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Best Weekly game???

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Kevin and Perry
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Best Weekly game???

Post by tonygsmart » 02 Aug 2015, 09:57

Played PlayOn last season and it was pretty good. Free to enter games every matchday with cash prizes. Came sooo close a few times (was leading twice at the end of the final game and within a few minutes-and for no explainable reason-I was down in 2nd!!).....but you can't knock a free to enter game with cash prizes :)
Any others out there?
Which are the best weekly games?

Grumpy Old Man
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Re: Best Weekly game???

Post by ooozzzie » 23 Nov 2015, 13:17

I have played "playon" quite a bit but a new one out is This has far better graphics than Play on and the live scoring is very impressive. They have two sorts of games, a weekly where you can pick 11 players with the 100,000 limit which does make you think a bit, but it is workable. Then a single match game where you pick FIVE players with no rules except for one, you must pick at least one player from each side. The live scoring usually starts after about 5 to 10 minutes into the game and is updated every five minutes. You score 40 points for a goal, points for assists, passes, tackles, and lose points for yellows, own goals etc. And it can be quite close, a yellow card can very easily drop you 3 or 4 places depending on how many there are playing. There were just 9 of us playing in the Spurs game yesterday each putting in £2. I was 2nd until Alii got his stupid yellow, dropped me to 5th and out of it.But thats the game. The pay out was on 1st and 2nd only but that again depends on how many are playing.

It is quite new so the numbers playing are quite low, but it is building. You can play the free games on Saturday/Sunday, they do put some guaranteed pots on, for instance Week 13 there were 67 players with a pot of £350 so not bad at all. Also a £2 game where there were 23 players with a pot of £41. You can put up a challenge and join any game with entry of £2 £5 £10 £20 and even £50

Well worth a look, I am sort of breaking even on it at the moment, but it is good fun as well as a bit of gamble, and you can play for free as well quite easily.

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