How to be a good score predictor

The best tips for becoming a good score predictor, from how to develop your system to key variables. How to be the best on your path from score predictor to winning score predictor.

Ever since the first booking agency opened up, there have been people that would stay up all night so they could figure out tomorrow’s fixtures. Those times have changed because now is easier than ever to be a good football score predictor. If you ever wanted to become a good score predictor then you came to the right place. Take a sit and a pen because there is a big difference between a good score predictor and a casual score predictor and that’s what you are going to learn from this article.

Develop a system

Ask every winning football score predictor what is the first step you should go through when starting to bet on sport and he will always tell you to develop your own system. Having your own system can grant you a lot of benefits, but you need to make sure it’s yours and of course, developing your own system takes practice and experience, but you will also need to know your variables.

Know the variables

Knowing how to estimate a team’s performance and potential is all due to these variables. Statistics are key for a good football score predictor. Some of the most popular ones are:

• Possession
• Shots on goal
• Shoots on target
• Goal differential

You should always have these variables in mind when predicting a score because they are detrimental and mandatory for every score predictor. They should be the main focus of your system. You wouldn’t believe how many people forget about this, thus, their system is going to fail.

Always incorporate Home Ground Advantage

There is no doubt that the home ground advantage exists. Every good football score predictor knows about it. What is something you should doubt is on to which degree home ground advantage enhances a team possibility to win. Whether or not, certain teams have a bigger home advantage than others. In terms of football, some speculated that the advantage the team playing at home as against the opposed one is +0.74 goals per match.

Trust your instincts

Call it what you want: instincts, intuition, gut feeling, you have to trust it. Your instincts are shaped by your past experiences and your existing knowledge which you gained from those experiences. Your intuition is connected to your mind, body and spirit and it could help you win a lot more times than you would think. Just be careful not to rely on it too much, intuition is wanted to be dependent on in certain situations, a smart score predictor is a good score predictor.

Choose the best odds to bet

Do some research when it comes to good bookmakers to be sure you are betting in the right place. Odds play a very big role when it comes to your winnings and you must choose the most lucrative ones. Remember, a good bookmaker makes a good score predictor. The days where you could only play at one or two bookmakers are over since the internet got popular so why not search for the best one there is?

Summarizing everything, not everyone can be a good score predictor because it requires a lot of patience and skill but there is nothing wrong in trying. You have to put in the 10.000 hours in order to be good at this, no one was born with every match’s score in their hands. Trust your gut instinct, because that’s what matters, and stick to the best bookmaker out there, by doing this you can make as much money as a free slots real money casino. The games are in your hands and you must choose who is going to win using your knowledge and all the tips you have learned here. Good luck in finding the best matches and the right score for them on your path of becoming a good predictor!

What useful skills can you gain from fantasy sports?

Photo by Unknown, Public Domain

The idea behind fantasy sports embodies the dream of every real fan to find out if they have what it takes to recognise talent and manage a team. Although fun, invariably, fans would see for themselves it is no easy task. However, if you are good at it, it most likely means that you are blessed with a specific practical skillset, which could be transferrable and exploited in so-called real life.

First, experienced players have to show a lot of insight and tend to be sharp-witted. The Test Your Perception by Unibet quiz is one of many ways to make you realise how fantasy sports improve those abilities. And it is much more than just recognising others’ emotions. The most successful people in this game are not just smart but represent the whole set of skills that can be applicable to virtually any business.

Keeping up with the game requires constant adjustments and reacting to changes on a regular basis. If you don’t want to miss any opportunity, you need to stick to a tight schedule and be organised. The changes often include transactions between users. This is where negotiation capabilities may constitute a significant edge. The more experience gained in that department results in getting better deals — and who wouldn’t like that? Focused fantasy playing involves increased activity, even beyond matchday: following sports news and updates, reading dedicated articles, being up to date with everything. Information is power nowadays and knowing how to assimilate large quantities of data helps a lot.

Perhaps the most usable trait of successful players is that they can detach from emotions and feelings. Their choices are results-oriented and based on strategy and numbers instead of likes and dislikes. Our favourite athlete may be ideal for our made-up team, but not necessarily perform well. For that reason, and all the above, the stock market is often perceived as the place where fantasy sports enthusiasts will likely feel at home. The analysis of numbers in both instances is quite similar. And at the end of the day, there is no reason why such skills cannot be used when looking at the volume or analysing the price-to-earnings ratio.

FIFA Series of Console Games

FIFA is also known as FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football. It is a sequences of association football video games, released annually by EA Sports.

When the sequences began in late 1993, it was noticeable for being the first to have a licence from FIFA. The newest parts in the sequences comprise of numerous exclusively-licensed leagues with leagues and teams across the globe. This includes countless teams from England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, and much more.

While FIFA 95 did not include much other than the skill to play with club teams, FIFA 96 pushed the boundaries. By obtaining the FIFPro license, Sega Saturn, 32X, PC and PlayStation versions used EA’s virtual stadium engine for the first time with real player names. FIFA 97 was afterwards implemented with improved graphics, and with many other unknown teams available to select.

During the years, FIFA games have been met with several minor criticisms. These include the improvements of each game structures over its predecessor. As the console market is growing, FIFA is being confronted by other titles such as Konami Pro Evolution Soccer sequences. However, during the past three years, FIFA had sold more than 3.5 million copies all around the world to keep its reputation as the world’s best-selling sports video game franchise.

Throughout many years of success, EA Mobile has brought forward the most famous football game sequences on mobile version. The gameplay was altered to the particulars of mobile devices, which called for some overview. It’s arcade-like and dynamic, even though it also features a variety of options, which enable you to manage your team and select the right strategy. Inspired by this, Mummies Bingo came forward with Champions Cup game, but this time, in the form of a slot machine.

Furthermore, FIFA mobile contains minigames, referencing the real-life current football events. You can build your own team to challenge other players online. The game uses the free-to-play mode with possible microtransactions, and the official license permitted for implementing over 17,000 players, 650 teams and 30 leagues.

Another interesting chapter of the most popular video games came in 2016 when Lionel Messi signed a contract with FIFA. The game allows you to select your favourite national club or team. Stimulating challenges await you in both multiplayer and single game modes. Aside from all the features, one of the best additions in FIFA 16 is the Women’s Football Clubs. However, there are only 12 women’s teams in the game and cannot be competed with men.

FIFA will keep on enhancing its series and produce better quality of graphics in the upcoming years. If you take a look at the latest FIFA 18 edition, you will notice the introduction of Real Players Motion technology. This technology governs the behaviours, animations and appearances of the in-game footballers. Even though it encompasses mostly top players, the less-known footballers also act in a more realistic manner. This superb game comes with a continuation to a story campaign from FIFA 17. What will make upcoming FIFA games more striking, is the option to let players in the game to negotiate with other clubs, just like in real life!

How to Maximise Your Winnings at Online Casino

Online casinos are big business in the UK these days, with British gamblers spending around £5 billion every year online and 21 million active accounts across the country. At the same time, the number of online casinos continue to grow. This is great news in terms of choice, but it also means that thousands of newbies enter the scene every week and not all of them are experienced enough to know how to win big at their chosen casino. So let’s look at some strategies that could help you to maximise your winnings. However, remember that luck is always what matters the most. There are no strategies that will make you win at online casino each time you play.

Pick a Game You Enjoy and Master its Quirks

Firstly, remember that every game is slightly different. That doesn’t mean that the symbols, sound effects and animations are different. It goes much deeper than that, including sub-games, ways to earn free spins, and different ways to place your initial bet. Generally speaking, if you know a machine inside-out, you’ll stand a better chance of winning. And if you are really immersed in its gameplay, you’ll learn all of its features in more depth. So choose a game that you enjoy and feel comfortable with, instead of moving constantly between different games (until you’ve built up the confidence to do so).

Build up From Low Jackpot, Low Stake Games to Pricier Options

Another good strategy for new players is to start off with machines with lower stakes. Be careful to check when you get started though, as many games offer a broad spectrum of wagers, from a few pennies to £20 or more. While these cheaper games tend to pay out less when you hit the jackpot, they are a good introduction to the world of online casinos. And they can pay out reliably as well, particularly if you keep track of your deposits and winnings, staking only amounts that you are confident will deliver returns. As your budgeting and risk taking skills develop, you can move onto more complex and expensive games.

Dreamz Casino – Play For Fun

If you haven’t played online casino,’s UK casino guide offers a wide range of online slots that you can play for fun. In other words, you don’t have to create an account or make a deposit to be able to play casino at Dreamz. To play for free it’s a great way to get know the different slots and in-game features. And you will have a far more enjoyable experience if you know all the basics.

As well as online slots you’ll find a library of game reviews and other good-to-know information that will make your journey go much smoother. Basically, a great place to start off with if you’re searching for an online casino.

Always Pay Attention to the Bonuses on Offer

In a competitive marketplace, casino operators need to build up large customer bases and bonuses are the way to do so. When you check out a new online casino, look out for “no deposit bonuses” first of all. These deals should come with no obligation to deposit a certain amount and are essentially free money to get you started on the slot machines. But when choosing a site, gamblers also need to be careful. Check the wagering requirements to understand how easy it is to extract your winnings, and be sure to check for certificates which prove that the site is legitimate. Most companies are, so you don’t have to worry too much on that, as companies such as the Gambling Commission make sure that sites have the correct licenses.

When you put those ideas together, the results should be bigger winnings and greater skills, giving you the basis to make the most of what the UK’s online casino sector has to offer.

Have fun and play responsibly!

FPL International Break March 2018

Moussa Dembele
“Is Spurs midfielder and key man Dembele starting for Belgium?” (CC by 4.0) by Erik Drost

After a surprisingly bountiful gameweek 31, mostly courtesy of Momo Salah’s 4-goal bonanza against Watford, we’ve arrived at another international break. Even though it’s all friendly action as the preparation for the World Cup, there are some very interesting fixtures on the agenda, both for FPL managers and football fans in general. In this article we’ll take a quick look at some of the most interesting fixtures, with a special focus on some potential Premier League assets for the final stretch of the season. If the International football fixtures don’t interest you then why not instead take a look at the innovative online casino games at

Netherlands vs England

At the time of writing, the Three Lions are preparing to face off against The Netherlands in Amsterdam on Friday evening, a classic fixture in European football. While the English are starting their preparation for a World Cup for which the hopes are set high, the Dutch failed to qualify and are therefore starting a new era under Ronald Koeman. Central to the new direction will be Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk, who was brought to Southampton under Koeman’s reign and who has now been appointed captain for Koeman’s first official game as national team coach. With Palace, Bournemouth, West Brom and Stoke coming up in the next five weeks, the central defender will become a hot asset in FPL.

Most of the players in the England squad are known names amongst FPL managers, but it might be interesting to take a look at the newcomers in Southgate’s squad for the upcoming friendlies against Holland and Italy. Popular budget asset Nick Pope is hoping to debut in goal, while his team-mate James Tarkowski has been called up as well. With West Brom, Watford and Stoke coming up in the next five weeks, these Burnley defensive assets might be worth keeping an eye on. Bournemouth midfielder Lewis Cook and Swansea strong man Alfie Mawson are also part of the England squad for the first time, and some game time might just give them that extra confidence to perform well for their clubs over the weeks to come.

France vs Colombia

Fifteen minutes after the kick-off in Amsterdam on Friday, World Cup favorite France is kicking off against Colombia. The eyes, especially those of FPL managers, will be on Paul Pogba after his recent disappointing performances with United. The Red Devils have been eliminated from the Champions League by a mediocre, but hard-working Sevilla side, meaning that they now have just the FA Cup and the Premier League to focus on. In other words, lower rotation risk. Pogba is expected to start in his favorite number 10 position, so it will be interesting to see if he can manifest himself in a more positive way than he’s been doing in his more defensive role at United as of late. The United record transfer man seems to be suffering from a real lack of confidence at the moment and a good performance against World Cup participants Colombia might just do wonders for him. Others FPL asserts worth following in this game are France starting number 1 Hugo Lloris, Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud (who will probably not start, but likely get some minutes as a substitute) and Spurs powerhouse Davinson Sanchez.

Portugal vs Egypt

We could’ve chosen Germany vs Spain or Italy vs Argentina to highlight as well, just to name a few of the top fixtures that are being played tonight and this weekend, but the FPL enthusiasts know why we’ve chosen to pick this game. An ex-PL superstar vs a current PL phenomenon (and Player of the Year favorite) kicking off in Zürich, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal facing Momo Salah’s Egypt. With Salah being in almost 63% of all FPL teams, most managers will be hoping that the Premier League’s topscorer can hold on to his unbelievable form and that he can stay injury-free. Besides Salah, the Egypt starting eleven usually also features West Brom’s Hegazi in the back and Stoke’s Ramadhan Sobhi in attack, though neither of the two represent particularly enticing FPL investments at the moment.

The Portugal side obviously includes captain, star man and most prolific scorer in Europe in 2018 Cristiano Ronaldo, though the likes of Cedric Soares (Southampton), Bernardo Silva (Man City) and West Ham’s Joao Mario might attract more interest from FPL managers. While Soares and Mario don’t have particularly attractive sets of fixtures coming up, City’s Bernardo Silva’s ownership might be getting a boost in the coming gameweeks. The winger is not (yet) part of Pep Guardiola’s starting eleven and with the Premier League title under their belt soon, the focus might be shifted to advancing in the Champions League. In this scenario, it’s not unthinkable that Silva is going to get more minutes and possibly more starts in the PL as Pep rests his starters for the European kick-offs. With 4 goals and 5 assists in a bit over 1,000 minutes of game time this season already, Silva could definitely emerge as an end-of-the-season differential in a free-scoring City outfit. Just keep an eye on him.

Premier League News Update

Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has left Manchester United with immediate effect, but midfielder Ander Herrera is back in training and poised for a return to action.

Thirty-six-year-old striker Ibrahimovic enjoyed a superb first season at Old Trafford, scoring 28 goals in all competitions before suffering a serious knee injury against Anderlecht in mid-April. This term he has managed a mere seven appearances and has now agreed an early exit from the second year of his Red Devils deal. Ibrahimovic posted on Instagram: “Great things also come to an end and it is time to move on after two fantastic seasons with Manchester United. “Thank you to the club, the fans, the team, the coach, the staff and everybody who shared with me this part of my history.”

Meanwhile, Spanish midfielder Herrera is confident of being back in action soon after the international break, having been sidelined recently due to a hamstring problem. He told United Review: “I feel really good. I’ve been training with the team for five days now and I feel good, I feel fit and ready to help the team after the international break. “Now is the time to finish the season as well as I can and help the team and we want to try to win the FA Cup and keep the second place in the league.”

Chile international Alexis Sanchez admits that he has been disappointed with his form since he joined Manchester United in January. Sanchez, who moved to Old Trafford from Arsenal, has scored just once, against Huddersfield Town in February, in 10 appearances for United. “Because I demand a lot from myself, I was hoping for something better,” Sanchez said. “After my arrival at United, it was hard to change everything very quickly. “The change of club was something that was very abrupt – it was the first time I have changed clubs in January – but many things have happened in my life that are difficult.”

The 29-year-old scored 60 goals in 122 Premier League games during his time with Arsenal following his transfer to Emirates Stadium from Barcelona in the summer of 2014. Chile, who failed to qualify for this year’s World Cup finals in Russia, play friendlies against Sweden on Saturday and Denmark three days later.

United are back in action on Saturday 31st March, when they play host to Swansea City in a Premier League encounter.

West Brom

Jonny Evans has revealed that there were some tears shed in the West Brom dressing room after last weekend’s loss to Bournemouth.

Their latest loss leaves Albion rooted to the bottom of the Premier League, nine points from safety with only seven games left to play. Defeat at Bournemouth was their seventh straight in the league, while they have won just once in the Premier League since August.

Northern Ireland defender Evans admits it was hard to take losing at the Vitality Stadium, having taken a second half lead. “There was a lot of hope and optimism that we would get something from it. We were upset,” said 30-year-old Evans, who was heavily linked with a January move away from the Hawthorns. “Our performances throughout the season haven’t been up to scratch. We haven’t got enough points on board. “I think there is hope. It’s not like we have got to the point where we have accepted relegation. “There were a few tears after the game at the weekend. We were ahead and then the game swung in the last 15 minutes and I think it has been the story of our season. It’s hard to take sometimes.”

Homes games against Burnley and Swansea follow the international break for West Brom, 1/125 to be relegated, and Evans says they cannot just give up.


Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has revealed that he was told last summer by Arsene Wenger that he was free to leave the club. However, Wilshere says he opted to remain with the Gunners and is now hoping to agree a new contract with the club. The 26-year-old England international has struggled with injuries in the last few years and was sent out on loan to Bournemouth last term. However, he has enjoyed a productive 2017/18 campaign and could feature for England against Netherlands on Friday.

Wilshere revealed: “It was an honest conversation. He (Wenger) said, ‘I am going to be honest with you and at the moment we are not going to be offering you a contract, so if you can get a contract somewhere else, you can go’. “Obviously, I was not happy with that but at the same time I was happy he was being honest.” The midfielder, whose Arsenal contract expires at the end of this season, added: “I have got three months left on my contract. Ideally, yes, I want it sorted as soon as possible. I want to go to the World Cup and enjoy it… “Ideally from my point of view and the club’s point of view, they will probably want it sorted.”

Premier League news courtesy of

NFL Scouting Combine the latest craze for fantasy draftniks

In the age of international sport, the concept of an off season is becoming ever more alien. In football and cricket there always seems to be one tournament or another going on, the Formula One season barely pauses for breath before the next one begins, and the same can be said for tennis, golf, horse racing and all the rest.

It now seems that this even holds true in the rarefied and insular world of American sport. The time was, Super Bowl Sunday would come and go, and there would be nothing for the fantasy leaguers to do but wait till the NFL draft at the end of April, to start getting their fantasy teams worked out for the following season.

The Combine, however, has put a stop to all that. Largely ignored in years gone by, it has become a hugely significant component of the annual schedule, for both those involved directly in the NFL and those who take their fantasy teams seriously.

What is the combine?

The NFL Combine provides the first opportunity to get a look at the very best college players. Representatives from all 32 NFL teams assemble at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to conduct a series of assessments and drills in advance of the forthcoming draft.

Lucas Oil Stadium - Public Tour 8/16/08
Lucas Oil Stadium (CC 4.0) by Just Bryan

Originally called the National Invitational Camp, it was first held in 1982. The Combine encompasses interviews, drug test and medical assessments, along with position-specific drills and traditional fitness tests that include bench presses, jumps, sprints and so on.

Given that the Combine is something that has been going on for more than 30 years, it might seem strange that so few fans have heard of it. The surge in popularity and profile that fantasy NFL leagues have enjoyed on both sides of the Atlantic over the past year or two certainly has a role to play in that.

When you get involved in a fantasy league, the “management” aspects of the game obviously become more important, and it is fair to surmise that the average fantasy NFL manager takes as much or more interest in the draft as the most devoted traditional fan of a given team.

The Bitcoin Bowl raises the bar

Last year, the Bitcoin Bowl combined two of the hottest topics for sports fans, particularly Stateside – fantasy leagues and cryptocurrency. Americans have a somewhat fraught relationship with fantasy sport. There is ongoing debate as to whether it is tantamount to gambling, which is heavily regulated, and has varying rules from one state to the next. Bitcoin has for some time been seen as a handy way of staying within the law, and Bitcoin gambling online has grown in popularity, whether it is in the context of casino gaming, slots or sports betting.

When the Bitcoin Bowl was announced, it led to increased engagement from American fantasy sports fans who were otherwise concerned about playing in money leagues. The result? Fantasy NFL got bigger still.

Ones to watch from the Combine

The 2018 Combine takes place in the first week of March. Who are likely to be the stand out names? Here are five that everyone will be watching very closely:

Lamar Jackson

There is something of the Michael Vick about Jackson. Twice, he has finished as a top-10 rusher while playing quarterback. At 200lb, there is not much to him, and there will be inevitable concerns as to potential fragility, particularly if he is planning to spend time out of the pocket. His accuracy as a thrower has also raised some question marks, but that is nothing that cannot be addressed with the right coaching.

Saquon Barkley

This immensely talented wide receiver is another certain first round pick. He is fast and he has great hands and spatial awareness. Barkley will be under the microscope even more than most. In training, he has successfully broken 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash, and if he can do it again at the Combine, he will do himself no harm.

Josh Allen

At six foot five and 230lb, this much-discussed quarterback does not raise the same fragility concerns as Lamar Jackson. However, there are similar question marks over his accuracy. Nevertheless, if he performs well in the drills, expect him to be high on the list for those teams who have quarterback woes.

Calvin Ridley

The Alabama wide receiver has immense speed, and is expected to perform well on wideout routes. He needs to bulk out a little to look less like an injury waiting to happen, though.

D.J Moore

Another WR, Moore has already established an immense Twitter following in the fantasy NFL community. His name has been mentioned less in draft circles, but a strong showing at the Combine could give him the momentum he needs.

NFL Draft 2018: Who’s Likely To Be Picked

Now that we’re in that strange post-Super Bowl period, it’s time to keep a close eye on the NFL teams and witness team changes. With players becoming injured, retiring and simply being axed, teams within the NFL season are going to be transforming massively, but who can we expect to see in the 2018 NFL draft?

All 32 First-Round Picks Set

Luckily for you, we have the full 2018 NFL draft order list here, with all 32 first-round picks. With every week of the NFL being filled with DFS action, every tweak is essential to your fantasy football strategy, so you’ll want to watch these drafts closely. Now that the NFL is currently off-season, several tweaks are being made to the team in order to accommodate for retirements and axes, so all of the picks and tweaks can be found below.

Team Player

Cleveland Browns Saquon Barkely, RB, Penn State
New York Giants Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
Indianapolis Colts Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C. State
Cleveland Browns Sam Darnold, QB, USC
Denver Broncos Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame
New York Jets Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minkah Fitzpatrick, S/CB, Alabama
Chicago Bears Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa
San Francisco 49ers Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
Oakland Raiders Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
Miami Dolphins Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
Cincinnati Bengals Derwin James, S, Florida State
Washington Redskins Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
Green Bay Packers Marcus Davenport, DE, Texas-San Antonio
Arizona Cardinals Mike McGlinchery, OT, Notre Dame
Baltimore Ravens Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma
Los Angeles Chargers Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
Seattle Seahawks Derrius Guice, RB, LSU
Dallas Cowboys Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan
Detroit Lions Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
Buffalo Bills James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State
Buffalo Bills (via Kansas City) Vita Vea, DT, Washington
Los Angeles Rams Orlando Brown, T, Oklahoma
Carolina Panthers Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA
Tennessee Titans Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
Atlanta Falcons Isaiah Wynn, G, Georgia
New Orleans Saints Harold Landry, DE/OLB, Boston College
Pittsburgh Steelers Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
Jacksonville Jaguars Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State
Minnesota Vikings Billy Price, G/C, Ohio State
New England Patriots Sam Hubbard, DE/OLB, Ohio State
Philadelphia Eagles Braden Smith, G, Auburn

Familiar Faces

What you may notice from the above table is that several faces are popping up more than once. The upcoming NFL season is proving to be extremely quarterback heavy, and thus talented players are required to fill in these gaps in order to lead teams to victory. With the NFL season being home to some very talented players, such as Brady and Fitzgerald continuously performing remarkably, there is a lot of competition and pressure on all NFL teams to perform to the best of their ability, but who are the players that are most in demand?

Orlando Brown

Orlando has been drafted to both the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Rams, both for reasonably similar reasons. Baltimore Ravens are in desperate need of a strong offensive player, and with Brown’s tackling skills and general build, he could become a very valuable asset to the team. There has been speculation that Calvin Ridley could be up for the same position as Brown, and while Brown would make an excellent offensive player, it might be too early for him on the Ravens.

Alternatively, while Los Angeles Rams experienced huge success with Andrew Whitworth this season, he is now 36-years-old, and while he has continued to defy the odds, the team could do with an upgrade – enter Brown. He’s raw, but he has great potential as Ram’s left tackle, and Isaiah Wynn could benefit from his support.

Marcus Davenport

Another familiar face on the 2018 draft list is Davenport, being listed for both the Panthers and Packers. In 2017, the Packers experienced quite the failure with signing on Vince Biegel to the team, as he simply didn’t impact the team at all, making a tweak in this position wise for the team for the next NFL season, with Davenport being an ideal candidate. Highly athletic and energetic, Davenport could be the perfect outside linebacker for the team, with a strong pre-draft process to his name.

Tremaine Edmunds

Since the scandal of the 49er’s former linebacker, Reuben Foster, came out, with stories about him allegedly dragging his injured girlfriend, the team are likely to replace him altogether. Moreover to this scandal, Foster has also been arrested twice, and is suspended for 6 games at the very least, making a cut highly likely. As a result, the 49ers will be looking for a new linebacker, making Tremaine an excellent choice thanks to his undeniable instinct and initiative. When it comes to the Detroit Lions, Tremaine could also fit well here, as he’s expected to rise high in the upcoming NFL season.

Da’Ron Payne

After Thanksgiving last year, the Redskins really struggled in their all-important game, with a lot of this being down to the inability to stop Alfred Morris on the opposing team. As a result, they need to seriously revise their defensive front, making some cuts and signings necessary in order to build a stronger side. Luckily for them, Payne is on the market, and happens to be an exceptional defensive player. Similar to the Redskins, the Chargers had a difficult time with their defence last season, so with Payne on their side, they should be able to dramatically improve their defensive stance.

Every single team is eager to win the Super Bowl, especially with the likes of the Eagle’s not yet winning a season. As a result, this off-season period is really crucial for all NFL teams, with new players completely transforming the team’s overall performance. Only time will tell how accurate these drafts are.

Man United eyeing move for Real Madrid defender

Manchester United are reportedly lining up a big money swoop for Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane, with the La Liga giants president Florentino Perez willing to listen to offers, according to reports.

The Frenchman has forged a reputation as one of the hottest defensive prospects in Europe during his time at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and Jose Mourinho is said to be interested to be keen to rekindle his relationship with the 24-year-old from his time in Spain.

According to Spanish news outlet Diario Gol, the reigning La Liga and Champions League holders’ hierarchy are willing to offload their player to Man United for around €60m (£54m), but also see him as a bargaining chip to get hold of their most desired target.

Perez is said to be keen on signing the Red Devils goalkeeper David De Gea, despite the Spaniard being tipped to extend his stay in the North West during the coming weeks.

The Spanish report adds that Perez will use Varane, as well as the duo of Toni Kroos and Gareth Bale – who are valued at £54m and €90m (£80m) respectively – to secure the shot-stopper.

Real Madrid see the upcoming summer as an opportunity to rebuild their squad following their disappointing season which could well leave them without silverware, while Mourinho is hoping to strengthen the core of his team and close the gap on Manchester City.

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss will, however, have to complete his business earlier than usual in the upcoming transfer window, with new regulations coming into play halting any English league side adding to their squad ahead of the opening match of next term.

Man United return to Premier League fixtures on Monday night against Crystal Palace (away) while they welcome Liverpool at Old Trafford on Saturday in Premier League Gameweek 30. If you’re looking for uk free bets that have enhanced odds for the upcoming clash? has got you covered!

Three Teams Misjudged in the World Cup Odds

The art of setting odds in sports is a curious business. Not only do you have to take in the tangible factors like form and precedence, but also intangible issues such as how a team will cope with the pressure to deliver. England and Germany are good examples of this, with the former regularly underachieving when bringing talented squads to international competition and the latter consistently delivering regardless of how average the squad is judged to be.

Bookmakers, of course, don’t always get it right when it comes to odds-setting. Below are three nations who may have been misjudged in the odds for this year’s World Cup. That is not to say they will definitely lift the trophy in at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 15th July, but their odds are perhaps a little bigger than they should be, and they can always be backed each way.

There are lots of free bet offers from major bookmakers available to use on the World Cup, so some of these teams might be worth backing in a shot to nothing:

Spain: World Cup Odds 8/1 (Betway)

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Nobody is going to label Spain a dark horse team to win the World Cup, but there is clear daylight between them and the other favourites – Germany (5/1), Brazil (5/1) France (11/2) – in the latest betting odds. For many, Spain should be neck and neck with that trio. While La Furia Roja were disappointing at Brazil 2014 and Euro 2016, they seem to have really got their act together again.

An unbeaten qualifying campaign saw only three goals conceded and 36 scored in a group containing Italy. Unlike some of their rivals, the Spain squad is ridiculously deep and not dependent on a handful of players, meaning they could easily cope with injuries to star players and still shine in Russia.

Belgium: World Cup Odds 16/1 (Stan James)

Belgium’s large odds can only be put down to the fact that they have never truly succeeded in a World Cup, with their best performance being 4th place in 1986. The current generation of Belgian stars is probably their best in history however. Crucially, the team is made up of some of the form players in world football, with the likes of Hazard, De Bruyne and Mertens all at the very peak of their careers.

In a way, Belgium are the perfect team to use a free bet on, because they offer both generous odds and a very, very good chance of becoming the ninth nation to win the World Cup. This once in a generation squad really could deliver.

Croatia: World Cup Odds: 40/1 (Various)

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Croatia may not boast the squad depth of Spain or France, but they have a brilliant starting XI featuring the likes of Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic, Mario Mandzukic and Ivan Perisic. If those players can stay fit, there is every chance that Croatia could emulate the 3rd place finish achieved at the 1998 World Cup in France.

It should be worth nothing that Croatia have been given a decent draw for Russia, despite being placed in the same group as Argentina. They look a really good bet to reach the knockout stages and could provide huge each way value for punters looking to make a profit in Russia.