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PHPBB forum help

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PHPBB forum help

Post by el_pappje » 22 Jun 2017, 23:38

I'm going to contact Admin about this directly but thought I'd throw it out here too (particularly as I've left it until close to my deadline!).

I've volunteered to be on a mini-IT group for a business organisation that is looking into developing an online forum to enhance its membership proposition. I sat and listened to a number of people around the association table float ideas such as Facebook groups and the like, but couldn't get away from thinking about FISO and all the functionality we have on here.

So essentially I'd like to know some more about how the php structure underpinning this site works: how much does it cost? Are there different costs depending on how modern the software is? Or varying costs depending on the functionality required? Are there different providers of the software? Basically, I'm not well-versed in IT but I've volunteered to get the info on the php approach to feed back in to the group.

Some of the plus points that I can see from FISO that would work for the organisation I'm involved with:

Ability to have some info/threads open to all but others requiring registration
Ability to have private/closed threads/groups within the forum
Ability to structure threads by sub-groups - this would work perfectly given the different types of business structure that would be using it
Moderators as necessary

To my mind, the way FISO works is absolutely perfect for what I think the association is looking for and how I think this planned online forum might function. I just need to understand the basics that underpin it in order to explain them for others to consider.

All input much appreciated!

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Re: PHPBB forum help

Post by bspittles » 23 Jun 2017, 06:46

All those things you mention come as standard, and the software itself is free.

What you'll need to pay for is the hosting of the site, and maybe someone to carry out occasional maintenance and upgrades if you don't have any technical expertise within the organisation. The phpbb forums are very helpful, and I never had any issues that they couldn't help with.

I've no idea how much hosting is these days, I think it will depend on many many users you will have, and how busy the site gets.

Good luck!

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