Fantasy Football, celebrated its 23rd birthday in the UK in 2014, and is going from strength to strength with over GBP1 million up for grabs in major Fantasy Football games based on the Premier League. There are now more games than ever with a wide variety of formats for Fantasy Football fans to choose from.

Few would have thought that when Fantasy Football first hit the UK market in 1991 its popularity would have soared as dramatically as it has, with millions of people across the world rising to the challenge. Those who have reached the pinnacle have found Fantasy Football life-changing thanks to the huge cash prizes - of over GBP100,000 - on offer. One Fantasy Football winner even walked away with a cool GBP1m!

Fantasy Football is not only based on the action in real-life matches - there are a huge range of simulated Fantasy Football management games available online. Major Football Management games played against other people on a website may become the norm rather than on the PC, Playstation and X-box.

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