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Dream Team Weekly

A forum for news and comment on The Sun's Dream Team weekly games.
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Re: Dream Team Weekly

Post by Vid » 25 Sep 2014, 15:46

Nice one spooge!

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Re: Dream Team Weekly

Post by spoogehead » 25 Sep 2014, 18:50

Thanks for all the congrats and as annoying as this will sound I did these in a rush this week and completely forgot it was League cup week :!: but this probably explains my fairly big lead after the weekend as obviously no-one else on the leaderboard was as inept as me and set up their teams with an eye on the C1 Cup. Even more annoyingly for everyone else, this being my last pick of the weekly 5 I just went for a block defence + reasonably well performing players who I hadn't put in the other teams. The only player that didn't score well was Rooney.

Managed to dodge multiple bullets over the last 2 days and along with bonus appearances from Sterling and Schurrle hauled me over the line - as Striker says, when it's your day, it's your day and everything that could have gone in my favour did :)

I would like to publically state however what a wonderful rating system the Sun DT team operate :wink:

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Re: Dream Team Weekly

Post by Edmondson » 25 Sep 2014, 18:57

Well done spooge, always need a bit of good fortune. 31st for me, Balotelli and Eriksen the let downs this week :twisted:

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