Mondogoal – Daily Fantasy Football

Mondogoal are the official Fantasy Football partners of Manchester City, Liverpool, AS Roma & West Ham United. They have some special offers right now:

  • Free entry into a league with a £100 pot for all new sign ups – no deposit required
  • 200% bonus on your first deposit, released as 4% cash back on every game you play
  • Money-Back Guarantee – like it after your first cash game or your money back

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FISO Christmas 2014 Cryptic Crossword

We’re kicking things off for Christmas here at FISO with a Fantasy Sports Cryptic Crossword. Most of the answers have a flavour of Fantasy Sports, Football or FISO so we hope you like it. Whilst it’s mainly for fun there will be a prize to one of the correctly completed entries.
The crossword is a bit of a monster so should take most people a bit of time to do which will help while away the time during the festive football and festivities.

Please check out this fiso forum topic for details and where to download a copy of the crossword.

Good luck and enjoy!

What Makes Fantasy Sports Games So Real?

If you have heard a lot of the buzz surrounding fantasy sports games, you will no doubt be wondering what the appeal is. Fantasy sports games are just like any other type of online virtual game, except they revolve around the world of organized sports. There are numerous different types of fantasy sports games and teams, some of which can be based on real teams while others can be designed entirely from scratch. Then there is a microgamingpowered online casino can combine a wide variety of these types of sports into a single betting selection, with sports available like baseball, soccer, football, and even basketball. There are many different things that come together with these sports to give them an unbelievably real quality that encourages others to play and get involved.


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Back yourself from your mobile every week with Fantasy Football Exchange (FFE)

Fantasy Football Exchange (FFE) is the new fantasy Premier League game that lets you put your money where your mouth is and bet real money on your fantasy line-up in weekly, monthly and season-long private AND public leagues – and all from your smartphone!

Built by fans for fans, FFE is the perfect game for fantasy football aficionados who want to play for more than points every weekend.

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FPL and Crack The Code – CTC

FISO’s Crack The Code (CTC) aims to predict player price changes in the very popular Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game. CTC is live for the 2014/15 season which is proving a more difficult season to predict due to behind-the-scenes changes by FPL. CTC was first developed during the 2006/07 Fantasy Premier League season by a group of FISO members (‘The Boffins’) and took a big step forward when FISO member, diamondplus, automated the stats gathering process. His continued efforts collating and publishing the results enable FPL Fantasy Football managers to benefit from predicted price rises and drops for the Premier League footballers used in the FPL game.

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