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Dier, Eric

Club: Tottenham
Position: DF

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  • Re: Wildcard or not ?
    22 Sep 2014, 23:09

    I've mentioned in my RMT that I'm trying to shift Dier out. Other that that it's strong.
  • Re: Mystery FISO X1 14/15 & random waffle thread
    22 Sep 2014, 15:11

    Ummm...Dier I think. Not sure. Only just back home and a quick look at the table tells me something is wrong....
  • Re: Football Fanager 2014/15
    22 Sep 2014, 13:55

    Time for my first hard luck story of the season.

    £2 EPL weekend selection.

    Like I assume most people I concentrated on Sunday picks, only having 4 players on Saturday. However my Arsenal block of Szczesny, Kos & Mert together with Sterling had me on twice as many points as anyone else with 1 exception who was only 5pts behind me, due to our first differential I had Mert and he had Ramsey.
    It turns out I had only 4 differentials with my main rival, as we had in common

    After the early Sunday Kick-offs that gap had closed to 1pt. As he had Di Maria who outscored my RVP by 3, and ERIKSEN who outscored my DIER by 1pt.

    So I was leading by 1 and it came down to the final differential in the 4 O'clock kick offs.
    He had COLEMAN I had NAISMITH. Neither in the team.
    I can't lose unless.... Naismith comes off the bench (1pt), Everton Lose(-2pts) Naismith gets booked (-2pts) and Naismith doesn't get an assist or a goal. :cry:
  • Re: The Drogs RMT
    22 Sep 2014, 13:36

    Am considering Dier -> Wisdom as my 2nd free transfer. Dier with 3 tough games. Frees up some funds for elsewhere. He is on the bench this week, and Wisdom would start ahead of Swansea's Taylor. West Brom have some nice home fixtures, and he could possibly rotate with Hutton when/if I bring him in down the line.

    Given how popular Wisdom is around these parts, I'm guessing that wouldn't be an unpopular pick. But I guess the question is whether there are any other options I've missed?

    Was considering possibly Naismith to Ulloa for a 4 point hit... Leicester away to Crystal Palace. And he's scoring very freely. Although looking at the rest of my team I'm reasonably well set for this week with 9 players at home. So it'd be Siggy or Ulloa for a spot... Plus I've already missed his unexpected (for me) price rise. And he's unlikely to go up again before next week.
  • Re: The Drogs RMT
    22 Sep 2014, 11:16

    Hmmm. So I've 2 free transfers this week. 1 used to do a short term swap from Welbeck -> Pelle. SOU fixtures > Arsenal, and he's bang in form. Expect to reverse that in the future, and hoping any price rises from one is tempered by an equivalent in the other. Although the slowness of price rises this year makes it less of an issue.

    Trying to decide how to spend the other one.


    1. McCarthy. Non-playing keeper. Don't have money for a 4.5 upgrade. Forster has those good fixtures, so not an urgent issue. But would be nice to get it done in advance of SOU fixtures getting tougher.

    2. Dier. Spurs form is very patchy now, after their initial 2 game good start. Thought Poch would have them very tight at the back, but not proving to be the case it would seem. Time to cash out on Dier and bring in someone cheaper... If I also do purchase 3 below, it means I've 5 million to spend, but not sure who to bring in as a replacement looking at the rest of my team... maybe van Aanholt?

    3. Naismith. Being benched against CP was not in the script. It cost me 11 points as I played him ahead of Welbeck based on fixtures. Ulloa in would be a nice change. But I need to make another change to allow it. Is it worth the 4 point hit? Leicester away against Crystal Palace instead of Everton away against lfc..

    Here's what my team is currently. Any other options I've missed?
  • Re: The Egg Cup Championship 2014/15
    22 Sep 2014, 11:03

    Debuchy :arrow: Blind
    Nasri :arrow: Di Maria
    Dzeko :arrow: Costa

    Team value - £50
    Transfers remaining - 22

    Changes made Sunday
    Fooled into thinking Man U had turned corner! Thought I was beginning to get side I wanted (apart from Howard!)

    Shaw :arrow: Debuchy (Pre season transfers)
    Sturridge :arrow: Giroud (Pre season transfers)[/quote]
    1) Januzai :arrow: Dier
    2) Llana :arrow: Mata
    3) Giroud :arrow: Rooney
    4) Demichelis :arrow: Richardson
    5) Debuchy :arrow: Dawson
    6) Rodwell :arrow: Blind
    7) Nasri :arrow: Di Maria
    8) Dzeko :arrow: Costa

    And yes Des love the team grid!
  • Re: GW6 Transfers. Deadline: Saturday September 27th, 11:30a
    21 Sep 2014, 22:06

    So I've made one of my free transfers....

    Welbeck -> Pelle.

    I only brought in Welbeck 2 weeks ago at 6.9. I have sold him making the .1 profit.

    Thinking being that Arsenal's fixtures for the next few games are tough, while SOU have a very nice run & Pelle is scoring well. I'm expecting to buy back Welbeck again, and given the price rises are so slow in this game, I'm not too worried about it costing me too much. Pelle is also due to rise as well.

    Other possible transfers out... rated in likeliness.

    Dier - another 5 million or less defender. Spurs proving less effective at keeping CS's than I expected under Poch. His goals hugely inflate his defensive merit, and they could be a huge blip. Bought him at 5.1 so he needs another .2 rise before I'd get any more than my 5.3. Possibly back to Hutton again, as I've cover for the other defenders in the short term.

    Wilson - as mentioned elsewhere, Stoke seem unable to keep a CS, even though their goals against column is as good as most teams. They just keep letting 1 goal in most games. This would be a like for like switch. The plus of having a Stoke defender is they rotate perfectly with Swansea...

    Ramsey - a bit leftfield. Just starting to get a little concerned that his point hauls will reduce in the short term. Tough fixtures coming, and I'm not sure he's been as good this year compared to last. Throw in the greater competition this year for Att Mid points, and he might struggle to match last year's exploits... (Worth a dedicated thread?) With that 9.1 price tag, he'll need to up his game. A change from him to Boyd allows me to upgrade Naismith to anyone 11 million or under. It would mean a shift from 3-5-2 to 3-4-3 in reality.
  • Re: The Egg Cup Premier League 2014/15
    21 Sep 2014, 12:02

    Lucky Eggs


    van Aanholt
    Demichelis :arrow: Dier

    Ramsey :arrow: Chadli

    Balotelli :arrow: Falcao
    Dzeko :arrow: Costa

    Total £48.7
    Transfers Left:- 23

    Reasons for Transfers :-
    A bit of a re-jig to hopefully kickstart this team. No Costa was costing a lot and Balotelli has not done a lot.
  • Re: TFF chit chat 20th and 21st September
    21 Sep 2014, 11:39

    Tottenham are unchanged from the side which started at Sunderland last weekend, while Joleon Lescott makes his West Brom debut.

    Spurs XI: Lloris, Dier, Kaboul, Chiriches, Rose; Capoue, Dembele; Chadli, Eriksen, Lamela; Adebayor

    West Brom XI: Foster, Wisdom, Dawson, Lescott, Pocognoli, Dorrans, Morrison, Gardner, Brunt, Sessegnon, Berahino
  • Re: The Rounded Keeper - FPL Pubtalk & Matchday Banter 2014
    21 Sep 2014, 11:32

    13:30 kickoff team news:

    Leicester City: Schmeichel, De Laet, Morgan (c), Moore, Konchesky, Hammond, Cambiasso, Nugent, Drinkwater, Vardy, Ulloa.
    Manchester United: De Gea, Rafael, Evans, Blackett, Rojo, Blind, Herrera, Di Maria, Falcao, Rooney, van Persie (NO MATA)

    Tottenham: Lloris, Dier, Kaboul (c), Chiriches, Rose; Capoue, Dembele; Chadli, Eriksen, Lamela; Adebayor.
    West Brom: Foster, Wisdom, Dawson, Lescott, Pocognoli, Dorrans, Morrison, Gardner, Brunt, Sessegnon, Berahino.
  • Re: The Rounded Keeper - FPL Pubtalk & Matchday Banter 2014
    21 Sep 2014, 11:31

    Lloris. Dier, Kaboul, Chiriches, Rose. Capoue, Dembele. Lamela, Eriksen, Chadli. Adebayor.
  • Re: #^#^#^# FISO 5AS Head2Head 2014/15 #^#^#^#
    21 Sep 2014, 10:40

    Eagles vs Spartak

    Match 1
    Eagles: Cahill, Eriksen & Mata
    Spartak: 21 point advantage

    Match 2
    Eagles: Cahill, Rooney(c) & Naismith
    Spartak: Falcao(c) & 9 point advantage

    Match 3
    Eagles: Gayle & Aguero(c)
    Spartak: Eriksen, Naismith & Rooney(c)

    Match 4
    Eagles: De Gea, Dier, Mata, Eriksen & Rooney(c)
    Spartak: Ivanovic & 33 point advantage

    Match 5
    Eagles: Ivanovic, Baines(c), Chadli, Naismith, Rooney & Aguero
    Spartak: De Gea, Dier, Cahill, Fabregas, Di Maria, Costa(c) & 6 point advantage

    Duplicate players removed

    Still too much football to play to call this one yet...
  • Re: The Egg Cup Premier League 2014/15
    20 Sep 2014, 20:34

    Debuchy to Dier for me last night. Traveling at the mo so will post properly when home.
  • Re: The Egg Cup Championship 2014/15
    20 Sep 2014, 10:49

    Howard 3.4

    Coleman 4.1
    Demichelis 4.0
    Debuchy 3.2 to hutton 2.2 injury

    Fabregas 5.4
    sanchez 7.0
    lamela 3.6
    dier 3.3
    Rodwell 2.9

    Sturridge 6.9 to rooney 6.8 injury
    Dzeko 6.2 to costa 7.0 too late
    49.7 m
  • Re: GW 5 Transfers. Deadline 20/09 11:30am
    19 Sep 2014, 22:59

    Debuchy :arrow: Dier
    Hazard :arrow: Di Maria
    El Ahmadi :arrow: Delph
  • Re: The Egg Cup League 2 2014/15
    19 Sep 2014, 21:30

    1. Januzaj :arrow: Berahino
    2. Deschemilis :arrow: Dier
    3. Dzecko :arrow: Adebayour
    4. Mata :arrow: Stirling
    5. Sturridge :arrow: Aguero
    6. Berahino :arrow: Naismith
    7. Adebayour :arrow: Costa
    8. Debuchy :arrow: Richardson

    22 Left, 3-4-3, £49.9M

    o further upgrading after the international break
  • Re: debuchy replcement
    19 Sep 2014, 19:55

    Ok, I went for Clyne rather than Dier. Fingers crossed.
  • Re: The Egg Cup League 2 2014/15
    19 Sep 2014, 12:17

    Howard 3.4

    Coleman 4.1 :arrow: van Aarnholt 2.2
    Demichelis 4.0 :arrow: Trippier 2.4
    Shaw 3.9 :arrow: Lovren 3.3

    Fabregas 5.4
    Nasri 4.7 :arrow: Di Maria 5.3
    Lallana 4.4 :arrow: Ramsey 5.0
    Januzaj 3.9 :arrow: Debuchy 3.2
    Rodwell 2.9 :arrow: Costa 7.0

    Sturridge 6.9 :arrow: Welbeck 5.2
    Dzeko 6.2 :arrow: Aguero 7.5

    Total £49.8m :arrow: £49.7m

    Pre season transfer A > Lallana :arrow: Ramsey: Lallana injured, Ramsey will outscore Sanchez in my opinion.
    Pre season transfer B > Januzaj :arrow: Debuchy: Should play most league games and is at Newcastle price

    1. Shaw :arrow: Lovren: Shaw injured, Lovren - first choice CB for Liverpool
    2. Coleman :arrow: van Aanholt: Expensive for cheap. VA should play every week and do not require high expectations for 2.2m
    3. Demichelis :arrow: Trippier: Again cash generator to bring expensive striker in. Demichelis to lose his first team place. hoping for KCs from Trippier
    4. Rodwell :arrow: Costa: The big upgrade.
    5. Nasri :arrow: Di Maria: Replace a rotation risk with world quality who has no european distractions
    6. Sturridge :arrow: Welbeck Injured to a relatively cheap top 4 starting striker
    7. Dzeko :arrow: Aguero A rotation risk to the top striker in the league (provided he stays fit)
    8. Debuchy :arrow: Dier Injured to a player who seems to be a Poch favourite

    22 Transfers left
  • Re: Don't rate my team, FIX my team
    18 Sep 2014, 16:53

    Jedinak :arrow: Boyd allows Robertson :arrow: Dier or Jagielka
    Add in Kaboul :arrow: Bertrand and it's looking a lot more balanced.

    I don't like having an attacking player that I wouldn't play often but I can live with the price saving.
  • Re: debuchy replcement
    18 Sep 2014, 7:29

    jimwinn wrote:
    Longshot wrote:
    No love for Dier at +0.1M? After his start, worthy of consideration?

    As a Spurs fan I would avoid our defenders now that the Europa has started - this seems to really affect pre & post match performances

    Good point, thanks.
  • Re: The Egg Cup League 2 2014/15
    17 Sep 2014, 22:21

    3 more blown away as Sturridge and Debuchy crocked. Transfers done Sunday am


    Demichelis :arrow: Dier
    Shaw :arrow: Debuchy :arrow: Rojo

    Nasri :arrow: Rooney
    Lallana :arrow: Mata :arrow: Lamela
    Januzaj :arrow: Siggy

    Sturridge :arrow: Aguero
    Dzeko :arrow: Adebayor

    Total £49.9m

    23 left
  • Re: debuchy replcement
    17 Sep 2014, 16:12

    Longshot wrote:
    No love for Dier at +0.1M? After his start, worthy of consideration?

    As a Spurs fan I would avoid our defenders now that the Europa has started - this seems to really affect pre & post match performances
  • Re: debuchy replcement
    17 Sep 2014, 14:08

    No love for Dier at +0.1M? After his start, worthy of consideration?
  • The urge to tinker...
    16 Sep 2014, 15:47

    is strong in this one!

    A good first week did not translate into good second and third weeks! The tortoise is feeling very slippery right now and my hold on it is slipping.

    My current team is:

    Costa (was Sturridge but transferred before last weekend)

    One injury related transfer only to date as noted above.

    However, I need to deal with Debuchy (likely a switch to Dier for +0.1M) but am now wondering about an early jump onto the di Maria bandwagon, funded by dropping Toure (who has shown little of interest so far). The other player in doubt now is Fletcher who looked like a good enabling move but now seems to me to have little chance of a regular start. Toure to di Maria frees up some some cash to add to the 0.5M I already have spare. Fletcher to Siggurdson springs to mind.

    So, do I cling on tighter to the tortoise or make some moves?
  • Re: chilli_green RMT
    16 Sep 2014, 10:28

    My transfers for GW4 didn’t quite work out, took an 8pt hit and lo and behold Mata outplayed Sterling and Naismith pulled a blank.

    Jumped quickly to get rid of Debuchy before any price drop for Clyne. Would you make any further changes for GW5? Think it might be best to avoid another 4pt hit for the sake of staying in touch in the mini leagues and letting things settle a bit.

    Mannone (Krul)
    Ivanovic, Clyne, Dier (O’Shea, Wasilewski)
    Ramsey, Sterling, Fabregas, Sigurdsson (Ki)
    Naismith, Costa, Rooney

    I’m thinking my future plans might be to super-downgrade Rooney and upgrade Ki to Di Maria for the full 5 premium mids, although it just depends on how Man U settle their team and if Rooney keeps firing.
  • Re: What to do with the Debuchy money
    16 Sep 2014, 10:26

    I went with Clyne myself, jumped on the transfers Saturday night before any price changes. Southampton defenders seem to be getting pretty decent returns and I'm hoping a back three of Ivanovic/Dier/Clyne could offer some defender-scored goals.
  • Re: Ángel Di María (Manchester United)
    15 Sep 2014, 23:44

    With that logic you'll be taking points off everyone soon Stem. Every players chances created and assist stats are inflated with easy balls where the receiver did all the work or lucky crosses, it's inconsistent to water down one performance when you don't do the same to others, although I will concede that some of Di María's were particularly lucky and if you delve into pass maps I don't think it looks particularly good.

    Did Lamela's corner to Dier that was poor and didn't really clear the first man deserve an assist? Did Fàbregas easy pass to Hazard against Leicester deserve an assist, when Hazard had all the work to do? These are just two examples off the top of my head (or points players I don't own got that I'm stilll bitter about :lol: ). I'm sure everyones numbers would be reduced if we decided to analyse each chance created and decide which ones were worthy of being counted. Though if we did go through them case by case for everyone it would be a more valuable analysis, even if it relied on our personal judgement.

    To be honest I don't know why were disagreeing, my opinion on Ángel Di María and where he should be in your fantasy league team is almost the same as yours; without wanting to put words in your mouth I think it's pretty much not yet, he hasn't proven anything with that lucky big points haul against QPR. Though personally he's a player I am worried about not owning, a gamble that could pay off.

    I actually think my comments fit better with the context of replying to your post in that other thread, because I was really only pointing out the small differences in my view. I certainly don't think it's right to encourage some of the rampant Di María love we'll see, though my comments taken alone don't really support that.
  • Re: RMT - Wildcard?
    15 Sep 2014, 22:38

    Thanks for the reply - I like that plan.

    Bearing in mind that I have 1.4m in the bank, I'm thinking Baines (6.9) at home to Palace could be a decent option instead of Dier for this one week before my wildcard. And since I tend to play 3-4-3, Chester missing out isn't such a big deal. I was initially worried about him dropping in price as people offload him this week, but since I got him at 4.5 anyway (now 4.6), it doesn't matter if he drops.

    Eriksen and Adebayor having a good fixture increases the appeal of holding on for another week, and then can rearrange next week like you say.
  • Re: The Egg Cup Championship 2014/15
    15 Sep 2014, 21:47

    Rodwell :arrow: Dawson

    Team value - £48
    Transfers remaining - 25

    Change to 532
    An attempt to pull out of relegation. Rodwell not getting good reports at mo, place could come under threat. Dawson guaranteed starter.

    Shaw :arrow: Debuchy (Pre season transfers)
    Sturridge :arrow: Giroud (Pre season transfers)[/quote]
    1) Januzai :arrow: Dier
    2) Llana :arrow: Mata
    3) Giroud :arrow: Rooney
    4) Demichelis :arrow: Richardson
    5) Debuchy :arrow: Dawson
  • Re: RMT - Wildcard?
    15 Sep 2014, 21:32

    I'd probably leave it another week as Aguero could be a priority after Chelsea too and so possibly an ideal time to reorganise if needed. Team looks strong enough to cope until then.

    If you're wc the week after next use this week's ft to strengthen the defence, so Debuchy to Spurs defender at home to WBA (eg Dier as only picking for next weeks fixture and not longer)
  • Re: Debuchy
    15 Sep 2014, 15:24

    Yes, unfortunately I have to dump a few Debuchys today.

    I'm thinking a straight swap to Coleman, or go Dier and bank some cash for the next transfer window.

    I'm still not convinced Dier will keep his place so I'm edging towards Coleman. Everton looking decent at the moment and their fixtures look relatively good up to tw2.

    Should have listened to Dot :lol:
  • Re: John Morrison Elite League 2014-15
    14 Sep 2014, 20:27

    Elite League net transfers in/ net transfers out:
    Player                         Pre-TW Post-TW Change
    Aguero, Sergio (MCY)           3      45      +42   
    Sterling, Raheem (LIV)         26     63      +37   
    Dier, Eric (TOT)               0      27      +27   
    Welbeck, Danny (ARS)           0      25      +25   
    Costa, Diego (CHE)             61     85      +24   
    Balotelli, Mario (LIV)         0      20      +20   
    Ivanovic, Branislav (CHE)      2      12      +10   
    Falcao, Radamel (MUN)          0      8       +8     
    Moreno, Alberto (LIV)          0      7       +7     
    Coleman, Seamus (EVE)          16     23      +7     
    Sigurdsson, Gylfi (SWA)        7      12      +5     
    Shawcross, Ryan (STO)          5      10      +5     
    Hazard, Eden (CHE)             24     28      +4     
    Naismith, Steven (EVE)         0      4       +4     
    Blind, Daley (MUN)             0      4       +4     
    Fabregas, Cesc (CHE)           33     37      +4     
    Amat, Jordi (SWA)              1      4       +3     
    Lukaku, Romelu (EVE)           2      5       +3     
    Chadli, Nacer (TOT)            0      3       +3     
    Lloris, Hugo (TOT)             4      7       +3     
    Silva, David (MCY)             6      8       +2     
    Dyer, Nathan (SWA)             0      2       +2     
    Vertonghen, Jan (TOT)          12     14      +2     
    Manquillo, Javier (LIV)        2      4       +2     
    Clyne, Nathaniel (SOT)         1      3       +2     
    Lovren, Dejan (LIV)            28     30      +2     
    Pelle, Graziano (SOT)          1      2       +1     
    Adebayor, Emmanuel (TOT)       8      9       +1     
    Janmaat, Daryl (NEW)           1      2       +1     
    Lamela, Erik (TOT)             23     24      +1     
    Mertesacker, Per (ARS)         1      2       +1     
    di Maria, Angel (MUN)          0      1       +1     
    Rojo, Marcos (MUN)             0      1       +1     
    Schmeichel, Kasper (LEI)       8      9       +1     
    Williams, Ashley (SWA)         0      1       +1     
    Kolarov, Aleksandar (MCY)      12     13      +1     
    McGregor, Allan (HUL)          40     41      +1     
    Vlaar, Ron (AVL)               1      2       +1     
    Courtois, Thibaut (CHE)        0      1       +1     
    Kane, Harry (TOT)              0      1       +1     
    Eto'o, Samuel (EVE)            0      1       +1     
    Schurrle, Andre (CHE)          3      4       +1     
    Cahill, Gary (CHE)             20     21      +1     
    Begovic, Asmir (STO)           3      4       +1     
    McGeady, Aiden (EVE)           0      1       +1     
    Cresswell, Aaron (WHM)         1      2       +1     
    Coloccini, Fabricio (NEW)      1      1       0     
    Skrtel, Martin (LIV)           2      2       0     
    Szczesny, Wojciech (ARS)       10     10      0     
    Azpilicueta, Cesar (CHE)       2      2       0     
    Shelvey, Jonjo (SWA)           1      1       0     
    Gomez, Jordi (SUN)             1      1       0     
    Cameron, Geoff (STO)           1      1       0     
    Trippier, Kieran (BUR)         3      3       0     
    Heaton, Tom (BUR)              1      1       0     
    Pieters, Erik (STO)            1      1       0     
    Jovetic, Stevan (MCY)          2      2       0     
    Richardson, Kieran (AVL)       1      1       0     
    Cabella, Remy (NEW)            2      2       0     
    Mangala, Eliaquim (MCY)        3      3       0     
    Terry, John (CHE)              5      5       0     
    Ozil, Mesut (ARS)              1      1       0     
    Livermore, Jake (HUL)          1      1       0     
    Mee, Ben (BUR)                 1      1       0     
    Howard, Tim (EVE)              4      4       0     
    Lennon, Aaron (TOT)            1      1       0     
    Zabaleta, Pablo (MCY)          1      1       0     
    Mannone, Vito (SUN)            2      2       0     
    Austin, Charlie (QPR)          1      1       0     
    Bertrand, Ryan (SOT)           2      2       0     
    Koscielny, Laurent (ARS)       11     11      0     
    Ince, Tom (HUL)                1      1       0     
    Dawson, Michael (HUL)          1      1       0     
    Krul, Tim (NEW)                1      1       0     
    Fabianski, Lukasz (SWA)        1      1       0     
    Jelavic, Nikica (HUL)          1      1       0     
    Bruce, Alex (HUL)              1      1       0     
    Bardsley, Phil (STO)           6      6       0     
    Tadic, Dusan (SOT)             1      1       0     
    Dann, Scott (CRY)              3      3       0     
    van Aanholt, Patrick (SUN)     7      6       -1     
    Young, Ashley (MUN)            1      0       -1     
    Green, Robert (QPR)            7      6       -1     
    Lambert, Rickie (LIV)          1      0       -1     
    Demichelis, Martin (MCY)       1      0       -1     
    Sagna, Bacary (MCY)            1      0       -1     
    van Persie, Robin (MUN)        1      0       -1     
    Tiote, Cheick (NEW)            1      0       -1     
    Debuchy, Mathieu (ARS)         51     50      -1     
    Huddlestone, Tom (HUL)         5      4       -1     
    Cazorla, Santi (ARS)           8      7       -1     
    Dzeko, Edin (MCY)              9      8       -1     
    Ferdinand, Rio (QPR)           2      1       -1     
    Sanogo, Yaya (ARS)             1      0       -1     
    Evans, Jonny (MUN)             4      3       -1     
    Wilshere, Jack (ARS)           3      2       -1     
    Remy, Loic (CHE)               1      0       -1     
    Chester, James (HUL)           12     11      -1     
    Barry, Gareth (EVE)            1      0       -1     
    Baines, Leighton (EVE)         7      6       -1     
    Toure, Yaya (MCY)              12     11      -1     
    Enrique, Jose (LIV)            1      0       -1     
    Kouyate, Cheikhou (WHM)        1      0       -1     
    Lescott, Joleon (WBA)          1      0       -1     
    Arnautovic, Marko (STO)        2      0       -2     
    Stones, John (EVE)             6      4       -2     
    de Gea, David (MUN)            8      6       -2     
    Bony, Wilfried (SWA)           3      1       -2     
    Jenkinson, Carl (WHM)          2      0       -2     
    Ramsey, Aaron (ARS)            85     83      -2     
    Herrera, Ander (MUN)           2      0       -2     
    Eriksen, Christian (TOT)       26     23      -3     
    Soldado, Roberto (TOT)         4      1       -3     
    Gerrard, Steven (LIV)          3      0       -3     
    Barkley, Ross (EVE)            3      0       -3     
    Luis, Felipe (CHE)             8      4       -4     
    Speroni, Julian (CRY)          13     9       -4     
    Caulker, Steven (QPR)          12     8       -4     
    Coutinho, Philippe (LIV)       6      2       -4     
    Sanchez, Alexis (ARS)          24     20      -4     
    Snodgrass, Robert (HUL)        4      0       -4     
    Krkic, Bojan (STO)             8      2       -6     
    Gibbs, Kieran (ARS)            15     8       -7     
    Chambers, Calum (ARS)          27     20      -7     
    Smalling, Chris (MUN)          10     2       -8     
    Davies, Ben (TOT)              20     12      -8     
    Jones, Phil (MUN)              15     3       -12   
    Davies, Curtis (HUL)           58     43      -15   
    Mata, Juan (MUN)               39     12      -27   
    Giroud, Olivier (ARS)          29     0       -29   
    Sturridge, Daniel (LIV)        40     4       -36   
    Rooney, Wayne (MUN)            79     31      -48   
  • Re: def help please
    13 Sep 2014, 16:45

    Nope. I seen the line up just before the window shut and took Chambers out for dier last minute, hoping luis might play :cry:
    On the plus side of things I'm not conceding goals from dubuchy and luis anymore :mrgreen:
    When's the next window open lol.
  • Re: The Rounded Keeper - FPL Pubtalk & Matchday Banter 2014
    13 Sep 2014, 13:07

    Chelsea v Swansea City
    Courtois; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry (c), Azpilicueta; Matic, Fabregas; Schurrle, Oscar, Hazard; Diego Costa
    Cech, Filipe Luis, Zouma, Ramires, Salah, Remy, Willian

    Fabianski, Rangel, Amat, Williams (C), Taylor, Ki, Shelvey, Sigurdsson, Dyer, Routledge, Gomis.
    Tremmel, Tiendalli, Fernandez, Carroll, Montero, Emnes, Bony.

    Crystal Palace v Burnley
    Speroni, Ward, Delaney, Dann, Mariappa, Jedinak (c), McArthur, Puncheon, Zaha, Campbell, Gayle.
    Hennessey, Fryers, Kelly, Ledley, Williams, Ledley, Bolasie, Doyle.

    Heaton, Trippier, Duff, Shackell (c), Mee, Arfield, Marney, Jones, Boyd, Jutkiewicz, Ings
    Gilks, Reid, Ward, Wallace, Sordell, Long, Barnes

    Southampton v Newcastle United
    Forster, Clyne, Fonte (c), Alderweireld, Bertrand, Cork, Schneiderlin, S. Davis, Tadić, Long, Pellè
    Davis (GK), Yoshida, Gardos, Wanyama, Ward-Prowse, Mayuka, McQueen.

    Krul; Janmaat, Coloccini (c), Williamson, Haidara; Colback, Anita; Cabella, Sissoko, Gouffran; Riviere.
    Elliot, S.Taylor, Tiote, Obertan, Ameobi, Armstrong, Perez

    Stoke City v Leicester City
    Begovic; Bardsley, Shawcross (c), Wilson, Pieters; Whelan, Nzonzi; Moses, Bojan, Walters; Crouch
    Sorensen, Huth Muniesa, Arnautovic, Adam, Diouf, Assaidi

    Hamer, De Laet, Morgan ©, Moore, Konchesky, Mahrez, Hammond, King, Schlupp, Ulloa, Nugent
    Smith, Drinkwater, Vardy, Cambiasso, Knockaert, Wasilewski, Wood

    Sunderland v Tottenham Hotspur
    Mannone, Vergini, van Aanholt, Brown, O'Shea (c), Cattermole, Larsson, Rodwell, Johnson, Alvarez, Wickham
    Pantilimon, Jones, Bridcutt, Gomez, Giaccherini, Buckley, Altidore

    Lloris, Dier, Kaboul, Chiriches, Rose; Dembele, Capoue; Lamela, Eriksen, Chadli; Adebayor
    Vorm, Fazio, Naughton, Lennon, Stambouli, Townsend, Kane

    West Bromwich Albion v Everton
    Foster, Wisdom, Olsson, Dawson, Pocognoli, Morrison, Gardner, Brunt, Dorrans, Berahino, Ideye
    Daniels (gk), Gamboa, Baird, Yacob, McAuley, Blanco, Samaras

    Howard, Coleman, Baines, Jagielka, Stones, Barry, McCarthy, Mirallas, Naismith, McGeady, Lukaku.
    Robles, Alcaraz, Garbutt, Gibson, Besic, Osman, Atsu
  • Re: The Egg Cup League 2 2014/15
    13 Sep 2014, 13:02

    1. Januzaj :arrow: Berahino
    2. Deschemilis :arrow: Dier
    3. Dzecko :arrow: Adebayour
    4. Mata :arrow: Stirling
    5. Sturridge :arrow: Aguero
    6. Berahino :arrow: Naismith

    24 Left, 3-4-3, £49.0M

    o upgrading after the international break

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