Real-life performance Fantasy Football games operate a scoring system reflecting Real Life football matches, particularly the English Premier League. Fantasy football competitions are a great way of following your favourite football teams or players or simply enhancing your viewing of the Premiership football matches.

Although the Internet has made a dramatic improvement to most Fantasy Football games based on real-life action, it is the major UK newspapers that continue to get behind the games. The Telegraph, Times, Mail, Mirror, Sun, Star and Metro all offer English Premier League games. As well as entering online you can still register teams for some games via post or premium rate telephone. The English Premier League itself also has an official Fantasy Football game which is extremely popular with over 1 million entrants.

The success of Fantasy Football games and their marketing power has led to tough competition between game operators and game promoters to attract more entrants and there is a wide range to choose from. See our selected listing opposite of Fantasy Football Games for more information.

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