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League list 08/09 - who are you?

A forum for discussion on Can You Kick It's (CYKI) Fantasy Football game
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Re: League list 08/09 - who are you?

Post by bossdrum » 29 Aug 2008, 22:31

bossdrum...Time For Trumpton...Oscar Deacy

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Re: League list 08/09 - who are you?

Post by sorbiegunner » 31 Aug 2008, 10:03

DixieDean wrote:
rishabhbaidmutha wrote:I have a team in CYKI, but I am not in the Fiso league. if somebody could let me have the pin # to join the league it would be appreciated.
I know you're new and it's rather amazing you've already found a mini-league to join but you should really read the end of this thread to get your answer... viewtopic.php?f=101&t=44659&start=70" onclick=";return false;

Oh... and please try and not make this your last ever post? :wink: :wink: :wink:
Please try not to be rude to new members (and three knowing smileys after your rude comments don't cover the rudeness, so don't play the innocent)
If he doesn't post again we won't know whether it's because of he had no intention of ever doing so or because reading your comments convinced him that he'd rather not be a member of this community.

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Re: League list 08/09 - who are you?

Post by Herman » 17 Sep 2008, 16:04

Herman Thorpe Bay Aardvarks Pete Wrobel :)

Was in the fiso cyki league last year and a few others.

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Re: League list 08/09 - who are you?

Post by Takeshi Kovacs » 20 Sep 2008, 10:11

Just applied to join under the name JOCI Club.

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