, wanted to write a summary of my run in the Cup, hoping it could be useful for someone in the next seasons.

What can I say about this crazy run in the FPL Cup? As Jürgen Klopp once said: “Giving your best will not guarantee success, but it is the only way to achieve it.” Ok, maybe I shouldn`t have listened to someone who lost 5 of his 6 finals, but think he does have a point with that one. Brendan Rodgers, with all his flaws, said: ”I only concentrate on the things I can influence and not wasting my energy on the things I can`t change.” Don`t worry, this was the last quote from managers, but quoting them like they are some brilliant minds of humanity would be disrespectful to somebody like Nelson Mandela, who said: “I never lose. I either win or learn”. Now I`m done with quoting, really. The reason I`m risking being seen as a philosophical nerd with too much spare time on his hands is that those three statements were the foundation of my approach of playing FPL and crucial part of that FPL Cup run.

I`m sure some will say I was extremely lucky and they wouldn`t be wrong. In one round I had a GW rank of 3.9 million and was lucky enough that my opponent was worse than me that round and there is absolutely no question about it that luck is needed to win so many H2H matches in a row, but you give your best shot and hope for the best.

Although my rank was not that bad in the previous seasons I still felt it was not good enough and tried to find out what other managers do better and what things I have to change so I found Fiso and read some very interesting theories supported by plain facts and what I liked the most about Fiso was there were often questions how and why and not only talk about which player from which team as it is on every other FPL related site. It was clear this is the place where I could become better manager, but what surprised me the most was how people were friendly and helpful which is such a rarity nowadays where abuse on internet became almost a normal thing.

I should probably say right away that I didn`t care for the Cup at all when it started. I think there were rounds when I even forgot to look at my opponent`s team before the deadline as I was just concentrated on getting as much points as possible every GW (was aiming for those 66 points per gw on average) and getting into the top 10K and later top 1K. Two rounds I even did -8 as that was better for my team overall. Maybe that is important to note, as if I was making transfers with H2H in mind, maybe my team wouldn`t be in that good position for almost every GW during this long run. What also helped is that I found reasonable the theory about not letting less powerful chips (TC and especially BB) influence the decision when the most powerful chip (WC) should be played and wildcarded in GW28 when I thought it was the best time for my team looking at form and fixtures as I made 12 or 13 changes what ensured continuity in H2H match-ups.

I only started looking at the Cup games in more detail in the last couple of GWs, but that still didn`t influence my transfers and strategy until QF. Even in QF, the only different thing I did because of H2H is captaining Salah who my opponent didn`t have as I was sure it was the only way to beat him as he had his BB chip left, but didn`t use it in the end.

In the SF, I took a look at the other teams still in the Cup and saw that the team that eventually won the Cup, was favorite in the SF and in much better shape for the final round than my team and that I got the easiest opponent in the SF, so after going through many ideas and lot of tinkering decided that not playing TC chip will give my team the best chance of winning the Cup. I knew it would raise a few eyebrows, but the idea looked so good I just had to go with it. It worked out perfectly with double United CS on the last day of DGW handing me the ticket to the final.

The final day was a proper emotional roller-coaster. It started very well with Kane and Salah scoring early, but in the end Arnie`s goal and Robertson scoring late sealed it and I went down on the goals scored. The bonus points system also didn`t help as although Kane scored two goals, the same as Vardy, with the second one being the winning goal, it still wasn`t enough for the 3 BPs and also the story of this season with Salah not getting any BPS for a goal and an assist, but I don`t want to moan.

What I learned from the final is that I should have been more proactive, but after I kept my cool in the SF by not getting Sterling nor Jesus in and not using the TC chip, it was very difficult for me to change the approach that got me there in the first place and that was a mistake. You get to play in the final once in a lifetime and after it is finished you shouldn`t have any regrets. My approach to the final match-up would be sensible for every other GW, but not for this one. I knew which transfers my opponent made and saw he spent 4 points and I didn`t react. Funnily, all the transfers I had in mind would have gotten me the title: Maguire to TAA, Maguire to PVA, Pogba to Arnautovic. I was 99% sure he got Arnautovic in, so if I did the Pogba to Arnautovic transfer, we would both start with -4 and it would be my Kane, Salah against his Alli and better defence.

So, if someone who reads this happens to reach the finals, forget all you know and just go for it. It is one-time opportunity so don`t let it slip because you were too cautious. We can talk about me being unlucky, Zanka`s yellow card in the last minute, Arnie`s “assist” or Pogba coming on for the last 5 minutes preventing Milivojevic to be subbed in, but it is a fact I didn`t rise to the occasion as I should have. One holy man once said “luck is nothing more than a manifestation of your spiritual frame of mind” (literary translation would be “manifestation of your inner spiritual state”) and I forgot that for a moment and was too cautious and too fearful to have luck on my side.

I assume someone will think I want to present myself as know-it-all or elite FPL manager, but I just wanted to share my experience as it is pretty rare to go this far, hoping maybe this would help better managers than myself to win it if they reach final rounds of the Cup. The thing is, the moment you start to think you are great at something is the moment you will stop getting better at that very thing and the regression will kick in.

So, in the end, none of this would be possible without great people here on Fiso. There is no other place for FPL where it is possible to hear so many original ideas and so sensible at the same time. Talk about transfers, captain decisions and game strategy was the most important part of this Cup run as only when I wrote down my ideas and talked about that to someone who knew what he was doing, only then I had a feeling I “gave my best shot” and after the first feeling of disappointment because loss in the final, I felt very happy I had an opportunity to be part of such a great community which helped me realize my flaws and made me a better manager and I would like to think, better person in the end.

I would like to say thanks to all the people here as even if I didn`t directly talk to a lot of you, I was reading your blogs and your comments which also influenced my decision-making. Also, if I offended or upset anybody, please forgive me!

Thank you Fiso!’

World Cup Golden Boot Winner Predictions


Antoine Griezmann – 14/1

France have an abundance of talent in their squad going into the World Cup and their attacking options are second to none, upfront alone they have Lacazette, Giroud, Mbappe and of course, Griezmann. Whilst his club future is uncertain he’s likely to start for France in the majority of their games and with his return of 19 goals in 51 games so far for his country he’s likely to add a fair few more.

Thomas Muller – 20/1

Thomas Muller is an interesting one, on one hand he always seems to pop up with a goal, on the other he’s having a pretty barren goal scoring run. At 20/1 he’s likely to provide some value but don’t be surprised if he either scores 15 goals or none. Germany will probably go far in the tournament and whilst they have other goal scorers Muller is the golden boy of German football and will probably be their #1 choice.

Lionel Messi – 9/1

Lionel Messi is down as favourite with most bookies and it’s a bit of strange one to say the least. Argentina struggled to qualify and it took a hat trick from the G.O.A.T to see them through to the finals but it’s unlikely he’ll be able to repeat his heroics at the finals due to their mismatched squad, if Argentina finally put it all together he might be able to notch a few though.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 12/1

Football’s other golden boy is vying for the golden boot too and being in a group with Iran and Morocco, he could reach a reputable total before even getting out of the group. Whilst he had a lean spell at the start of the La Liga season he still finished with a goal every 89 minutes, better than most strikers the world over. Whilst you shouldn’t count him out, Cristiano is another player hoping the rest of his squad can pull their weight.

Neymar – 10/1

Neymar is spearheading a nation trying to right the wrongs of the 2014 World Cup on home soil and they’re likely to be a different proposition to the team thrashed 7-1 by Germany. With a youthful team full of attacking threat they’re looking to go all the way and with the world cup odds paddy power have given its not unlikely and Neymar will likely reap the rewards. Games against Costa Rica, Serbia and the Swiss will likely add to his tally early and he will surely build on it over the course of the tournament.


Timo Werner – 14/1

The heir to Germany’s #1 striker spot, Timo Werner has come on leaps and bounds in the last two seasons, scoring 42 goals in 77 appearances for RB Leipzig. He’s managed 7 goals in 12 internationals too so don’t be surprised if he notches a few more.

Mohamed Salah – 33/1

Whilst his goal scoring exploits with Liverpool this season have been extraordinary, he’s unlikely to match that at the World Cup. Egypt are likely to be one of the whipping boys of the finals and won’t go far. His odds are more in homage to his club form rather than his likelihood.

Jamie Vardy 66/1

Whilst Jamie Vardy feels as though he’s been around forever now, this will be his first World Cup and England Fans should be pretty hopeful of his contribution. Finishing the Premier League season with 20 goals in a team that massively underperformed, he can probably score a few goals in an England side that’s likely to underperform.

Kylian Mbappe – 33/1

At 19 years old, Mbappe is the youngest player on this list and it’s a surprise he’s even being considered for the crown but should he start the tournament well, he could take the place of someone in the France starting 11 and will get plenty of chances to score.

Odds correct as at 10 May 2018.

Who is going to win Telegraph Fantasy Football 2017/18?

With just one set of Premier League fixtures left on Sunday (all played at the same time so no real transfer opportunities) and the FA Cup Final the following Saturday between Chelsea and Manchester United, it’s still all to play for in the race to be the TFF 2017/18 champion (and the winner of a cool £50,000).

Teams will be very low on transfers (probably only 1 or 2 if that) and those with Manchester United or Chelsea players should have an advantage – they are the only teams that have more than 1 match. Man United also played on Thursday so any spare transfers may well have gone into moving Man United players into teams just prior to that match (and MU defenders will have boosted scores).

Below is the current 2017/18 TFF Season League (for the qualifying season-ticket holders). Just 54 points seperate the top 20 who contain a number of FISO members including the leader. Simon will be worried about those close behind him, particularly formidable opponent Andy Luckhurst. Will TFF be won again by a FISO member after ‘Dead Parrot’ last year and ‘Frosty Casino’ in 2015/16?

Pos Manager Team Pts
1 Simon Allen Destiny 2242
2 Gareth Gwilliam Team 1 2226
3 Shaun Woodford city4 2221
4 Andrew Luckhurst 4 2217
5 Greg Meenaghan Season CA 5 2217
6 Gary Frearson Nicole Lauren 15 2211
7 Bryan O’Rourke Charlotte 2211
8 Adam Pond Play up Pondie! 2201
9 John Ashworth Defoe 2200
10 Richard Neill Physio Wonders 4 2200
11 Henry Oakley C9 2199
12 Simon Snowball Adam Bogle 2198
13 Dean Burdin MU10 2196
14 David Watson Pouilly Fume 2195
15 David Bartram Prescient Education 2193
16 David Chadwick Thunder 2193
17 Simon Allen Emperor 2192
18 Nathan Howells ZH1 2191
19 David Parker JOSA 2191
20 David Watson Corksat 2188

Keep up with what’s happening in TFF on FISO’s TFF forum.

Applying Martingale To Fantasy Sports

Betting on fantasy sports is hardly a new thing in the industry but finding the right strategy could maximise your potential of coming away with a decent wallet full of winnings. Fantasy sports now encompass far more than just soccer or NFL and can incorporate a broad range of other events such as the Commonwealth Games and even Australian Rules football games. In this piece, we’re going to be looking into the Martingale Strategy for betting and how it could be applied to fantasy sports as we know them. But how do we bet on fantasy sports, and what exactly is the Martingale strategy? Read on to find out for yourself.

How Does Betting On Fantasy Sports Work?

Betting on fantasy sports is entirely different to your normal sports betting, but is quickly growing traction amongst fantasy sports players. In fact, the concept itself is pretty much unrecognisable when compared to your traditional bookmakers’ bet and so players and bettors often find that most strategies just don’t fit into this betting method. Within DFS (daily fantasy sports), players are required to put together their own fantasy team within a set budget and compete against other players and their teams.

Players have to choose the players for their teams who they believe will perform best, but of course, the better players tend to be the most highly priced and not every player will have the funds to do this through real money. Luckily, there are free and real-money based DFS so it truly is accessible to everyone in general. However, for those using real money fantasy sports, effective bankroll management is vital to ensuring they can stay in the ‘season’ for longer. The real money versions work with players going against each other, and the winner is essentially the one who accumulates the most points over a weekly, monthly or even seasonal league table – of course, the winner will get a cash ‘prize’ as a result.

Betting on fantasy sports can seem pointless when the odds are against us, but for those with effective bankroll management and a good strategy, betting on fantasy sports could be a fun, strategic method for trying their hand at winning a progressive jackpot.

What Is The Martingale System?

The Martingale system is one of the most commonly used betting strategies across a number of different gaming types. Whether you’re sticking to sport’s betting, or drifting out into the world of online casinos, this method can be applied pretty much everywhere, but what about in DFS? First, we have to understand just what the Martingale Strategy is and how to use it.

The Martingale System requires you to have a set bankroll and ideally a fairly sizeable one, so you can not only work with the bankroll you have, but resist the temptation to go over it at any point. To start with this system, you’ll need to place a fairly low bet. For this example, we’ll bet £1. Then, once that bet has been played, the result will tell you what to do next – if you lost, you double your bet and if you win, you play the same again in the case of £1, or return to that £1 bet if you’ve been betting more.

This might seem counterproductive, but the theory is that, by playing small bets and doubling your bet after a loss, you’ll come around to a win again and end up with a profit. Of course, there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to this betting strategy, but the question is this – how can this strategy be applied to fantasy sports?

How Could It Be Applied?

Despite the difference in betting method that comes with daily fantasy sports, the Martingale Strategy could theoretically be applied to fantasy sports with little difficulty. However, it could require a large bankroll and an even larger penchant for taking risks. With DFS, you could essentially place a bet a day on the games that you play and then double your bets upon a loss. With a £10 bet on a game, you could essentially lose over and over again, but it would require a pretty much unlimited bankroll which unfortunately takes away from the ‘effective bankroll management’ we mentioned earlier!

When it comes to DFS in particular, the limitations are particularly inherent. If you have a high skill level and find that you’re winning regularly anyway, this method could prove profitable but for those on limited bankrolls with even more limited skill level, this could prove to be much riskier with harsher losses. Not everyone will have a huge bankroll or one that they’re willing to kiss goodbye to if things go sour, so while the Martingale System can be applied, the question of whether it should is ultimately a matter of personal opinion. For those with limited budgets, this could be a risk they may not want to play, but for those with larger bankrolls and a history of DFS wins, the profits could soon be rolling in.

How To Bet On Fantasy Sports

One of the fastest growing pastimes of men is betting on fantasy sports. This concept works differently from bookmaker bets as the wager is not put on the sporting events directly. Instead, players are required to create their own fantasy team to compete against the others who have created their own. There are many different betting platforms offering a wide range of options, prizes, and jackpots.

#1: How Betting On Fantasy Sports Works

To be able to participate in fantasy sports betting, players must choose the players they think will perform best. Each pick has a set value determined by the quality of the player and the bettor must choose a whole team within a set budget. Points are accumulated by the performance of those players chosen.

#2: Real Money Fantasy Sports Bets

There is free and real money fantasy sports betting competitions online that you can take part in. Real money betting works by players betting against each other and the winner is the one whose team accumulates the most points. There are many different formats for this form of betting such as weekly and seasonal competitions.

#3: Sporting Knowledge

One of the main reasons why it has become so popular is due to bettors been able to use their sporting knowledge to gamble against other bettors. In the US it is widely popular with passionate fans who have a huge knowledge base that they can use to their advantage. It is most popular with football, soccer, baseball and basketball leagues.

#4: Fantasy Sports Betting Rules

Each fantasy sports league has their own unique take on how the points and rules work. Depending on the sport that the league is catering for, points will be rewarded for players who score points, create assists, clean sheets and more.

The rules will determine the available budget, amount of players that can be picked from a single team and positions. In some league players will be able to pick substitutes and will be able to move them in and out of the team each week. It means that if one of your main team players gets injured you have a replacement you can use. Each week the points totals of all the teams are added up and entered into a league on their score. The winner is the one with the most points at the end of the competition.

#5: Ways To Bet On Fantasy Sports

There are many ways you can place a bet on fantasy sports. The most popular is by entering a fantasy sports league that lasts the whole season for a huge jackpot. If players want to just bet on a single game, they can do so via online betting sites by setting up a team just for a single week. It is also possible to enter weekly league competitions with prize available for the top finishing players or winner takes all in a mutual betting group.


Fantasy sports betting is on the rise and is one of the must way ways you can gamble on sports. You can enter leagues for very little for your chance to win a huge progressive jackpot that would change your life forever. All you have to do is to pick the best performing players for either the week or season for your chance to win big.

Double Gameweek, Wildcards & Freehit Chip

Fantasy Premier League is at the crux point of the season where not only has the impact of the FA Cup meant the movement of EPL fixtures, resulting in Gameweek 35 with only 6 matches whilst the FA Cup semi-finals were played, but some EPL clubs have little to play for whilst others are fighting tooth and nail to stay in the EPL. We’ve also had a double gameweek in GW34 and will have another one in gameweek 37.

England striker Harry Kane

Gameweek 34 had the likes of Spurs, Man Utd, Leicester and Chelsea playing twice. Importantly for many Harry Kane, who’s been out of sorts since returning from a long injury lay-off, and Lukaku, after MU’s surprise 1-0 loss at home to now relegated WBA, scored in their teams 2nd match of the week. No team managed 2 clean sheets in the week.

Many FPL managers who’d saved their Free hit chip (new for this 2017/18 season) would have used it to reset their team for GW35 with only 12 teams playing due to the FA Cup semis which involved 4 EPL teams. Those captaining Salah, Lacazette, Sterling, De Bruyne or Jesus would have done well, especially so if they had defenders from Watford, Palace, Man City or Everton.

With Gameweek 36 starting this Saturday and a normal 10 matches some managers are considering playing their wildcard chip now so that they can then use their saved Triple Captain or Bench Boost chip for Gameweek 37. Only 1 chip can be played in each gameweek. Most managers however won’t have saved such chips and will be lucky to just be able to use their wildcard for GW37 which starts on Friday 4th May and then has 6 extra matches (making 16 in all) on Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and finally Thursday 10th. Player selections will likely be from Man Utd, Spurs, Man City, Arsenal (bearing in mind Europa Cup) and Chelsea. Finding that player who really gets in amongst the goals (like Harry Kane at this time last year) will give a real boost to a manager’s season ending FPL total score and placing.

Plenty of discussion on tactics for the next FPL gameweeks is going on in FISO’s FPL forum. To join in register for free here.

Top 5 Best Online Casino Strategy That Really Works

The aggressive strategies and engaging games from the betting houses helped online gambling reaching more people in the recent years. The industry is no longer trailing behind traditional online gaming. Instead, it integrates the best elements of traditional online gaming into the gambling world.

Due to that, a large number of people are accessing online casinos for fun and entertainment. A significant percentage of players approach the games seriously to earn some good income. If you are into the online gambling world, you fall under either of these categories. Even if you access the online gambling world for entertainment, you can seriously approach the games and earn some good income. A number of strategies will help you to draw more success from the online tables.

Choose the Right Game

All online casinos house hundreds of different types of casino games in their platforms. Choosing a game randomly by just keeping prize money or other critical flags is a real mistake. It is always good to choose games that reflect your personality and mood. There are casino games where you can apply skills or crave for mere luck.

If you have excellent analytical skills, you can choose games like poker and blackjack as they give you the option to make use of your skills. Also, you should stick to a couple of games and continue to play those to become a master during the course of time.

Learn the Game

After choosing the game, it is your turn to learn it. As much as you know the game, you improve your chances of winning it. You can read articles and watch videos that describe tips, strategies, rules associated with the games, and more.

You can also watch videos where players make some big wins and losses. Those videos will give you better insights that you can utilize in your gaming. Before starting, click the help icon of the casino game and fully understand the rules, instructions, winning payouts, types of bets, and more. Good knowledge of the game is a highly valuable asset in online gambling.

Make Use of the Free Games

A large number of casino platforms offer free games to help you to transition the learning curve. The real-time gaming experience is the best learning and strategy in your online casino game adventures. You can explore as much as you want since there is no risk of loss. As you play the game more, you get more connectivity to it, and it would become crucial when you put your real money.

Many casino platforms offer unlimited free games to aspiring gamers. It helps you to play the game until you are comfortable and confident to take on the real war.

Use the Specific Game Strategies

Based on the type of game you choose, you can learn and apply some specific strategies to improve the winning odds. You can research on the internet and get an idea about the strategies you can apply into your games. For instance, if you choose to play poker games, you can learn Texas Hold’em and Seven-Card Stud strategies to improve your chances.

The strategies will teach you how to approach the game, when to invest money, when to quit the game, and more. The specific strategies also help you to advance your learning in the game.

Utilise the Offers

Do you know that online betting houses often put promotional offers to attract more gamers into their platforms and encourage the existing gamers? They offer free gifts, match bonus, free spins, and more to the players. If you are careful enough to make use of these options, you may be winning jackpots without making any significant investments.

Usually these promotional offer work in three ways: better payouts, improved winning odds, and more opportunities like free spins. Don’t you think that effective use of all the three would ensure better success and returns from the wheels?


Many people think that online casinos have less room for strategy. In reality, all those are designed to benefit the gamers with right skills and strategies as well. It is due to the online casinos need more gamers and continued business. For that, the winning record of the players in the casino is a primary factor.

Meet Traffic Puma. The New Affiliate Marketing Beast for Online Gaming

Traffic Puma is the newest name in affiliate marketing. You better watch out for this animal. Because it is born to prowl the affiliate marketing space and bring some new ideas to market.

Meet Traffic Puma.

One of the newest to enter the affiliate marketing space. A space which is pretty saturated as it is. But Traffic Puma is not a business idea made up in the basement office. Because the company is founded by three friends from the iGaming industry.

Together they have several decades in the business. Experience that could be of benefit, if one is able to find the right project.

Traffic Puma

And the first project for Traffic Puma is one that targets the UK.

In the UK the market for online sports betting and casinos is very high, so this will be a natural starting point. Also, because Traffic Puma has special knowledge in these areas.

To spearhead Traffic Puma’s campaign in the UK, they will use the newly developed site
And the communicational task at hand for CEO Ken Larsen at Traffic Puma will be to explain how “wise” merges with “gambling” in the first place.

The Wise Gambler

“In our gaming universe we want to attract people like you and me, who like to play online games – for money – occasionally”, he explains. “The important thing is to keep your gambling under control. And we want to focus on that in all of our communication”.

The project was conceived, planned, and executed in full compliance with UK regulations, which changed recently.

“Our core values include responsibility. And for us, it is on our part we need to see more responsibility. We will communicate this idea better.”

Information is a key piece of the puzzle, as more and more users seek just that. appeals to responsible players who want to keep their playing under a little control.
And, at the same time, enjoying themselves.

Malta Location

Traffic Puma is located on the small island/country of Malta. And it seems fitting, not just because Malta is one of the best places to be if you’re in the gaming industry, but also because people in the business mix more here.

Traffic Puma was started by three colleagues and friends from “the business.”
And according to Larsen, one of Traffic Puma’s main weapons is exactly the collective experience of its founders.

“It is Traffic Puma’s ability to consolidate tech and resources from already existing ventures that will be our main strength.”

The company already has several affiliate sites in various foreign markets, such as Northern Europe, and South America. Wisegambler is going well, and the plan is to launch several other sites soon. Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming company from Malta, if you’re interested in lead marketing and affiliate marketing for the iGaming industry.