Why 2015/16 will be the breakthrough season for daily fantasy sports in UK

Marc Saba, co-founder and MD of fantasy football site FootballFanager.com on the upsurge in daily fantasy sports in the UK
Daily fantasy football is on the verge of a European breakthrough.


The boom in daily fantasy sports in the US has been slow to catch on across this side of the pond but, since we launched FootballFanager.com ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we’ve seen interest in the format grow at an incredible rate.

Since the World Cup, we have quickly amassed 20,000 registered users taking part in free and paid-for daily leagues against peers and mates for cash and other prizes. As we look ahead to the 2015/16 season, we expect to see that growth continue.

The Premier League reports an annual global TV audience of 4.7 billion viewers. If UK fantasy sport sites such as ours can tap into just a tiny proportion of that number, then the format is destined for massive success.

In our early days, we attracted an initial 1,500 users within weeks, without any marketing to speak of. Imagine the opportunities when more people discover what Football Fanager is about, play against their friends and enjoy all the benefits that daily fantasy sport has to offer.

The ability to dip in and out of daily fantasy sports gives the casual fan an outlet to enjoy the managerial aspect of fantasy sports, without the season-long commitment. What’s more, with the opportunity to win cash every day, the appeal of sites such as ours is constantly growing. Add in the social element of a daily format and it’s easy to see why many are flocking to Football Fanager.

The growth of social networks puts daily fantasy sports in a strong position. Online gaming hasn’t really moved on in at least a decade. Daily fantasy football is the first of a new breed of games that tap into social connectivity in a big way, which will redefine the existing culture. Currently, fantasy sport is generally seen as an off-putting season long commitment.

Much of the current challenge for the operators is around awareness. In the US, huge corporations such as Disney and Comcast have seen the potential for daily fantasy sport and are pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into the industry for marketing, advertising and development.

While the UK market isn’t at that scale just yet, we’re now seeing more development and investment, with new competitors springing up constantly. It’s a young industry that is expanding fast and gaining more and more attention in the mainstream.

I believe that this August we’ll see a game-changing spike in the numbers of daily fantasy sport users. Traditionally, there are peaks in user numbers as the Premier League kicks off, which is unsurprising given that it’s a time when many fantasy sport fans prepare for a season-long tactical battle.

That start-of-season interest will permeate through to the daily fantasy sport market, just as it has done on a cumulative scale each passing year. We’re building a loyal user base that grows exponentially each month. It’s a low pressure, high entertainment formula that is catching the imagination of football fans across the UK. Now is the opportunity for daily fantasy sports move into the big time.

Paul O’Connell Collects yet Another Accolade and Reveals His Future Plans

It has been a positive few months for Ireland captain Paul O’Connell. The Lock has been aging like fine wine and it was confirmed by the IRUPA Players’ Player of the Year Award for the 2014/15 season. The playing career of O’Connell appeared to be finished a few years ago. Proper management has not only helped him extend his playing days, but it has also led him to this accolade. Yet, it is not surprising to know that O’Connell is close to ending his playing days irrespective of the success with club or national team in the next few weeks. O’Connell’s Munster are placed at EVENS in the Pro12 Grand Final odds by Betfair.

The influence of O’Connell upon Munster has only grown in the last decade. After having made his debut for the club in 2001, it did not take long for O’Connell to be amongst trophies. The league and the Celtic Cup were amongst the early titles that he received. Since then, however, several more have joined to the collection. He has been a dominant force in the Ireland national team by winning three Six Nations Championships and one Grand Slam. There has also been a European title along the way with Munster.

After having enjoyed a relatively injury free career until 2010, the 35-year-old has been ravaged by injuries in the last five years. In his own admission, he says that he never expected to carry on playing after 31 or 32. Yet, he is an example of proper management helping a player extend his career. O’Connell also believes that changing his attitude during and after the game has also helped him carry on playing. Compared with his early days, O’Connell says that he is now playing the game with much less pressure on his shoulders.

The calm and collected approach has been a key factor in Ireland getting back-to-back success in the Six Nations tournament. It could also be a defining factor in the upcoming World Cup 2015. Ireland will be aware that New Zealand are seen as the clear favourites to win the title by Betfair, who offer odds of 6/4 for the same. England come second at odds of 9/2, while South Africa and Ireland are not too far behind. Ireland are ranked just behind South Africa at odds of 7/1.

O’Connell has been able to take much of the pressure away from his game by focusing on each game as it comes. The Lock reveals that Ireland will be following a similar approach at the World Cup. Ireland are in the pool containing France, Canada, Italy, and Romania. They kick-off the tournament with a match against Canada at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

The World Cup 2015 might be the last stage to witness O’Connell as a player. He has been heavily hinting in recent weeks that he may be hanging up his boots irrespective of the result at the World Cup. Aside from being in contention for the World Cup title, O’Connell will also be looking to win the Pro12 Grand Final.

Despite his age, Toulon are reportedly interested in signing him. Even though O’Connell still has a contract until 2016, it is largely thought that he will retire after the World Cup concludes. O’Connell says that the result of the World Cup or the Grand Final will not determine his retirement date. Instead, he will choose to hang up his boots whenever his body tells him to do. After having won numerous accolades as a player, O’Connell will be looking forward to a different career.

He will bow out at a time when Irish rugby has been going through a positive period. Aside from Leinster having reached the European semi-final this season, Irish rugby fans can also look forward to seeing the country host the upcoming 2017 women’s World Cup. Even though the Rugby Association will have to shell out a lot of money – around €2.5 million in order to make this a reality, O’Connell says that it will be immensely beneficial. Apart from winning the player’s Player of the Year title, the 35-year-old has also been named as the Supporters’ Player of the Year 2015.

The current positive trend may also help the country be successful in their bid to host the 2023 World Cup. Brian O’Driscoll has been named as the brand ambassador of the team that will be responsible for bringing the World Cup to Irish shores. O’Driscoll never won the World Cup as a player, but this represents a great opportunity for him to make an impact off the field. South Africa are seen as the biggest opposition for Ireland. O’Connell says that a successful women’s World Cup will lay a strong foundation for the men’s edition.

The Rugby Union World Cup 2015

Although it’s still a way off, many sporting enthusiasts are already looking forward to the top event in rugby later this year, the Rugby Union World Cup.

The great sporting event takes place every four years and pitches the world’s leading rugby union teams against each other in a gruelling knockout competition as the players aim for rugby immortality.

The main event

This year the Rugby Union World Cup returns to England where twenty teams will compete for the Webb Ellis Cup. The tournament will take place between 18 September and 31 October across a variety of top-class stadiums including the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Manchester City stadium, and of course, the home of English rugby, Twickenham that hosts the final match on Halloween.

The competition begins with a highly anticipated match between the English hosts and the fearsome Fijian opposition before going onto the intense group stages where five teams compete in four pools before the heart-stopping knock out stages ensue.

Past success

The previous Rugby Union World Cup was held in 2011 in New Zealand where over one million spectators saw the host nation deservedly pick up the trophy after a tightly fought 8-7 victory over France.

The result showcased the stunning performances of teams from the southern hemisphere with the All Blacks, Australia and South Africa each winning two tournaments, whereas England’s famous 2003 victory is the only time that a team from the northern hemisphere have won the competition. However, recent results have been indicating that a possible upset could be on the cards, so for the latest rugby union news then head to the Coral website.


Although there are a few teams that may raise a few eyebrows in the opening stages including Romania, Georgia and Namibia, there are few doubts about which teams will prove the ones to beat.

The title-holders New Zealand unsurprisingly hold the top place in the World Rugby Rankings based on their recent impressive performances that have included becoming the first rugby nation to achieve a 100% record in 2013.

Apart from the All Blacks, the Springboks have also been showing some impressive form, but with captain Jean de Villiers still showing some injury concerns, many are suggesting that Ireland and England could hold the best chance of upsetting New Zealand’s dominance of the game.

And with the Welsh team recently moving above Australia in the world rankings thanks to a recent win over Ireland in Cardiff, many are speculating that this year’s competition could be the most wide open yet.

Mondogoal – Daily Fantasy Football

Mondogoal are the official Fantasy Football partners of Manchester City, Liverpool, AS Roma & West Ham United. They have some special offers right now:

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FISO Christmas 2014 Cryptic Crossword

We’re kicking things off for Christmas here at FISO with a Fantasy Sports Cryptic Crossword. Most of the answers have a flavour of Fantasy Sports, Football or FISO so we hope you like it. Whilst it’s mainly for fun there will be a prize to one of the correctly completed entries.
The crossword is a bit of a monster so should take most people a bit of time to do which will help while away the time during the festive football and festivities.

Please check out this fiso forum topic for details and where to download a copy of the crossword.

Good luck and enjoy!

What Makes Fantasy Sports Games So Real?

If you have heard a lot of the buzz surrounding fantasy sports games, you will no doubt be wondering what the appeal is. Fantasy sports games are just like any other type of online virtual game, except they revolve around the world of organized sports. There are numerous different types of fantasy sports games and teams, some of which can be based on real teams while others can be designed entirely from scratch. Then there is a microgamingpowered online casino can combine a wide variety of these types of sports into a single betting selection, with sports available like baseball, soccer, football, and even basketball. There are many different things that come together with these sports to give them an unbelievably real quality that encourages others to play and get involved.


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