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Press Release on UK Fantasy Football on 11 Aug 2006

 Fantasy Football - over £1 Million on offer for 2006/07!

Fantasy Football, celebrating its 15th birthday in the UK this year, is going from strength to strength with over £1.25 million up for grabs in major Fantasy Football games based on the 2006/07 Premier League season. There are now more games than ever with a wide variety of formats for Fantasy Football fans to choose from. 

Few would have thought that when Fantasy Football first hit the UK market in 1991 its popularity would have soared as dramatically as it has, with millions of people across the world rising to the challenge. Those who have reached the pinnacle have found Fantasy Football life-changing thanks to the huge cash prizes – up to £125,000 – on offer.

Although the Internet has made a dramatic improvement to most games, it is the major UK newspapers that continue to get behind the games. The Telegraph, Times, Mail, Mirror, Sun, Star and Metro all offer Premier League games with prize money ranging from £40,000 to £300,000. As well as entering online you can still register teams for some games via mail or premium rate telephone. Nearly all games offer a free mini-league facility with which to challenge your friends, family and work-mates.


Fantasy Football Services run by FISO - Community Forum and English Premiership Injury Table


The success of the games has led to tough competition between papers to attract more players and there is a wide range to choose from. The experts behind, the popular fantasy sports community website, have compiled a list of the leading games based on feedback from their users (based on prizes, reliability and overall usability). These are:

 1) Daily Mirror You The Manager

Prize Fund: £275,000

Key points: Easy to play, low maintenance, four transfer windows, good reliability of website, helpful support staff.

2) Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football

Prize Fund: £100,000

Key points: Traditionally the leading game, interactive with 30 transfers over season, popular for office leagues, subjective man of the match scoring.

3) The Sun's Dream Team

Prize Fund: £300,000

Key Points: Highest number of entries, very low maintenance, two transfer windows, subjective player performance scoring.

4) Fantasy League

Prize Fund: £75,000

Key points: Online only, squad based, one of the original UK games, helpful support staff.

The popularity of the FISO Forum confirms that Fantasy Football is here to stay and continuing to grow.

"Every year we are getting more users and posts on the forum than ever before,” said Chris King, who runs

"With the World Cup and build up to the new Premier League season, the last few weeks have been our busiest ever. We've had over 12,000 users register for our community forum in the past 10 months, making over 200,000 posts in that period and are on target for 2 million page views this month alone which is our best yet. The unrivalled prize money now on offer is encouraging more and more professional gamblers and regular football fans to enter teams."

The countdown for this year’s Premiership Fantasy Football games is on as entrants strive to pick their winning teams before kick off on 19 August.


Notes for Editors.

1. For more information contact FISO Ltd.  

2. Brief history of Fantasy Football in the UK:

Since its introduction to the UK in 1991 the concept has gone through several stages to ensure its continued popularity. It started with specialist books for groups of friends or colleagues to play in auction leagues (only one team in the group could have each player, such as Ian Rush) before being picked up by the newspapers as a great promotional and database building tool in the mid 1990's.

David Baddiel and Frank Skinner jumped on the band wagon with their "Fantasy League ™" TV programme which topped the ratings during Euro 96. Many thought this might have been the peak but the advent of the Internet provided fantasy sports with an incredible shot in the arm that it has not looked back from. 

3. began in 2000 and is a focal point for fantasy sports players. This week 5 years ago, FISO launched a forum for the fantasy sports community, which from word of mouth has grown from strength to strength and is approaching 500,000 articles posted. The FISO Forum is where thousands of like-minded people meet online each week to discuss a wide range of subjects, including surprisingly Fantasy Football!


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