With Mondogoal, fans around the world compete in daily or matchweek fantasy football for free or for real cash prizes. Daily fantasy is a condensed version of the well-known season-long model. The Daily format allows players to compete over a shorter timeframe, with a lower commitment and steady interest from the first week of a season to the last.

Build a full 11 man team using a budget. Play for cash either head to head or in tournaments. Daily fantasy football structured by league, across leagues or by various pool and pot sizes. Players score points for certain statistics (e.g. Goals, Assists, Passes, Shots, Tackles, etc). The contest team with the highest total points wins. The top 10 to 50 percent of entrants will also win prizes.

Mondogoal is open for cash play in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and Brazil with expansion to additional countries coming in early 2015.
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