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Week 12 Scores?

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Week 12 Scores?

Post by scopsm » 13 Nov 2007, 13:22

What's happening with the scoring in this game for Week 12?

If I click on FISO League, Weekly performance, then Week 12 shows 7 points?
If I click on My team, then previous, it shows me my scores for Week 12 and the total is 7 points which is my goalkeeper's points.

If I add up the scores for the players in Week 12, it gives:
52.5 points

There are 2 other teams in FISO League which seem to have a similar problem for Week 12.

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Post by blueprint » 13 Nov 2007, 16:54

Yahoo are always bad at keeping Score. You can always fire off an email to them to ask about it or just wait, they normally catch up a few weeks down the line.
I'm still waiting for the score for the Arsenal players this week. May take them a day or two to catch up with these and even then they may alter them a week or two from now.
Apart from this problem I do really like the Yahoo game.

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