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Fantasy Share Portfolio Games:

Fantasy Shares: Observer - 25,000 in prizes

The Money Observer is offering everybody one free online entry to their 'Investor of the Year' contest.  Further entries, if required, can be made via a Premium Rate phone call.  So if you've ever fancied being a top fund manager, wheeling and dealing in the stock market, now you can.

All you have to do is pick shares that you believe will be 2003's best performers.  A tricky task, perhaps, but at least you won't lose your job if you fail.  There are lots of prizes to be won, including 10 sets of five monthly prizes and a grand end-of-year prize pot, worth a combined 25,000.

Select five shares from the 30 companies listed that you believe will show the greatest percentage rise in share price in 2003 between 1 January and 31 December.  Your selection will qualify for the monthly and premier prizes.

Predict how many of the 30 shares will be showing a gain in value by the end of the year.  This will be used as a tiebreaker.

You can only make one entry via the Money Observer website:

If you wish to enter again, simply ring the Registration Hotline on 0906 470 9239 and follow the prompts to leave your entry details & contact information. (60p per minute, BT Premium Rate).  You can make as many telephone entries as you like.

Once the competition is in progress, performance figures for the 30 shares and winners' names will be published in the Guardian, Observer and Money Observer every month.

The first monthly prize will be awarded for the shares showing the greatest percentage rise in the two-month period of January and February.

List of companies

 1   Anglo-American     11   Cadbury Schweppes  21   Marks & Spencer

 2   AstraZeneca          12   Capita             22   Persimmon

 3   BAE Systems       13   Diageo             23   Prudential

 4   BG Group              14   GUS                    24   Reuters

 5   BP                         15   Hilton             25   Scottish & Southern

 6   Bradford & Bingley 16   HSBC               26   Smith & Nephew

 7   British Airways      17   IMI                        27   Tesco

 8   Brit-Amer. Tobacco 18   Inchcape              28   Unilever

 9   BSkyB                19   Johnson Matthey    29   Vodafone

10   BT                      20   Man Group              30   Wolseley

Deadline for entries is 5pm Friday 31 January 2003.

Virtual Trader 

City Comment, is the site for investors by investors. It combines independent market opinion, breaking news and the largest UK trading game, called Virtual Trader. Play Virtual Trader and you could win cash prizes whilst experiencing the thrill and excitement of investing in shares.  You can set up your own leagues and have fun competing against family, friends and colleagues.


BullBearings is a completely free UK fantasy stocks and shares trading game.  Choose from over 2,500 UK stocks to invest 100,000 in.  The site also features our very own virtual financial spread betting simulation game.  users can setup private leagues to compete with their friends or colleagues.


A free to enter Fantasy Share portfolio game with monthly, quarterly and yearly cash prizes where an individual could win 4,200 in a year in one of the most realistic fantasy share game on the internet. Start trading with 200,000 and try to beat the professionals on the leaderboard. The game begins on 1st April 2002 and lasts for one year.

Trade 2 Win

UK Community website for short-term and daytraders with live trading rooms, discussion boards, competitions, book store, journals and events diary. They run two competitions, firstly a UK share competition runs for four weeks at a time. Traders can buy/short any UK shares, they have a starting capital of 50k and can hold a portfolio of up to five stocks. More info can be found here:

Their second competition is to do with predicting the movement of the DOW each week over four weeks. More info can be found at the bottom of their homepage.


Stock market simulation using real market data.

The Times' Fantasy Shares

The Times' Fantasy Shares game challenges you to invest a fantasy 1 million in  real-life stocks and shares and build a world-beating portfolio in ten separate categories of shares.  Stunning prizes are on offer each week. The online trading game 'Fantasy Shares' is run by The Times and Bloomberg and gives you the chance to win incredible prizes by proving your share dealing skills are better than the rest. Game on!


Yahoo! invite you to trade $100,000 each month on a fantasy stock portfolio. This is an easy to play fantasy share game with cash prizes. 

Channel 4's Show Me The Money - NOW CEASED

Channel 4's Show Me The Money dares you to invest a fantasy 100,000 in 5 stocks and make just one trade a week. Their online share trading game offers weekly prizes of 1,000 along with a ten weekly prize of 10,000 for the top fantasy share trader!

Investor Factory - NOW CEASED

If you would like to take advantage of a realistic and educational online trading experience where you can:
 -  win 500 cash
 -  enhance your investment knowledge
 -  build your confidence

then Investor Factory could be for you!

This is Money's Fantasy Share Trader game - NOW CEASED

This is Money's Fantasy Share Trader game runs from June to 31 August 2001. If you are a canny investor you could win a fantastic 10,000 first prize. Alternatively, you could walk away with one of our regular weekly prizes of 1,000. Fantasy Share Trader is all about your ability to judge whether a selection of shares will rise or fall. Buy if you think a share is undervalued and will rise above the current 'high' price. Sell if you consider that a share is overvalued and will fall below the current 'low' price. Get it right and you could win 10,000!


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