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Fantasy Basketball (NBA) ???

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Fantasy Basketball (NBA) ???

Post by bluelionman » 18 Nov 2008, 00:24

I know the season started on 28th October but have for a few years thought about trying to get into this sport. I thought doing a fanto game on it would help me learn the players and teams quicker and take more interest in sitting down and watching. So naturally I went to the NBA's website and like the NFL's they have a few free games.

I decided on a game where you can do a private league and are not head to head but like our football games in an overall league. A bit like our FPL fantasy football game on This game is called 'NBA Stock Exchange' and has the players prices change based on adds and drops to teams. This games rules also said you could make your own private league to start from when you want. Great - so I can still do one I was thinking - trouble is it won't let me enter dates in the fields for the start and end of the game that you are supposed to be able to choose yourself - not sure if its my PC or the sites fault and they have not replied to me when I sent them two contact us e-mails about this problem? :(

Any way was very supprised to not see any Fantasy NBA on FISO when there is a whole section for NFL. I like NFL best - granted - but thought basketball was equally as popular in the UK as TV has carried it for almost as long as NFL has been here to, as in they have also sent NBA teams over to play regular season games at the O2... :idea:

So my question is any one else here into basketball and got any thoughts on a non head to head (draft) free simple (beginers) game to try or has any one else had a go with this NBASE game... more pertinently did you manage to set up a league that started late with your own chosen start and end dates?

Well here's a link for the NBA.s web site -" onclick=";return false;

You can find this NBASE and other fantasy games on there... have fun and post here your thoughts / experiences.

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