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Back yourself from your mobile every week with Fantasy Football Exchange (FFE)
Posted on: 21-10-2014 at: 18:48:04 by: admin

Fantasy Football Exchange (FFE) is the new fantasy Premier League game that lets you put your money where your mouth is and bet real money on your fantasy line-up in weekly, monthly and season-long private AND public leagues and all from your smartphone! Built by fans for fans, FFE is the perfect game for fantasy football aficionados who want to play for more than points every weekend. Everything ta... Read full article
FISO 7 Fantasy Manager
The FREE to enter FISO 7 Fantasy Football game based on the English Premier League is open for 2014/15 and is only available to FISO members (maximum one fantasy team per member). The game is only based on players that play for the selected 'top 7' clubs. The EPL is focussed a lot now on the top clubs so you will find it easier selecting a team in FISO 7 where knowledge of other clubs is not re ...Read full article
FISO Goals 2014/15
FISO's own English Premier League predictions game - FISO Goals - is underway for the 2014/15 football season. As long as you have registered for FISO, predicting scores is easy. Once on the FISO Goals webpage, just click on 'predictions' and choose the 'predictions' option (or 'results' option if you want to see how you fared in previous weeks).  FISO Goals is run by a few fiso members and pr ...Read full article

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