FISO 7 FANTASY MANAGER is a Fantasy Football game using players from just the top 7 English Premier League clubs (according to their finishing positions the previous season and wealth - the two generally go hand in hand).

The game incorporates discussions and injury news from within the FISO Fantasy Football forums: making this the game to play to keep up to date with the latest fantasy news on your favourite players.

To add a bit of fun and intrigue each manager is also required to choose one defender, one midfielder and one striker that is on view to all other managers (i.e. only 8 of the 11 players in your team are hidden from public view).

FISO 7 is FREE to enter and only available to FISO members (maximum one fantasy team per member). If you have not registered for FISO please 'sign up' and then 'sign in' to view the fantasy game pages. The link to FISO 7 is the first drop-down option under 'FISO Games' on the top menu bar.

From within FISO 7 click on a player's page and you can see current FISO 'forum discussion' about him. The FISO Injury and Suspension news table is also integrated with FISO Fantasy Manager so that injured or suspended players are highlighted in red.

FISO 7 challenges you to choose 11 players from only the top 7 English Premier League clubs (in one of five formations, within a restrictive 100m budget) who will score points from goals, clean sheets and key contributions. Maximise your team points by correctly predicting starting defenders and by using up to 2 transfers per game week and one wildcard during the season. Using your wildcard is your only chance during the season to change formation so consider your formation choice carefully i.e. once the season starts you are stuck with the formation (e.g. 442) you selected until you use your one and only wildcard.

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