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How I won the Fantasy Premier League 2012/13
Posted on: 02-07-2013 at: 20:11:39 by: spiderm4tt

Hi all,  As requested by FISO and their amazing community of FISOers, here is my article on ‘How I won the Fantasy Premier League 2012/13’. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  Though I must warn you, it is a long article.  As I have reflected on each one of the 38 Gameweeks (GWs) in a week-by-week format, as some of you requested me to do so because it is a long summer while we wait for... Read full article
Spiderm4tt -the FPL Champion 2012/13
The 2012/13 Fantasy Premier League (FPL) champion (fiso member, spiderm4tt) comments candidly on his extraordinary win beating 2.6 million other managers:I had amazing emotions on the final Sunday from start to finish. It was so special to me not just in the world of FPL, but in the world outside of Fantasy football. I was away on a pilgrimage (not a holiday) with Church in Medjugorje, which is ...Read full article
FPL and Crack The Code - CTC
FISO's Crack The Code (CTC) aims to predict player price changes in the very popular Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game. CTC was developed during the 2006/07 Fantasy Premier League season by a group of FISO members ('The Boffins') and took a big step forward when FISO member, diamondplus, automated the stats gathering process. His continued efforts collating and publishing the results enable FPL Fa ...Read full article

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