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Updates make teams visible ytm/record

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Updates make teams visible ytm/record

Post by 12345678 » 30 Apr 2008, 08:42

hi guys,

this applies to ytm aswell i guess, but a little less as ytm doesn't include motm (and delayed KC scoring i think?).

i think that i have managed to work out the team line ups precisely bar a potential goalkeeper transfer on ALL of the 2nd/3rd/4th teams.

funnily enough i am not sure that it actually helps me a great deal at the moment :shock: :lol: , although i wouldn't have bothered if i didn't think it might :lol:

next week it is highly likely it will become clear if those teams are out of transfers or not aswell :shock:

i like having daily updates in a way but dislike anyone being able to see other peoples teams intensely.

however with this type of update teams are quickly visible to the extent that the last 3 weeks results and updates make it possible to work out every player in the 3 teams behind me :shock:

i guess i still think this is the best way to do it, but weekly updates would make it much harder to guess other teams at the end.

how does everyone else think the update should go? i'd vote for same as it is now.

btw this is a good game a shame the entry isn't bigger, thought a few of the irish would bump up the entries even if the scots are not bothered in playing it more :shock: at least i'm a quarter very scottish :lol: - stornoway :wink:


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