Some betting sites offer free bets to the new visitors without taking a deposit from them. It is somehow better without taking risks if you win real money. There are some terms and conditions associated with the betting sites to offer the free bets. You need to check the terms and conditions carefully before you create an account in betting sites. This will give you an idea on how to withdraw your earrings when you win in the free bets. It is not easy to get free bets for poker rooms, sports books, online casinos and other games. Only preferred partners are offered with free bets in many sites. Those partners will promote deals in their website. In recent times, there is a massive change in betting in our world. There is a great boom in the industry of online betting from day to day.

It is a worldwide phenomenon to place bets on football. Most of the trade in Asia is carried by the illegal markets. In football matches, sometimes there will be a rise in the betting. It also includes risks a in the corruption and cheating in the sports betting. Markndford is the founder of sports betting in the year 1997. It is a good choice to make free bets because there is no risk and no investment. Many of the people are not interested to lose cash which they work hard to earn. You can test your luck factor a in different strategies and betting systems. Casinosker tables are very thrilling and most of us enjoy them. It is quite exciting to deal with the book makers because the numbers of bookmakers in the betting field are increasing. The competition among the sports betting sites is increasing due to the number of bookmakers as well as the free bets.

To encourage the potential players, the bookmakers are offering the free bets. Most of the people are interested in gambling and want to earn big amount of money. But they are also afraid of losing money sometimes, so they start trying for free bets. The trading estimation of football is nearly upto 70% of the trade. The football pools were originated before 90 years. Most of the fans are interested to fill the weekly coupons and predict the results of the match in order to win the cash prizes.

We often notice the offers for free bets in internet pages or television. For the customers who joined the betting site recently free bet is considered as the bonus. When you are new to the betting world then free bet is the best tool to use. Free bet is also said as an incentive given by the bookmakers to join the website. Free bets are in a big trend these days. In the world of betting you will find a variety of welcome bonuses and special offers by the bookmakers when you get started. In the betting and gaming industry Ladbrokes is the most recognised name. The biggest betting exchanges have grown steadily since 2000 in the world. It was launched in the early days of WWW. There was a revolution in the online betting world when new options were introduced which are not available before to the betting public.

People who are interested in online betting will have an idea about Ladbrokes and their free betting offers. You may not recognise this company because there are many betting sites with different companies which offer free bets. It is difficult for the new comers to choose a betting site because they are not familiar about the sports language and cannot distinguish between no deposit free bets offer and online bookmakers. To build a level of trust with the customers some websites offer free casinos. The threat of match-fixing is wagered when huge sums are brought. Coverage of live football matches by satellite channels has increased the interest of people around the world.


The new information comes from English Premier League, as it is cited by Betting Top10 Indonesia, Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola feels the English Premier League champions have taken the right decision to release Diego Costa as they have new powers in Alvaro Morata.

The deal, reportedly worth € 60 million, will make Costa officially return to his former club at La Liga Spanish Atletico Madrid in January. The Spanish striker is no longer in Chelsea manager Antonio Conte’s plans since the start of the season.

The arrival of Diego Costa to Stamford Bridge has brought many changes for the Blues, but with the news cracking his relationship with the coach of The Blues, Antonio Conte, from the beginning of Premier League season 2017 – 2018, especially with the addition of the arrival of the new striker The Blues Alvaro Moratta, and Moratta’s glorious appearance in the last few matches, made him (Diego Costa) increasingly marginalized and in the end he had to leave Stamford Bridge.

Costa has helped Chelsea win two Premier League titles and one League Cup but Zola feels the departure of the 28-year-old striker makes sense for the Blues given they have brought in former Real Madrid striker Morata, who scored as Chelsea won 2-1 over Atletico in the Champions League on Thursday (28/9) UTC.

As he said “I do not hesitate, the decision to leave is the right thing for him. He may have a problem, this team is not just filled with one player, and I think it’s better he went,” Zola told Sky Sports as it is cited from Betting Top 10 Indonesia.

“In some circumstances, Morata is not on the same level as Costa, technically he is a great player, he certainly has high quality, good in the air and has good legs.

“He has played for Juventus, Real Madrid, big teams, but does not play regularly, and I want to know why it happened.This year I may soon get the answer.”

Morata was able to show his sharpness since he docked at Stamford Bridge. The 24-year-old striker has scored seven goals in eight games in all competitions with the Blues this season. A hamstring injury playing against Manchester City on Saturday 30 September does however show that Chelsea need strength in depth due to the number of high-intensity games the club will play this season.

Football Crests – the history behind them

Football crests and badges are the most important part of any football club. Although to outsiders they may seem badges used to differentiate the teams, to football fans and football betting fans they are an important and vital part of the clubs identify. Each badge represents the identity and history behind the football club and it helps build a strong relationship with the fans.



Everton Football Club prides itself has a club with a long and proud history stretching back to 1878. Although Everton had been playing football for over half a century, it wasn’t until 1938 when the first ‘draft’ of the clubs crest was created. The club rarely incorporated a badge on its shirts, so the design was used on the club necktie instead. Despite the crest being designed in 1938, many of the original features are still used to this day. The main feature of the crest is the Everton Lock-Up. Since its construction in 1787, the lock-up has been linked with the Everton area and still stands today at the top of Everton Brow. The club motto, “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum”, meaning “Nothing but the best is good enough” was also featured on the original design. These core features have remained part of the crest ever since, apart from in 2013/14 season where the motto was controversially removed, and looks like they will remain an important features for the foreseeable future.



Unlike Everton, Arsenal managed to adopt its first crest in 1888, just two years after the formation of the club. Throughout the years, the crest has undergone many changes, but the cannons have always been prominent part of it. By originally being based in Woolwich, the club gained inspiration from the borough’s coat of arms and incorporated to three cannons into the crest. The borough has had a long military history and the cannons are a reference to the military influence in the region. Despite moving to Highbury in 1913, Arsenal have always embraced their Woolwich legacy and incorporated the cannon as a recognisable motif on their crest. This cannon has now become a vital part of the clubs crest and identity.



To an outsider, the Bayern Munich badge is a relatively minimalistic and simplistic badge. However, the Bayern crest is one which has gradually improved and evolved since the start of the 20th century and attempted to stay as close to its roots as possible. The first three logos were very varied by being different shapes and sizes. However, their fourth badge was the first step of their ‘evolution’ to their current badge. Over the next half century, Bayern continued to make small adjustments to their badge. The most notable addition to the crest was made in 1961 when they introduced the colours and the flag of Bavaria – a feature that has remained on the badge ever since.



Since the formation of the club, every Manchester City crest has been inspired by the Manchester coat of arms. The most prominent feature of the crest over the years is the ship. As the club used the Manchester coat of arms as their crest for around 70 years, City were keen to incorporate a feature of it into their badge. As already mentioned, the boat was chosen as a reference to the Manchester Ship Canal. The boat has remained a vital part of the crest, and has been part of every crest the club has had.



Although Paris Saint-Germain have only been a club since 1970, the crests that they have used have always had some sort of relevance to the location where the club is based. Unsurprisingly, the main part of the PSG badge is the based Eiffel Tower. This has been featured in all their badges from 1972 (apart from 1992-1996 when a rectangular logo that just said PSG was used). As well as featuring the Eiffel Tower, PSG have also incorporated blue and red, which are the colours of Paris, as well as white as a tribute to the coat of arms of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. This combination ensures that the club represents both Paris and Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

West Ham vs Tottenham – in depth

By looking at Tottenham and West Ham’s start to the new season, it look likes both clubs will have a very different experience. Tottenham’s start suggests that they will be among the top teams in the Premier League once again, although they will have to improve their Wembley form if they are to challenge for the title. Meanwhile, early form suggests that West Ham will be mid table or the bottom half of the table.

This weekend sees a derby match between the two clubs, and although the majority of fans may have placed a bet on Tottenham to win, West Ham should not be ruled out. The Hammers were 1-0 winners in this fixture last season.

In the history of the Premier League, Tottenham have finished above West Ham 19 times (14 times if you take out the seasons where West Ham weren’t in the Premier League). In comparison, West Ham have only finished above Spurs six times – the last time being 10 seasons ago! For a full breakdown of the positions of each season, look at the following table:

Season Tottenham West Ham
1992/93 8th
1993/94 15th 13th
1994/95 7th 14th
1995/96 8th 10th
1996/97 10th 14th
1997/98 14th 8th
1998/99 11th 5th
1999/00 10th 9th
2000/01 12th 15th
2001/02 9th 7th
2002/03 10th 18th (R)
2003/04 14th
2004/05 9th
2005/06 5th 9th
2006/07 5th 15th
2007/08 11th 10th
2008/09 8th 9th
2009/10 4th 17th
2010/11 5th 20th (R)
2011/12 4th
2012/13 5th 10th
2013/14 6th 13th
2014/15 5th 12th
2015/16 3rd 7th
2016/17 2nd 11th

It’s not just league positions that show us which teams has been performing better over the last couple of decades. Since the inaugural Premier League season, both clubs have been fairly careful with their spending – preferring to spend money on a bunch of players rather than blowing their budget on one player.

In recent years, it seems that Tottenham have been reinvesting the money they receiving from transfer into the squad. In most seasons this decade, Tottenham have usually ‘broke even’ in terms of transfer spend. Meanwhile, West Ham have been continuously spending money on players and not receiving much from players sold.

Despite spending habits over the past few seasons, Tottenham actually have a higher net spend than West Ham. Since 1992, Tottenham have had a net spend of around £290 million while West Ham’s net spent is £131 million.

The managers have also had a huge impact on the clubs since their arrivals. Since the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino in 2014, Tottenham have been transformed from top four challengers into title contenders. Meanwhile, West Ham have been making small improvements since Slavan Bilic took over in 2015. Under Bilic, West Ham have competed in the Europa League twice but have yet to make it to the group stage. Last season was a major step backwards compared to his first season, but fans will be hoping that Bilic can get his team playing the same way which earned the team a top 7 finish in his first season.

The teams may currently be a different ‘levels’ at the moment, this London derby is shaping up to be an exciting match.

Premier League and Online Gambling: Top Sponsorship Deals of 2017 / 2018

There is a growing connection between the Premier League and the online gambling market. We are seeing more and more gaming operators sponsoring teams for larger and larger amounts of money.

Shirt sponsorship deals for 20 clubs will total over £281 million for the 2017-18 season, a £55 million increase on the previous year.

Online gaming companies are contributing to this snowballing figure, with some of the biggest brands signing up to sponsor Premier League teams.

ManBetX and Crystal Palace

In June, ManBetX and Crystal Palace signed a record-breaking sponsorship deal that will see the gaming company’s logo featured on the club’s home and away shirts. ManBetX will also be promoted as the Main Sponsor of Crystal Palace across all offline and online media channels.

According to members to the club, this is the eighth-most expensive deal in the Premier League at the moment.

Mansion Casino and AFC Bournemouth

Mansion Casino will support AFC Bournemouth during its third Premier League season. The Mansion Casino logo will appear on Bournemouth’s home and third kits while will appear on the team’s away jerseys.
With a large presence in Asia, Mansion Casino will help AFC Bournemouth boost its profile in this market.

Established in 2004, it is one of the most well-established online gaming brands in the industry and players have flocked to the casino for over a decade thanks to its commitment to exceptional customer service which includes an ever-growing collection of games and the promotion of responsible gambling.

Royal Panda and Queens Park Rangers

The Queen’s Park Rangers have recently fluctuated between divisions, hopping back and forth between the Premier League and Champions League over the past seven years. The team maintains a strong following and Royal Panda has signed on as a shirt sponsor for the next three years.

The team has stated that this will partnership will be more than having Royal Panda’s logo on its shirts. The two companies will work together to create exclusive exclusive promotions and bonuses for UK players and half-time pitch activities. There is no doubt that Royal Panda will help to further boost Queens Park’s profile among fans, as it is one of the fastest-growing online casino operators.

Fun88 and Newcastle United

Newcastle United has signed a sponsorship deal with Asian-facing online gambling operator Fun88. The team’s last agreement with Wonga was worth over £24 million over five years, and it is estimated that the deal with Fun88 will be more valuable over time. The deal will last for three years, and Fun88 will be working with Newcastle United to support fan initiatives overseas and nationally.

“The relationship will enable the club and FUN88 to enhance our respective global profiles together as we celebrate a landmark season and embark on the exciting Premier League campaign ahead,” says Lee Charnley, Managing Director at Newcastle United.

bet365 and Stoke City

After announcing that Stoke’s Britannia Stadium will be renamed the bet365 Stadium, the online gambling operator has also signed on to extend its shirt sponsorship for the next three years. The naming rights of the stadium will stand for the next six years, and it is sure to increase global brand exposure for Stoke.

bet365 is the one of the leading online sportsbetting providers, and the company has earned numerous awards of the years for its services to players around the world. As Stoke City aims to expand its brand internationally, bet365 will provide the ideal support with this impressive sponsorship deal.
Betway and West Ham

In the past, West Ham’s most expensive sponsorship deals were worth just £6 million, and Betway has certainly upped the ante. Betway’s current sponsorship of West Ham is worth over £10 million, and is one of the most expensive deals that any Premier League team has with a gaming operator. Signed in 2016, the deal is West Ham’s biggest ever, the revenue that it generates will be reinvested into the squad to help ensure its success in years to come.

“Our brand has grown faster than any other major Premier League club in the past two years, and an equally ambitious, forward-thinking brand like Betway wants to be associated with that success,” says Karren Brady, Vice-chairman of West Ham.

Dafabet and Burnley

In yet another club-record deal, Dafabet has signed on to be the official shirt sponsor of Burnley. The deal is worth around somewhere in the region of £2 million per season, and the deal will last for two years. Dafabet was chosen as the Burnley’s preferred partner due to its large following in the sportsbetting market, and its impressive track record as the Welsh Premier League’s headline sponsor.

SportPesa and Everton

In a first for the Premier League, Kenyan-based operator SportPesa will sponsor Everton. This will mark the first instance in which any team in the league will be sponsored by an African company. While the value has not been disclosed, it is Everton’s biggest commercial partnership deal.

However, the deal is controversial. Due to a change in Kenya’s gambling laws that requires a 35% tax on operators, SportPesa may have to withdraw its sponsorships from sports teams around the world.

From 2012 to 2017, the share of gambling-football sponsorships has increased from 25% to 50%, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. The online gambling market only continues to grow, as more countries around the world legalise the activity. As such, we are sure to see an even bigger increase in sponsorships between gambling operators and Premier League teams in years to come.

Preview of Gameweek 6 – Fantasy Premier League

Preview of Gameweek 6 in Fantasy Premier League, courtesy of Bet365

First a Review of Gameweek 5

Man City’s Sergio Agüero was the outstanding player in Gameweek 5, helping himself to 20 points with a hat trick and an assist in their 6-0 demolition of Watford.

The Dream Team of the Week lined up in a 3-5-2 formation. Swansea’s Lucas Fabianski (£4.5m) was the standout goalkeeper with 11 points, and the back three were made of up of players from Man City and Man United; Valencia, Otamendi and Walker scored 37 points between them (although at £18.5m they’d have taken up a considerable amount of your budget!). In midfield Scott Arfield, Steven Davis and Andrew Surman were all available at £5m or less and scored a goal each, while Matt Ritchie (£5.9m) and David Silva (£8.2m) assisted twice each to help the midfield’s points total reach 53. Up front Agüero was joined by Romelu Lukaku, with the front two scoring 4 and assisting 2 between them last weekend.

Gameweek 6 Preview

The first game this weekend sees West Ham host Tottenham at lunchtime on Saturday. Spurs have lost just 2 of their last 18 league games, but one of those defeats was a 1-0 loss here in May that effectively ended their title hopes for the season. They’ll be keen to avoid a repeat of that scoreline and they’ve started well in away games this season, winning two from two and scoring five goals in those games without reply. With that in mind Kieran Tripper (£5.4m) could be a good option in defence; it seems that Pochettino is opting for 3 at the back this season and with Tripper playing the full 90 minutes at wing-back in each of their last 4 league games he’s got potential to pick up points at both ends of the pitch. Harry Kane (£12.5m), who has scored 5 times in his last 5 appearances against West Ham, is worth consideration as captain too.

In the 3pm kick-offs there’s one match in which you’re spoilt for choice when looking for Fantasy Football picks. Manchester City host Crystal Palace, and the two sides’ form could not be further apart. City are top of the league with 13 points and a goal difference of +14, while Palace are rooted to the bottom with 5 defeats from 5 and no goals scored. Man City have been victorious in each of the last 6 meetings between the two and at the Etihad have beaten Palace by an aggregate score of 14-1 in the last 3 games. It’s hard to ignore Sergio Agüero (£11.6m) here, with the Argentine scoring 122 Premier League goals in his 6 previous seasons in England, and adding another 5 already in this campaign. Other notable picks for City this week are Gabriel Jesus (£10.5m) and Raheem Sterling (£7.8m), who have both scored in each of their last 3 league appearances, David Silva (£8.3m), who has assisted 5 in 5 in the league, and Kyle Walker (£6.5m), who has played the full 90 minutes in each of City’s Premier League clean sheets this season and has assisted goals in each of his last two.

Liverpool travel to Leicester for the evening kick-off on Saturday, in a repeat of Tuesday night’s EFL Cup tie that was won convincingly by the home side, Leicester. The Foxes have beaten Liverpool on each of their last 3 visits to the King Power Stadium now and will be looking to capitalise on the Reds’ vulnerability at the back. Jamie Vardy (£8.5m) could be a shrewd pick if he shakes off his groin injury in time – the England man has scored in both of Leicester’s last 2 league games and has scored a brace in each of his last 2 appearances here against Saturday’s opponents. The away side will be dangerous in attack though, and Mo Salah (£9.2m) will be looking to continue his impressive start to his Liverpool career, where he’s scored 5 goals from 7 starts in all competitions.

To finish off, one pick from each of the remaining fixtures:

Burnley v Huddersfield – Ben Mee (£4.5m)
Everton v Bournemouth – Jordon Ibe (£4.9m)
Southampton v Man United – Phil Jones (£5.1m)
Stoke v Chelsea – Eden Hazard (£10.5m)
Swansea v Watford – Daryl Janmaat (£4.9m)
Brighton v Newcastle – Pascal Groß (£5.6m)
Arsenal v West Brom – Alexandre Lacazette (£10.3m)

Best of luck for this weekend, and we’ll be back with another update next week.

Are Online Casinos Starting to Kill Off Wagering Requirements?

Anybody who plays online will know that most casinos offer a multitude of bonuses to both new and regular players. They are used to both attract and retain players, reward loyalty and enhance the site’s reputation. These bonuses typically give you the chance to play some slots ‘on the house’ using either free cash or a specified number of free spins on a designated game.

The casinos aren’t stupid though. They know that it would be catastrophic if every new player who registered with the site won a pocketful of cash using a free bonus only to disappear for good. For that reason, they tend to attach some terms and conditions to the bonuses – and wagering requirements are the most common. There are signs, however, that some casinos are turning their back on the concept of wagering requirements for good. Could this become a trend?

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Before we establish whether wagering requirements may soon become yesterday’s news, let’s establish what they are, and what they do. You can think of them as an insurance policy of sorts. Rather than giving you, for example, 50 free spins on a game and let you withdraw any associated winnings immediately, casinos insist that you wager or ‘play through’ the winnings a designated number of times first. The size of the wagering requirements varies from casino to casino, but can range from x25 to x80.

Perhaps it’s best explained using an example. Let’s say you win £20 from a bundle of 50 free spins. If x30 wagering requirements apply to the bonus, you will have to play through the £20 thirty times over before you can access you loot. In others words, you’ll need to place £600 worth of bets (30 x £20) before making your withdrawal. Naturally, this reduces your chance of profiting from the bonus. Most of the time, you’ll lose you winnings before you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements.

Why Do Online Casinos Use Wagering Requirements?

Wagering Requirements are predictably unpopular with players. It’s tempting to think of them as an underhand tactic on behalf of the online casinos, but let’s not be too harsh. Casinos are businesses, and they wouldn’t last long if every player who took a bonus on registration won oodles of cash using them. Unfortunately, bonus abusers are also rife in the industry, and casinos have to protect themselves. Wagering requirements reduce their risk to exposure, and most are up front about their existence.

Bonuses With No Wagering Requirements?

Player dislike of wagering requirements has, however, encouraged online casinos to rethink their strategy. This has led some to abandon the concept altogether, resulting in wager-free bonuses, from which you can pocket the winnings straight away. These casinos are no mean in the majority, and many of them have only binned wagering requirements for free spins, rather than cash bonuses. But it’s a positive movement all the same, and perhaps it’s a predictable one.

A Growing Trend?

The fact that so few online casinos have been willing to abandon wagering requirements for all bonuses, rather than just free spins, suggests that there is still some uneasiness, even amongst those that want to innovate. It’s an undisputable ‘halfway house’ that provides the online casino with a great marketing tool, while maintaining some aversion to risk.

However, as more casinos adopted this concept, so others began to go further. Now, online casinos are beginning to abandon wagering requirements across all bonuses, not just free spins. If they prove it can be done, then the trend could ignite. It’s a popular move with players, and sites that maintain traditional bonus structures won’t want to be left behind.

Are Bonuses With No Wagering Requirements the Future?

The question is, will this trend continue or gather pace? It’s hard to say, really. The number of casinos offering bonuses without wagering requirements remains low. That said, big names like Guts. Thrills and Kaboo have all abandoned these terms for all free spins. It’s less known brands like Happy Hugo and 7Red Casino that have binned them for all bonuses though. Other sites like PlayOjo and No Bonus Casino are experimenting with cash back schemes that usurp traditional bonuses altogether.

There’s no doubt there’s a long way to go. However, it’s player thirst that could drive the change. Google search stats suggest that they haven’t cottoned on yet. Searches for Bonuses With No Wagering Requirements are still dwarfed by attempts to find no deposit bonuses and straightforward free spins. As more players realise that bonuses with no wagering requirements exist, this should begin to change. That would encourage more online casinos to take note and seek alternative ways of structuring their bonus offers.

FPL Gameweek 5 – Players to look out for

Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy” (belongs to the public domain) by Tieu Vu

Gameweek 5 of the Premier League 2017-2018 has arrived and the start of European club football this week has added additional complexity to our squad selections. With the risk of rotation increasing multiple times, especially in the case of the top teams who are expected to perform both domestically and internationally, FPL managers have yet another factor to take into account when making their transfers and line-ups for this weekend. In this article we’ll take a bit of a deeper look at some of the players that might just shine during gameweek 5. If instead you take a shine to other types of sports betting then bookies free bets is a useful place to start.

Dele Alli, Tottenham Hotspur (£9.5 million)
We’re starting off this list with Dele Alli, the young Spurs midfielder who has already bagged two goals this season despite not having hit his best form yet. He scores, he assists and he has proven to be something of an FPL favourite ever since joining Tottenham a few seasons ago, but the main reason for starting this list with him is that he’s currently serving a three-match ban on the international European football scene. This makes his presence in the starting line-up for the coming Premier League matches pretty much certain, because he can’t be used in the Champions League. Add to that the fact that the Spurs’ upcoming schedule looks as following (Swansea at home, West Ham away, Huddersfield away and Bournemouth at home) and you can understand Alli’s potential over the coming weeks.

Jamie Vardy, Leicester City (£8.5 million)
Leicester City and their star striker Jamie Vardy have not had a blistering start to this season with 3 points from 4 games. Going a bit deeper though, this is not so unusual when considering those points came at home versus Brighton while the other games were away at Arsenal (where the Foxes only nearly lost), away at United and at home against reigning champions Chelsea.

Despite the heavy opposition Vardy has still managed to bag three (2 versus Arsenal and 1 against Chelsea) up until now, and with games against Huddersfield, Bournemouth, West Brom and Swansea coming up in the next five weeks the tireless striker might just be adding to his tally soon. Leicester haven’t been playing bad football so far, they are not active in Europe and Vardy is a guaranteed starter, so definitely keep him in the back of your head for this weekend.

Matt Ritchie, Newcastle United (£5.9 million)
Here’s another player who is not playing any international football with his club and who is a guaranteed starter in the Prem. On top of that Matt Ritchie is also Rafa Benitez’ go-to man when it comes to set pieces. The Scotsman with the fine left foot is in charge of penalties, most free kicks and most corners for the Magpies, which definitely adds to his point potential and which should definitely put him towards the top of your list of candidates to fill the fourth or fifth midfield spot in your squad.

Newcastle are hosting Stoke this weekend, while they will be traveling to Brighton the next. Both of these are chances for the newly promoted Northerners to add to the six points they have already amassed so far. The Magpies have not really been scoring for fun this season (4 goals in 4 games, all of which came in the last 2 games), but chances are high that when they do create chances that Matt Ritchie will be at the center of the danger.

Harry Maguire, Leicester City (£5.1 million)
After Vardy we’re ending this list with another Leicester asset, but one that plays at the other end of the pitch most of the time. We’ve already mentioned Leicester’s difficult set of fixtures at the start of this season and despite this Maguire has been able to impress. He’s played 90 minutes in every game, his defensive displays have been promising, and in attacking sense he has contributed considerably as well with an assist against Arsenal and a goal against Brighton. His attacking threat will remain in the coming matches, while his clean sheet potential has improved a lot in comparison to the first few games of this season, starting with an away game at Huddersfield this weekend.

Preview of Gameweek 5 Fantasy Premier League

Preview of Gameweek 5 in Fantasy Premier League, courtesy of Bet365

First a Gameweek 4 Review

Brighton’s Pascal Groß was the outstanding player in Gameweek 4, with the midfielder picking up 18 points from his two goals and one assist in their 3-1 win against West Brom.

The Dream Team of the Week lined up in a 3-4-3 formation. Newcastle’s Rob Elliott (£4.0m) was the standout goalkeeper with 8 points, and his teammate Jamaal Lascelles (£4.5m) the star defender with 15. They were joined in the defensive positions by Spurs’ Ben Davies (£5.7m) and Watford’s Kiko Femenía (£4.5m). A cut-price midfield of Groß, Choupo-Moting, Sané and Obiang would have earned you 57 points this week, while up front some more familiar names in Welbeck, Kane and Jesus (combined cost £30.3m) scored 41 points between them.

Gameweek 5 Preview

First point to note for gameweek 5 is the Friday night fixture, meaning that the deadline for transfers and team selection is 7pm tomorrow evening – don’t forget to update your team prior to this!

There are a couple of standout fixtures on Saturday that offer tempting captain choices, the first of which is Liverpool’s home clash with Burnley at 3pm. Liverpool may have succumbed to an embarrassing 5-0 defeat at Man City in their last league game, but they played almost an hour of that match with 10 men and were well in contention before Sadio Mané’s dismissal. They’ve only lost 2 of their last 29 league games at Anfield and are up against a side who picked up just 7 points on their travels in the whole of last season. Roberto Firmino (£8.6m) and Mo Salah (£9.1m) are the two players who are well worth considering for captain here. They’ve each scored two and assisted two from their 4 league games so far, and both were on the scoresheet in last night’s 2-2 Champions League draw with Sevilla. It’s also worth noting that Philippe Coutinho (£8.8m) came off the bench in that game and after a summer of speculation surrounding his future he’ll be looking to recapture the form that saw him pick up 171 Fantasy Football points last season, including 13 goals and 8 assists.

The late kick-off on Saturday is Tottenham v Swansea, and it’s a game in which Spurs will be desperate to pick up 3 points. They were impressive victors in the Champions League last night against Dortmund, and that win should help to allay any nerves they have at Wembley after a stuttering start to the league season in which they’ve dropped 5 points from their first 2 ‘home’ games (after dropping just 4 points at White Hart Lane in the whole of last season). Harry Kane (£12.4m) scored twice in their 3-1 win last night, he got a brace last week at Everton and he did so in this fixture last season too, so it’s likely that a huge percentage of Fantasy Football managers will be giving him the nod for captain this week.

The final game of the weekend is the clash between Manchester United and Everton at Old Trafford. All eyes will be on the centre forwards in this one after Romelu Lukaku (£11.7m) and Wayne Rooney (£7.5m) switched clubs in the summer. Both have started the season well, with Rooney scoring both of Everton’s league goals to date and Lukaku scoring 4 in 4 for United. It’s Lukaku who’s likely to come out on top here though, bearing in mind Everton’s miserable record at Old Trafford where they’ve won just once in their last 24 visits. It’s also worth noting that United have kept clean sheets in each of their last 4 home games, and with Everton failing to find the net in their last 2 matches the likes of David de Gea (£5.5m) and Eric Bailly (£6.2m) should provide good points potential this week. Those of you with Paul Pogba (£8.3m) in your team need to be looking to transfer him out – he came off with a hamstring injury after just 19 minutes of Tuesday’s Champions League game on Tuesday and is not expected to be fit for a month.

To finish off, one pick from each of the remaining fixtures:

Bournemouth v Brighton – Charlie Daniels (£4.9m)
Crystal Palace v Southampton – Fraser Forster (£5.0m)
Huddersfield v Leicester – Jamie Vardy (£8.5m)
Newcastle v Stoke – Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (£5.6m)
Watford v Man City – Gabriel Jesus (£10.4m)
West Brom v West Ham – Jonny Evans (£4.9m)
Chelsea v Arsenal – Álvaro Morata (£10.2m)

Best of luck for this weekend, and we’ll be back with another update next week.

Preview of Gameweek 4 Fantasy Premier League

Preview of Gameweek 4 in Fantasy Premier League, courtesy of Bet365

First a Gameweek 3 Review

Newcastle’s Ciaran Clark was the outstanding player in Gameweek 3, with the centre back scoring Newcastle’s second in their 3-0 win against a poor West Ham side. The goal and clean sheet, alongside three bonus points, earned him 15 points.

The Dream Team of the Week lined up in a 5-3-2 formation, with Clark joined at the back by Newcastle colleague Chancel Mbemba, Brighton’s Shane Duffy, Joe Gomez of Liverpool and Swansea’s Kyle Naughton. Those 5 prove that there are Fantasy Football bargains aplenty, with just £22m of your budget needed for all five of them. Fraser Forster was the pick of the goalkeepers, scoring 11 points to take his tally for the season to 20, while in midfield a combination of Fàbregas, Salah and Alli would have returned 21 points for a combined cost of £25.4m. Up front Chelsea’s Alvaro Morata and Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino got a goal and an assist each to score 12 points.

Gameweek 4 Preview

Following the international break the Premier League is back with a huge game as Man City host Liverpool at lunchtime on Saturday. The two sides have a devastating array of attacking talent and history suggests that there’ll be goals at each end, with both teams scoring in all of the last 5 Premier League meetings between them at the Etihad, and 18 goals scored altogether in these 5 games. For the away side Roberto Firmino (£8.6m) has started the season in excellent form, with 2 goals and 2 assists from his 3 games so far helping him to 26 Fantasy Football points. Midfielders Sadio Mané (£9.6m) and Mo Salah (£9.0m) are also racking up the points, with Mané on the scoresheet in each of Liverpool’s three games and Salah equalling Firmino’s contribution with 2 goals and 2 assists. Any of these players would be worthy additions to your Fantasy team. City’s Gabriel Jesus (£10.4m) scored his first goal of the campaign last time out against Bournemouth and should cause the Liverpool defence plenty of problems on Saturday. In midfield David Silva (£8.1m) has 2 assists to his name already and is surely one of the few guaranteed his place in City’s midfield with Guardiola having a plethora of options to choose from.

At 3pm Tottenham travel to Goodison Park to face Everton, a team who haven’t yet beaten them under Mauricio Pochettino’s management. The Argentine has overseen 3 wins and 3 draws against the Toffees and Spurs may well be happy to playing an away game to avoid any further talk of the Wembley hoodoo. Harry Kane (£12.4m) has yet to find the net for Tottenham this season, but August is a well-documented anomaly in his goalscoring record. He got on the scoresheet for England last week (on 1st September!) and he scored twice the last time these two sides met, so should be confident going into this one. Dele Alli (£9.5m) is another to look out for, with the midfielder scoring in two of his last three appearances against Everton, and in two of his three Premier League appearances for far this season.

The late kick-off sees Manchester United take their 100% record to the bet365 Stadium as they face a Stoke City side who’ve started the season solidly enough, losing narrowly at Everton on the opening day before beating Arsenal and drawing at West Brom. United are a different proposition to those three at the moment though, with Mkhitaryan (£8.3m), Pogba (£8.2m) and Lukaku (£11.7m) looking particularly sharp in the opening weeks. Between the three of them they have 5 goals and 7 assists, and it’s difficult to see a Stoke defence who’ve kept just 3 clean sheets from their last 13 league games keeping them at bay. It’s worth noting that United have failed to keep a clean sheet on any of their last 4 visits to Stoke though, so despite their strong defensive showing so far this season it may be wise to avoid their defenders in your starting XI this week.

To finish off, one pick from each of the remaining gameweek 4 fixtures:

Arsenal v Bournemouth – Alexandre Lacazette (£10.4m)
Brighton v West Brom – Allan Nyom (£5.0m)
Leicester v Chelsea – Alvaro Morata (£10.1m)
Southampton v Watford – Richarlison (£6.0m)
Burnley v Crystal Palace – Chris Wood (£6.5m)
Swansea v Newcastle – Renato Sanches (£5.0m)
West Ham v Huddersfield – Chicharito (£7.1m)