Fantasy Premier League Commissioner is a DIY (do it yourself) fantasy football platform that allows you to customise your own EPL fantasy game all within 3 minutes. It's like mini league on steroids!

Users could set their own overall budget, transfers allowed, change the valuation of each EPL players and allocate customised fantasy football points for 18 player statistics like goals, shots on goal, assists, yellow card, red card and more.

League creators could also set their own domain name, design the look and feel of their game with their own colour scheme, logo, advertisement banners, wallpaper image and many more. Injury report and player transfer news are also available and fantasy points are automatically updated during Premier League matches together with livescores, results, standings and more.

Premier League fans could run their fantasy league for free for the entire season with limited features if they have not more than 10 members, while premium league owners enjoy full features when they choose between packages depending on the number of users they wish to have.

To test drive this new platform with a demo account, please visit,

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