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Listed here, with date of review - just click to go to full review:

Dream League Fantasy F1 Manager

2004 game - WIN a VIP Trip to the 2005 Australian GP with Pure Racing Fantasy F1 Manager - the ONLY Fantasy F1 game with 2 overseas VIP Grand Prix trips to be won - including paddock visits to meet the B.A.R drivers.

The first 3 GP's are a "Warm-Up" enabling you to get the hang of things. Register before MARCH 6th for this and be in with a chance of winning a trip to meet Jenson Button at this year's British GP.  Scoring for the main Championship League starts with the San Marino Grand Prix on April 24-25th so there is plenty of time to select your all-conquering team.

The Rules are easy to follow. All you have to do is select 4 drivers, 2 teams and 1 tyre manufacturer from a budget of 200 million. Tactics will be all important as you have just 30 transfers to use. To add to the fun you can even change your line-up during a race weekend. It's 10 to play and there's a 5 for the price of 4 special offer.


F1fantasia is a real-life Fantasy Formula 1 team management site. Been going since the late 1990s and is free to play with a prize on offer for every race. Choose 6 drivers and 2 constructors from a budget of 100m f1 credits. Play in the season or join up for individual races (all season signup). Mini-league facility. Updated review 26 February 2004.

F1 Forecast

F1 Forecast is a Formula One prediction game run from  Holland. Dutch and English versions available.

F1 Manager

This fantasy formula one game is run by the Dutch based Sportdreams. F1 Manager costs 10 Euros to enter. Each player is allocated a 100 million Euro budget. A transfer market is in operation.

F1 Portal

F1 Portal's developers are based in Belgium and their (English) website went live on 1 March 2001. 4 free F1 games are currently offered, a simple prediction game (predict top 3 for qualifying and top 3 for the race), a traditional fantasy F1 game (pick 2 drivers, 1 engine and 1 chassis using a budget of $50m), a betting game and a simulated F1 Manager game that allows you to manage your own car - incl. practice, qualify, warm-up and testing and watch live races (independent from F1). Updated review 5 April 2002.

F1 Tipping

Tipping F1 is a free Formula One Prediction league game. For each Grand Prix you predict the 1st, 2nd and 3rd qualifiers and race finishers. Maximum points are scored by guessing the positions in the correct order, but supplementary points are also awarded if your driver finishes in the top three. Predictions to be made before qualifying starts. Tipping F1 features include: Community based leagues, League management, Messaging within and outside your league, Player profiles and statistics, Grand Prix forecasts. Updated review 4 February 2003.

Fantasy-F1.Net is a fantasy team management web site providing a game based on the actual F1 results. Create your own F1 teams - two race drivers, a test driver, a chassis, engine and tyres - and they score points based on the performance of each component during the season. You can tweak your teams between races - sack a poorly performing driver or swap a weak engine for a better one. To add extra interest, component prices change during the season based on relative performance, so you can make money by buying cheap components and selling when they improve. Bonuses are also awarded for predicting the first driver to retire and the first driver to pit.

Entry is free for up to three teams and you can get extra features at a small additional cost. You can run your own leagues for friends and colleagues.

We award prizes to the top two teams from each race, and the top four teams at the end of the season. For the 2005 season we have already secured five 2004 F1 Review DVDs, three copies of the re-released Grand Prix 4, press packs from the BAR launch and some posters. Updated review 19 January 2005. Original review 5 June 2004.

Fantasy F1 Boss

Fantasy F1 Boss provides entrants with $62,000,000 with which they can contract two drivers, build two cars, hire a pit babe, and invite their sponsors to one race in the season. With each real-life race victory, the team will generate revenue. A more popular pit babe will attract more revenue. Inviting your sponsors to a winning race will generate more revenue. If you don't spend all the $62m then this goes in the bank and is included with your season generated revenue. Both Free & Paid Entries are invited. Paid entries are eligible for cash & possibly other prizes. The concept is the usual in that it follows the real-life performances of teams, but the generation of revenue instead of points, involvement of a pit babe, and inviting your sponsors to a race (in which you generate double-points) is the twist. Reviewed 30 June 2003

FantasyFormulaOneLeague asks you to select 9 Drivers, 4 Constructors and 3 Grand Prix race venues. This gives a huge amount of permutations which vastly reduces the chance of duplicate winners. But, just in case, you are also required to enter a tie-breaker. Points are scored for grid positions (including a bonus for Pole), finishing positions and number of laps completed. League tables and fantasy stats are produced after each GP and you can login to your own page to check out exactly how your own team is doing. Entrants can also set up a Mini League competition to compete against friends. Other features include cash prizes (for main and mini league competitions), full FIA stats and a daily F1 news page. Entries accepted up to the first GP qualifying session. No restriction on entries per person. Entry fee is GB 5.00 (or US $8.50 if paid by credit card). Reviewed 23 January 2002.

Fantasy League's F1

Fantasy League bring you a great Fantasy F1 game - simply select a team of six drivers, one engine and a set of tyres from the respective selection lists, ensuring that the total value of these selections does not exceed the max. quota.

Changes are unlimited for the duration of the warm-up period. Only races 3 to 16 count towards the season's Fantasy League F1 championship.

Once the main championship has commenced, team managers have 20 transfers. In true Fantasy League tradition, team changes can be made up to 15 minutes before the start of the race, allowing manager's to consider driver/car form during qualifying and changes to race conditions. On every Thursday immediately before a Grand Prix they'll be sending you a personalised email containing vital statistics for your Fantasy League F1 team, details of race timings and early practice news from the circuit. The entry fee for is 10.00.


A free fantasy Formula 1 game based on real-life performance. Mini-league option for friends. Reviewed 3 July 2004.


Free Fantasy Formula One League. 47m to spend on 2 drivers, 2 cars and a tyre manufacturer. Points scored as in F1 but with extra points for making up position from starting grid to finishing position.

Mad-Eric Fantasy Formula 1

It is free to enter and there are no prizes, but you can set up multiple "subleagues", thus allowing you to compete directly with friends/colleagues. Each team starts with #110m with which to buy 2 drivers, 1 engine, 1 chassis and a set of tyres. Points are given out for qualifying position, race position, improvement between qualifying and race position, and the fastest race lap. Each point earned by your team also provides extra money (#100,000 per 10pts) which can be invested in your team, allowing you to upgrade your team as the season progresses (elements sold lose some of their value). Reviewed 24 Feb 2005.

Pro Fantasy Formula One

- WIN a trip for 2 to the 2007 Monaco GP
- Runners up prizes & Team of the Race prizes
- Driver & Team Profiles to help you guide with your team
- 1 Team for 5 or 3 teams for 10

The Sun's F1 DreamTeam

The Sun's 50,000 F1 Dream Team competition offers fabulous prizes. The game asks you to gauge whether drivers and constructors will outperform expected pre-season performance. Costs 5 per team to enter with a 5 for the price of 4 offer. Updated review 22 February 2005.

If you have played a fantasy or interactive Formula One game that you think should be included within our pages or if you run your own online competition that you think deserves a mention or even if you own formula one management software that you would like to advertise on our site -  then please let us know or use the submit form.

Obsolete Fantasy F1 games.


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